When Time slips away to fast

Its about Harry dating this girl called Ashlee, they've been dating for a while and she has to leave her Mum and her sister Vikki, to go and live with Harry and the other boys. But is she hiding something from him? Will he leave her? Lets find out...


10. The Secret

Harry’s P.O.V

Ashlee wanted to speak to the girls in private, why would she do that? Anyways I looked over to the boys and nodded my head, I walked out first and Zayn was last out the door, he shut it quietly behind him minding that there were babies sleeping behind him. I walked the boys to the café because Niall wanted something to eat and the boys wanted to catch up and chat. I walked over to the little coffee shop and ordered five lattes and five raspberry and white chocolate cupcakes (my favourite) I collected the order and went and sat with the boys, it was really nice to talk to them again… so I decided to start up a conversation…

H-Harry Li- Liam L-Louis N-Niall Z-Zayn

H- So what do you think the girls are talking about?

Li- to be honest Hazz, I really don’t know, I hope it’s nothing bad, or they’re hiding something behind our backs

N- Well they could just be planning something with each other

Z-But why would we have to go outside? Wouldn’t they tell us as well?

L- Well that is true Niall, we’ll just have to wait and see; did u want to go back now?

H- We’ll give them another 20 minutes; I guess we could sit here and talk for a while.

Li- Yeah, okay… there’s nothing wrong in that.



Ashlee’s P.O.V

All the boys left, it was just me and the girls, I decided that I was going to throw Harry a surprise Birthday party, and the girls were going to help me. I didn’t want Niall, Louis, Zayn or Liam to know, because Harry might force them to tell him, and I didn’t want to take that chance. “So girls, we haven’t met before, I only been told about Danielle, Perrie and Eleanor, but I don’t know who Nialls girlfriend is, could you tell me all about you?” “Yeah sure thing, I’m Tayla, I have a twin sister, who has recently died, and I’m the only one left at the moment and I work at Starbucks and I do the Australian Army .” Whoa, I feel really bad now. “I’m so sorry for your lost Tayla, I’m sure all of us girls are going to get along really close.” “Yeah I think we all are, were all going to be each other’s girlfriends and be there for each other” Eleanor agreed. “Yeah I think that’s a good idea” Danielle answered. “Yay, we are already agreeing on something.” Perrie shot out, we all laughed at that. “So girlies, Harry’s birthday is in less than a week, and all he has been doing is been looking after me and helping me, so I wanted to do a surprise birthday party without the boys knowing.” “Okay, so how are we going to get away from the boys, when we want to meet up and organise it?” “Well just be like ‘I’m going to my girlfriend’s house’, I might be there a bit of a while’.” “Okay, that seems easy to say.” Perrie said I could tell all of the girls didn’t like keeping secrets from the boys, but they need to, just for about 3-4 days. We finished talking and Eleanor gave me my clothes and I went for a shower, while Danielle changed Darcy into something nice and warm. I hopped out of the shower and got changed into some of the clothes that they bought from home from me, man it was nice to be in my clothes again. I walked out of the bathroom, over to my bed and made it, then I cleaned up a bit and took Darcy out of the bassinet and put her in the cradle (where you can walk and carry the baby in like a capsule thing) and followed the girls out of the ward.  The girls and I walked down the hall to the café, knowing that they might be down there, and that we all were hungry.


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