Lovely (A Liam Payne Fanfic)

Allison-Rose (Ally) is a young Australian girl who has spent a life full of bullying and an abusive father. Praying for a better life for her daughter, Ally's mum, Rose, sends her daughter to Doncaster, England. Her life changes drastically once she meets One Direction. Is it for better or for worse?


5. Chapter 6


Liam P.O.V

"I don't want to get into graphics but..." Harry started off, he was holding back layghter. We could all tell. "When a boy and a girl love each other very much..." he continued. The usual talk so far, but I'm expecting it to get worse. "THEY WAIT TILL THEY ARE MARRIED!! BLOODY HELL!" Harry, Niall, Louis, Zayn and Ally were laughing. I had drifted off. What if me and Ally did get married? 

**10 minutes later** 

Paul pulled into the driveway of my flat.

"Thanks Paul" Ally said, smiling sweetly.

"Anything for you. You are like a daughter to me." he smiled. He looked over to Liam and had a straight face. "Keep this one mate" he said sternly  We got out of the car and I opened the door. Ally pushed me out of the road and ran in and flopped on he couch.

Ally P.O.V

I sat up and grabbed out my phone and rang detective Jackson.

"Hello?" he answered professionally. 

"Hello detective Jackson. This is Allison-Rose Argent" I replied to him. Trying to sound serious and finding it hard because Liam was pulling faces. "The insurance company wants to know."

"We'll leave on the 16th of June and go back to Doncaster on the 23rd. I would like the funeral on the 18th and stay at my mother's house if no one is living there" I replied.

"Miss. Argent. I have some... erh... news for you" he said. By his tone I could tell it was going to be bad. I frowned.

"Yes? What is it?" I asked frantically.

"You're father has been charged for the murder of your mother" he said solemnly.

"What!?" I asked freaking out.

 "I'm sorry. Your neighbour said he bashed you, is this true?" he asked.

"Yes, this true" I said sadly. "I have to go detective" I added and hung up.

I looked for Liam and realized he must have gone upstairs. I was about to go upstairs when Liam jumped out of a cupboard. I screamed and he laughed so hard that no sound came out.

"THAT WAS HILARIOUS!" he laughed.

"I'm so tired, I'm going to bed' I said, laughing a little at Liam. He now had tears in his  eyes. I ran upstairs. I ran into Liam's room, closed the door and flopped on the bed letting all my cries out. I heard the dor open but just kept crying.

"Ally?" Liam poked his head in the door. He saw me on the bed and walked in. "Are you okay?" 

I shook my head which was buried in my pillow.

"Want to talk" he asked. Once again I shook my head. Liam sat there in silence and played with my hair. I started to drift off when my phone rang.

"Hello?" I answered in a tired slur.

"Yes, hello Miss.Argent. This is the insurance company. We have times and dates for coming and returning flights, but, you forgot to add how many  tickets you need" the woman spoke very fast.

"Uhh... hold on a second I'll check" I said, I held the ohine to my chest and saw Liam was sleeping. I sat on top of him. " Mr. Liam Payne, would you acompany me to Australia?" I asked in a cheeky voice. 
"Yes" he smiled and sat up.

"I will need 2 tickets, will we be paying for them?" I asked. I had no info at all.

"No MIss. argent." the woman replied seriously. "There is only first class seats left, I just checked. Would you like to pay an extra $50  for first class or delay the flight?" she asked again.

"Yes, you can take it out of my bank account" I added and gave her the details.

"Have a good day" the lady said.

"You too" I said hanging up. I laid back down and fell asleep.


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