Lovely (A Liam Payne Fanfic)

Allison-Rose (Ally) is a young Australian girl who has spent a life full of bullying and an abusive father. Praying for a better life for her daughter, Ally's mum, Rose, sends her daughter to Doncaster, England. Her life changes drastically once she meets One Direction. Is it for better or for worse?


1. Chapter 2


Liam's P.O.V

"Erm... wait here Allison-Rose we'll be right back". I made a gesture for the boys to follow me to out of Allisons's earshot.

"Call me Ally" she said with her perfect smile and dimples.

"Okay, well wait here Ally" I gave her a cheeky smile and walked out of earshot with the boys.

"Why are we over here!?" Zayn whined.

"Yeah! I'm starving!" Niall said. 

"This lovely young girl has no home! We should invite her to stay the night." I said straight to the point.

That's about when Louis piped up. "LIAM LIKES THIS GIRL!"He screamed. 

Allison turned and smiled. Ergh I've known her for less then one day and I'm falling for her. Why is she so perfect?!

"Guys! Just invite her to stay the Night!" I said.

"Erm... Liam we barely know the girl!" Harry added.

That's when Paul joined us. "Boys, we need to get back to your flat, Liam I agree Ally should stay with you lads, I've known her for a long time.You can trust her"

"How do you know her?" we all said in unison.

"I've known Ally since she was knee hight, her parents and I used to be close friends" Paul said blankly.

"She can stay in my flat with me" I said a bit too excited.

We walked over to Ally and saw her bright white teeth shown to us in the form of a smile. I walked closer to her and told her the news.

Ally P.O.V

"You can stay with me if you would like" Liam smiled. Oh his smile.

"Did Paul tell you to ask me?" I glanced over to Paul giggling a little.

"NO. It was all our little Liam's idea!" Liam shouted.

"Well anyways, sure I'd love too!" I said, did I sound to eager?

"Get in the car then mate" Liam said, with a cheeky wink. 

In the car I was sitting between Zayn and Liam. About 10 minutes into the drive I nodded off to sleep. I woke up 15 minutes later by a lot of  "awh's" and "They're so cute's". I had fallen asleep on Liam's shoulder and he was fast asleep with his head resting on mine.

"WAKE UP LIAM! WE'RE AT NANDO'S" Niall shouted. Both me and Liam jumped.

**5 minutes later**

We were sitting in a booth. I leaned over to Liam making sure Niall didn't here.

"What's Nando's? I've never had it before." I whispered

"Really? You're smart not to let Niall hear that" he replied. We both laughed. A waitress, who looked about 35, skipped over. 

"Hi, what can I get y'all?" she asked with a voice like nails on a chalkboard and chewing her gum really loud like a cow. 

Liam lent over, "Ally what would you like?" he whispered.

"Just a salad and a Coke" I replied non-chalantly.

"We'll take 2 salads and 2 Cokes" he said.The other boys ordered after Liam.

About 10 minutes later our food finally arrived. We were out of their in 40 more minutes. By the time we got to Liam's flat it was already 2.30 in the afternoon. 

"Would you lads like to come in" Liam asked the other 4 boys.

"Sure!" they all said loudly.

Liam P.O.V

We all walked in the door. When Ally spoke up.

"Hey! Let's play 20 questions to get to know each other!" she said, happily.

"How about I help you with your luggage first ?" I said gesturing to the '1D mobile'.

"Thanks" she said. 

It was now 20 question time. We all  looked at Ally and started shouting random questions. She actually looked kind of spooked.

"One at a time!" she shouted, to be heard over the top of us.

Ally P.O.V

Louis was the first to ask me a question. 

"Do you like carrots? We can't be friends if you don't" he smiled a big cheesy grin.

"I love carrots!" I returned the cheesy grin he gave me.

"What is your fear or something you don't like?" Liam asked, seeming intrigued.

"Umm... I hate spoons!" I winced at the thought of one.

"My kind of girl!" Liam jumped up and hugged me tight from behind.

"How old are you?" Harry asked.

"17, turning 18 on the 16th of June" I smiled.

"That's like 2 weeks away!" Niall smiled, showing his braces off.

"VAS HAPPENIN'?" Zayn shouted.

We all cracked up laughing, me and Liam laughing harder then Niall. We had tears in our eyes.

**1 1/2 hours later**

The boys were leaving now. I greeted each good bye with a hug. Just as I was about to hug him, Louis jumped on me as he hugged me. Being the clumsy person I am, this caused me to fall straight to the ground landing on my back, where my cut from those girls was. I winced in pain. The 4 boys (Zayn,Harry,Niall and Louis) left after Liam helped me up.

"Umm... Liam, where's the bathroom?" I piped up, grabbing my toiletries bag.

"Upstairs, down the hall and 3rd door on your left" he smiled, flashing me his perfect teeth.

"Thanks" I ran up the stairs. Liam came up behind me. I bolted to the bathroom and pulled out the cream the nurse at the hospital gave me. I lifted my shirt and saw the two stab wounds on my ribs and the cut on my back.I started to cry a little because of the severe pain.

Liam P.O.V

I was walking past the bathroom when I heard Ally crying. Without thinking I burst through the door. 

"Ally! Are you alright?" I shouted.

She standing so her side was facing me and had her shirt lifted to just above her stomach. She pulled down her shirt covering two stab looking wounds and a deep cut that took up half her back. She turned to face me, her eyes full of tears. I grabbed her into my arms and let her fall into the hug.

"Ally" I said, my voice breaking a little.

"Yes?" she asked, sniffling.

"Come with me" I grabbed her  hand and led her to the kitchen.

"Are you in pain? Like physically?" I asked, concrned.

"Yes" she sounded embarassed.

I handed her a glass of water.

"What's this for?"she asked plainly.

"Erm... here" I handed her a box of tablets (pain killers).

Ally P.O.V

I could see the concern in Liam's eyes.

"I - I have something for the pain in my bag" I replied.

I pulled out a box of panadol and took one tablet.

"I'm going to cook dinner now, want to help?" Liam asked with a big grin.
I laughed at his giant grin. "I would be honored." I winked at him.

**5 minutes later**

We were about to start making dinner when my phone started ringing. Liam laughed at my one direction ringtone.

"Oh, hey mum, can you hold on one second?" I answered the phone.

"Hey sweetie. Yeah sure." She replied.

I held he phone to my chest and leaned around the wall.

"Liam, I'll be 5 minutes at the most. Can you wait for me before you make dinner?" I asked angelically.

"Sure" he answered giggling.

I held the phone to my ear and walked back into the kitchen where Liam was.

"Mum, can I call you back? I'm about to make dinner" I hope I didn't sound rude.

"Sure baby girl, love you!" she madde a kissing sound into the phone.

"Love you too" I said, hanging up.

Liam was staring at me. I looked away and blushed... a lot!

"What are we making?" I asked gesturing toward all the ingredints.

"Pizza" Liam smiled. "We're going to make our own bases so it taste that little bit better". We both giggled.


**5 minutes later**

Liam P.O.V

"Okay, so add the flour" I read it off the recipe book.

"Okay" Ally smiled, with an evil look on her face. Before I coud run she picked up a handful of flour and she threw it straight at me getting it all on my shirt and face. 

"Really? Well..." I picked up the bag of flour. As she was running away she turned to see if I was catching up to her and I grabbed her and threw the flour in her face. Caught in the moment I leaned in and kissed her on the lips. She kisssed me back I could feel her smiling into the kiss when all of a sudden the door burst open. 

"AHH!" Harry screamed. "What are you doing to this  innocent girl?" He shouted to me smiling. 

I broke the kiss instantly and Ally looked away blushing. Then the Louis, Zayn and Niall walked in. 

"What was the screaming about Hazza?" Louis asked.

"THEY WERE KISSING!!" Harry Screamed.

Ally P.O.V

"I can explain" I said desperately.

"Fine then, explain young lady!" Louis said, with a stern fatherly look on his face.

"Well-" I started off shakily. "We were makig a pizza base and we were about to add the flour so, I grabbed a handful and threw it at Liam" 

"That's immature of you, Ally" Louis said laughing. "Makes me proud, keep going." 

"So Liam tried to throw a handful of flour at me for revenge and I was running away-" I continued but got cut off by Liam. Who was now telling th rest of the story.

"I started chasing her with the bag of flour in my hand and grabbed her." he said trying not to laugh at Louis's serious face. "And I threw the flour and well leaned in and was caught in the moment and kissed her " he finished, biting his lip.

"Awh!" Zayn said. We all turned and looked at him laughing. 

"Well lads, it's rude if we don't stay for dinner" Niall added winking.

"We can make the pizza base!" Liam and I said in unison.

"No kissing though" the other 4 boys said with cheeky faces.

"Can't make any promises with him in the kitchen" I  replied, laughing and pointing to Liam. The boys laughed too, Niall laughing the hardest.

** 1 hour later ** 

It was now time to add toppings to our pizza's. That's when it was chaos in the kitchen!
" GET AWAY FROM MY FOOD!" Niall shouted pushing Louis and I away from the pizzas.

"GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN!" Harry started yelling.

Liam P.O.V

"Calm down lads, don't scare the poor girl" I said laughing walking into the kitchen. All of a sudden I tripped over a purple suitcase wih an 'A' on it.

"Oh my gosh! Liam I'm sorry, it's my suitcase." Ally came rushing over. Meanwhile Louis, Zayn, Harry and Niall were bent over laughing, tears in their eyes.

"It's fine, I wasn't looking where I was going" I said, trying to sound cool. 

"Uhm... Liam can you show me to the room I'll be staying in so I can put the last suitcase away?" Ally asked, her eyes sparkling.

"Follow me, boys can you make the pizzas for everyone?" I looked at them praying they'd say yes.

"Yes Liam" they said innocently batting their eyelids. 

Ally and I walked around the corner and into my bedroom.

"You'll have to stay in my room until I clean the spare room. Is that okay with you?" I asked.

"That's fine" she said, hopefully this doesn't annoy her.

"Do you want to sleep on the bed and I'll sleep on a mattress?" I asked. I really liked this girl. So I had to treat her right.

"Why can't we share the bed? I don't have cooties yo know!" she said, laughing.

"Fine, we can share the bed so you don't miss me too much " I winked at her cheekily. 

She laughed and walked over to the bed. She leant down and grabbed a hairbrush and hairtie tying her perfect, blonde hair that went down to the bottom of her ribcage up in a ponytail.

Ally P.O.V

I really like Liam I hope things work out and we become good friends. Actually I want to be more than friends.

"Umm... Liam can I get changed?" I asked.

"Yeah, the bathrooms through that door" he replied pointing to a sliding door. He sat on the bed and waited for me to finish getting changed. I took my ssuitcase into his mansion sized ensuite. 

"CRAP!" I muttered.

Liam knocked on the door. "Everything alright?" he asked. I didn't mean for him to here that. I opened the door embarassed. 

"I never packed my pyjamas" I replied now mega embarassed.

"Here, take this" he opened the door and handed me a tee shirt. I was only small so it was fairly long on my 5"2 frame. 

"Thanks, I'll go get changed into it." I said. I went into the bathroom and stripped off my clothes and changed into Liam's tee shirt and my tiny gym shorts. When I walked out I saw Liam lying on his bed, staring at the roof like something was on his mind. 

"What's on your mind?" I asked grabbing his hand.

"Ally, I know I've only known you for a day but... will you be my girlfriend?" he asked, in the sweetest voice ever.

"I would love too" I said. Causing him to ump up. He lifted me off the bed and hugged me. 

After we broke away from the hug Niall burst through the door. "Oi!!! What's taking so long? Pizza's ready" he asked.

"Sorry" we replied. 

We walked out to the kitchen and grabbed some pizza and garlic bread. After we were done everyone walked into the loungeroom. Liam grabbed my hand leading me into the lounge room smiling.

"What's this?" Louis asked.


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