When Time slips away to fast

Its about Harry dating this girl called Ashlee, they've been dating for a while and she has to leave her Mum and her sister Vikki, to go and live with Harry and the other boys. But is she hiding something from him? Will he leave her? Lets find out...


6. The Baby is due... What do I do?

8 months later….

I was due in less than a month; Harry has stuck with me through this for nearly the whole 9 months. The baby bump wasn’t a bump anymore, it was a big bloated stomach, I would gasp or hold in the pain, whenever the baby would kick me, whenever the baby did, Harry would come over and rub where it kicked me. We haven’t found out if it’s a girl or boy, as we want it to be a surprise.  I was casually sitting on the couch when I started getting contractions, they were painful. “HARRY! THE BABY IS COMING, CAN YOU PLEASE TAKE ME TO THE HOSPITAL NOW!?” I yelled out to him, he came into the living room lifted me up bridal style and carried me out to the car, he laid me on the back of the car seat then he jumped into the driver’s seat and started the car up. We were at the hospital about 10 minutes later. He pulled up at the emergency ward and gently pulled me out of the car, my contractions were getting more painful.

Harry’s P.O.V

I drove as fast I could to the hospital, I got there about 10 minutes later, and I went straight up to the emergency ward and gently grabbed Ashlee out of the car. The doctors and nurses had Ashlee on a stretcher bed and took her into a baby’s ward, where you can look after the babies once they are born. I followed the doctors then went in and sat next to Ashlee on the chair beside the bed, she was sweating and panting and breathing in fast, I took her hand and kissed it, she smiled up at me. The nurse came in and then closed the curtain, she had to check how many metres diluted she is, she’s 7 metres, but she has to be about at a 10, the nurse then left and kept the curtains closed, about 5 minutes later the same nurse came back and checked again, she is 9 metres diluted which means, when she gets into the delivery room she will be about 10 metres. The nurse opened the curtain and wheeled the bed into the delivery room, I walked alongside Ashlee until we were in the delivery room, and I took a spot next to Ashlee and held her hand. Then we heard a small cry, Ashlee was tearing up and smiling, but she looked exhausted, but she did it.

They took the baby to go get cleaned up, that’s when they wheeled Ashlee back into her ward. When she got there she hopped out of bed and took a shower, I waited outside for her.  While I was waiting the nurse brought back our baby who was cleaned and beautiful. It was a beautiful baby girl. I held onto the baby and walked into where Ashlee bed was and waited for her to return.

Ashlee’s P.O.V

I finished delivering the baby, man that was hard work, Harry was beside me the whole time not letting go of my hand. They took the baby to go and get it cleaned, they pushed me back into the ward, once I was there I got up and took a shower, I was so exhausted. It was nice to have this shower, it was really refreshing. I walked back into my ward when I saw Harry standing up with this beautiful baby girl, she was awake and she was whining. Harry noticed me and said “love, you did an amazing job, you did well, and what are we going to call this amazing little cutie of ours, And how you feeling love?” “Thank you, I was thinking along the lines of Darcy, and I’m feeling exhausted.” “That’s a perfect name, well babe you should get some sleep.” “So Darcy Marie Styles?” “That’s perfect, now get some sleep babe” “well I can’t go to sleep at the moment, I need to feed Darcy” “Okay, did u want to breastfeed her or bottle feed her?” “Well I was thinking for first time, maybe breastfeed her and see how that goes.” “okay babe, let me just shut the curtains and you can feed her” “thanks” I hopped back into bed and Harry handed me Darcy and fed her, Harry had a cheeky grin on his face, I could tell he liked this way of feeding Darcy. I finished feeding her then burped her then put her to sleep. Harry asked “would I be able to stay the night here?” “yea sure babe, if you want to though” “well I want to, I’m going to go and get a nurse to get another bed” “no its okay babe, you can share with me” “okay, I will just go and tell the nurse that I’m staying the night with you” “okay love, umm if you return and I’m asleep, sorry I’m just tired.” “That’s fine, if u is asleep when I come back; I will go outside and ring the boys to come and visit tomorrow and to bring me you and Darcy some clothes.”  “Okay” with that he left and I fell into a relaxing deep sleep.


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