Lovely (A Liam Payne Fanfic)

Allison-Rose (Ally) is a young Australian girl who has spent a life full of bullying and an abusive father. Praying for a better life for her daughter, Ally's mum, Rose, sends her daughter to Doncaster, England. Her life changes drastically once she meets One Direction. Is it for better or for worse?


4. Chapter 5

Ally P.O.V 

I knew this girl. Her name was Becky Shoerta.  She went to my old school and 'loved' One Direction. 

"I - I can't believe this" I stuttered. We pulled in Louis's driveway and Louis jumped out. Liam quickly leaned forward and whispered something into Paul's ear. He nodded and pulled out of Louis's drive way. 

Liam P.O.V 

I was planning to cheer Ally up. She just got a huge wave of hate from "directioners'. I was planning on a candle lit dinner on the beach. I grabbed out my phone to organize it.

To: Louis,Niall,Hazza,Zayn

Can you guys set up a candle lit dinner down at the beach for me to surprise Ally with?

From: Louis

Will you give me carrots??

To: Louis 


Within 5 minutes I had all the boys agreeing to set up the date for us.

**15 minutes later** 
We were almost at the beach. Paul tossed me a nlind fold and I tyed it around Ally's head. A few minutes passed and we're at the beach.

"Take your shoes off first" I said to Ally.

"Okay?" she sounded really confused.

"Oh and take this" I handed her a bag."Now grab my hand and walk with me"
"Liam what are you doing?" she said. I took ff er blindfold.

Ally P.O.V

My jaw dropped. I grabbed my phone and took a photo of the candle lit table on the beach.I looked in the bag and saw there was a dress in there. 

"I bought that for you" he smiled.

"Thank you" I returned the smile.

"I got my followers to help me choose. Well one follower named, Gemma" he smiled again. "It was your best friend Gemma". This made a big smile spread across my face.

"I'll go get changed into the dress" I leaned up and kissed Liam on the cheek.


** 5 minutes later** 

I changed into the dress Liam bought me. It was beautiful. It was a red maxi dress, it had flowers up the top and it was strapless. I walked toward the table when our 'butlers' , who just happened to be Zayn, Harry, Niall and Louis in suits. They escorted me down to the table where Liam was waiting. He was wearing a suit. I got down there and he pulled my chair out for me to sit down. He sat across from me. We were both handed menus with 4 things on them:

Spagghetti bolagnese



Peri peri chicken

"You ready to order?" Harry asked, putting his nose up like a snob.

"I'll have the salad, thank you" I replied.

"Me too thanks." Liam added.

"And for drinks we have wine or Coke?" Zayn asked suddenly emerging from behind Harry.

"I'm only 17, remember?" I said.

"We won't tell" Liam, Niall, Zayn, Louis and Harry chorused.

"No it's okay, I only have to wait a couple of weeks." I said. "I'll just have a coke" 

"Me too" Liam added on again.

**45 minutes later**

 Liam and I had finished our tropical salads and decided we'd run down to the water. We ran into the freezing water. Liam not caring he was wearing a suit and me not caring I was in a maxi dress. We spent 3 more hours being idiots on the beach. I called Paul.

"Hello?" he answered.

"Hey Paul!" I said almost squeeling because Liam was splasing water at me. "We're ready to be picked up."

Paul sighed "I'm coming".

Liam had a smirk on his face. 

"What?" I asked. He walked towards me like a murderer and grabbed my hips and slowly pushed me down onto the beach. He kissed my lips slowly. I kissed him back passionately. 

*BEEP!* We looked over and saw a shocked Louis sitting in the passengers seat and Paul beeping the horn. Liam helped me up and we walked up to the van. We couldn't help but laughva little at Louis's face. We hopped in the car. Niall was staring at his phone beaming. 

Liam P.O.V

"Why so happy Nialler?" I asked. Frantically trying to get out of talking about mine and Ally's beach scene that eveeryone witnessed.

"Sarah is coming back on the 17th of June" Niall said still smiling. "That's like 1 1/2 weeks"

"That's the day after my birthday" I beamed. "also, who is Sarah?" 

"Wow! You obviously haven't used witter in months" Zayn laughed.

"She's my girlfriend. We've been dating for 6 months" Niall smiled. 

"Now... Liam and Ally we needto have an important talk" Harry said in a fatherly manner.

I shook my head.Oh no! Here it comes... if only they haden't seen that kiss.


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