Only us , together , forever .

Emily is a normal 18 year old girl ,but when her lift for the airport arrives her life turns upside down. She is kidnapped by the driver will she make it out alive? Can she call the police? Can she escape by herself or with a little help? Please read to find out!!! And yes, this is a one direction fan fiction. Enjoy!!!


1. LATE!

Emily's position/ point of view:
It's 5am in the morning and I need to get ready. I moan and roll over. You see, me and my best friend, Larissa Evendale, are going to New York for a permanent holiday. We are also going to a 1D concert . Back to subject, at 5:20 am my lift to the airport will be here to pick me up and I am lying in bed. O.M.G! I literally scream and sit up. I see an empty room, nothing, not one thing. But in the corner there is a pair of shoes, a tee-shirt and a pair of tights. I get up and run to the bathroom and have a 4 minute shower. Then I get my towel and dry myself then get dressed. Then look at the time, 5:16. 4 minutes! I throw everything in a pile then dump it on my bed. And let out a huge SIGH. I have never felt so proud of myself. Walking though the living roon and what do I see? My lift pulls up right outside my window. I look at my wrist watch and it's 5:21. Huh? Great timing.i pick up my bag and walk out the door and shut it . "Gosh 1 minute late. Hi" I say with a smirk but then turn it to a smile in case he thinks I am trying to flirt. He looks up and smiles then looks me up and down. " I am truly sorry. It's very bust today, forgive me" he puts out his hand and I take it immediately, not leaving him hanging."I'm Liam Payne" he says still gripping my hand. " I am Emily Anthony-Edison Willson. Nice to meet you" I say politely and we let go of each others hands. "would you like me to take that?" he says gesturing to my bag. "no thanks, I am fine. You know, your very young for this job." I say a little confessingly. He looks up at me from what he's doing and stops. " Uhh... Well... I got ... Umm ... Kicked out of my .... Ur .... Apartment." he says looking down. Then I realize something.

" Hey! Your from one direction!" I say keeping myself from yelling and screaming.
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