When Time slips away to fast

Its about Harry dating this girl called Ashlee, they've been dating for a while and she has to leave her Mum and her sister Vikki, to go and live with Harry and the other boys. But is she hiding something from him? Will he leave her? Lets find out...


11. Im sorry Ashlee

Harry’s P.O.V

I was still chatting away with the boys, when I saw my ex-girlfriend in the same café as me; I got up and went to the bathroom as I didn’t want to be seen by her. I was just at the door when someone pinned me to the wall. I turned around and saw that it was Stacey my ex-girlfriend, she had her lips locked on mine, I tried to pull away but couldn’t, I was about to break free when I heard a gasp coming from the side of me. Oh no it was Ashlee she had tears in her eyes, she looked like she was happy before she saw me, and she had Darcy, oh god, she gave Darcy to Eleanor and ran to her ward. I broke free from Stacey and chased after her, the door was locked, just then all the boys was there, and their girlfriends.



Ashlee’s P.O.V

I was so happy, I had Darcy sleeping peacefully in her little cradle, and I had the girls with me, we were so close of friends, even though that we haven’t met before. We all had our arms interlocked with each other; I was on the end, cause of the baby cradle. We rounded the corner of the café, as I walked around the side I saw something, something that made my heart drop, why would he do that?? He was kissing someone right in front of me, I gasped and I nearly dropped the cradle, I gave Eleanor the cradle, all the boys saw me tear up, then I ran off, I ran off to my ward to pack my clothes up, as I was running around getting clothes, I hit my head on the post that holds the curtains up, all I could hear was someone banging on the ward door, then I blackened out.  I wake up to the sound of a baby crying. Where was I, I can’t be at home, if there is a baby crying. I slowly opened my eyes to see someone with curly hair had their back towards me, there were four girls sitting on chairs, then there was four boys standing around, it looked like they all were crying, I’m so confused, and why am I in this place? Then I remembered, I hit my head on a pole, as I was rushing to get out of the hospital, due to Harry, that’s who that boy is, Harry; he cheated on me with this other girl. Perrie looked up from the floor over to me; she looked like she was crying. Everyone looked like they were crying. She smiled at me then waved, she then put her head back towards the ground, and then she shot her head back up and ran over to me, by that time everyone had their eyes over to me. They all smiled and they all came over and huddled around my bed. I sat up, just to be gently pushed back down by Harry. Why wouldn’t he let me go and feed Darcy? “Hey guys, so how long have I been asleep for?” I asked. Harry answered “Well love, you’ve been out for about 48 hours, we all thought we were going to lose you” I looked at all the eyes that were peering on me, they all cared for me? “Well I need to feed Darcy; can you please bring her over?” “Love, she has already had a feed, I bottled fed her. Did you want to go home?” “Oh… Okay, that’s great to know that I don’t have to breastfeed her anymore, umm could I ask for a favour boys?” “Sure” they all answered. “Umm.. I really need to speak to the girls in private again, and leave Darcy in here with me please.” They all were confused. “Yeah sure thing Ashlee, now you heard the lady, boys out now!” it was Eleanor; she is so funny and sweet. When they left we all giggled. “So what am I going to do? His birthday is tomorrow, and I don’t have all things planned for the party.” I asked concerned, and then Perrie answered. “Why don’t you take Darcy, Harry and yourself out for dinner tonight?” my faced lightened up, “That’s a great idea, thanks Perrie.” “No problem babe.” “Could you girls help me pack all my things up?” "No problem" Just as I was finished Harry barged in, he looked furious, but why?  “What are you doing Ashlee?” he yelled at me. “Well, what are you and the girls planning now? Planning on going to go to a strip club and get laid? Or planning on using us for fame? Which one is it?” I can’t believe he just said that, why would he do that? Doesn’t he love me? Then he yelled again, I was just shocked, couldn’t say anything. “I don’t ever want to speak to you ever again, you are just a lying, two faced slut, which has to look after this kid on your own… were done!” by then all the boys were back.







Why did Ashlee want to keep talking to the girls recently? That is really strange, she’s hit her head on a pole, aren’t they supposed to lose their memory or something? We all walked out after Eleanor yelled at us boys to get out. Oh El, I loved her so much she is like another me, but in a girl version… I’m planning on proposing to her, but I don’t know I can do it, I’m too nervous.




Yet again, all the girls are in the ward with Ashlee talking, but about what? This is weird; we need to find out what is happening, but how are the boys and I supposed to do that?




How am I supposed to talk to Ashlee? she keeps on kicking me out of the ward to talk to the girls; this is getting out of hand. I don’t want to know that she is keeping secrets from me so I barged in. Ashlee is sitting on the bed with her bags packed and Darcy in the pram asleep. “What are you doing Ashlee?” I yelled as I walked into the ward. She didn’t know I was there; it looked like she was panicking. “Well, what are you and the girls planning now? Planning on going to go to a strip club and get laid? Or planning on using us for fame? Which one is it?” she looked like she was hiding something. So I lost it “I don’t ever want to speak to you ever again, you are just a lying, two faced slut, that has to look after this kid on your own… were done!” I yelled at her, by this time all the boys were here. All the girls were standing around Ashlee. Louis asked. “What happened?” looking over to me, I answered looking over at Louis, not looking at Ashlee. “She lied to me, she is keeping something from me, when we made a promise not to keep secrets from each other, and the girls are in this as well, I’m assuming they’re using us for money and fame Lou!” I was furious, I didn’t want to hear anything from Ashlee, and I bet it would only be an excuse. She stepped out in front of the girls as one of her hands had her clothes bag and the other one pushing the pram. She walked past me and got to the door than said, “Well, I hope you find another girlfriend, cause I don’t want to be yours anymore, oh and I hope you have a good birthday tomorrow without me, cause I was planning something special for the three of us, you me and Darcy, but you know everything now, so happy birthday for tomorrow.” She was crying, I felt so bad, why did I call her that. She walked out with Darcy. I was about to go after her when the girls stepped in front of me. I couldn’t go anywhere; I just watched Ashlee walk out of the hospital with Darcy.


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