When Time slips away to fast

Its about Harry dating this girl called Ashlee, they've been dating for a while and she has to leave her Mum and her sister Vikki, to go and live with Harry and the other boys. But is she hiding something from him? Will he leave her? Lets find out...


8. What happend to sleep....

Ashlee’s P.O.V

I was sleeping peacefully when I heard a baby crying, Darcy I automatically thought, and it was about 8:30 in the morning, so I quietly got out of bed not to disturb Harry who was sleeping beside me to feed Darcy. I gently lifted her up and fed her, while I was feeding Darcy, Harry woke up, and he looked so cute with bed hair. He opened his eyes that was in my direction and smiled at me, I walked over and sat beside him and kept feeding Darcy. I started to yawn… man I would have to get used to waking up this early.  He sat up making some room for me to sit beside him on the bed. I finished feeding Darcy and just casually laid there with her and Harry, we were the perfect family. I couldn’t have asked more from Harry and what he has been through, i.e. naming some, me with my mood swings, throwing things and yelling, then me craving for stuff and he would run to the store and get it for me. I loved him so much. It was about 10:15 in the morning and I was tired again, I gave Darcy to Harry, so she and he can have that father-daughter bond. I saw Harry put Darcy in the cot and came up to me and whispered in my ear, not wanting to wake Darcy up “Love, the boys and their girlfriends are coming to visit in 15 minutes, they’re bringing in clothes, so try not to sleep babe, but if you’re really tired then by all means sleep.” “Okay Harry, but I don’t think I’m going to stay awake anytime soon…. I just… am *yawn* really tired.” “Okay love, you get some more rest, I think I can hear the boys coming.” He said to me, whilst walking in the direction of the door, but I crashed it when he said ‘okay love’.


I wake up to feel that Ashlee’s is not beside me in bed, and then I start to panic, where is she? Then I realised that I’m at the hospital with Ashlee and our daughter Darcy.  Ashlee must be feeding Darcy, I roll over and open my eyes, and I see Ashlee standing up feeding Darcy, I sit up and make some room for Ashlee to sit down, she comes over and smiles then sits down beside me. She finished feeding Darcy, it was one of those moments that you don’t want to lose, the moment that it’s just you and the two people you love sitting there smiling and enjoying their company. Ashlee handed Darcy over to me while she went to the toilet, when she returned she went and sat back on the bed. “Love, the boys and their girlfriends are coming to visit today in about 15 minutes, are you able to stay awake for about 3-4 hours while they’re here?”  I asked her, she was yawning when I was talking to her, I don’t think she will stay awake within another 2 minutes. “Ummm…. I don’t think I will babe, I’m just about to crash it now anyways, sorry.” “It’s alright love, I think I can hear the boys and their girlfriends, I’ll be back.” She didn’t reply, I turned around and I saw Ashlee sleeping there quietly, I hope the boys don’t wake her up; otherwise she’s going to be cranky.


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