When Time slips away to fast

Its about Harry dating this girl called Ashlee, they've been dating for a while and she has to leave her Mum and her sister Vikki, to go and live with Harry and the other boys. But is she hiding something from him? Will he leave her? Lets find out...


9. Darcy Marie Ellard- (theyre not married) until later


We arrive at the hospital with the boys and their girlfriends, I walk into the gift shop and got Ashlee a little teddy bear with a balloon saying ‘it’s a girl’, and I got Darcy 2 new warm blankets to use for when she is at home, or for when she is in the hospital waiting to be released home. i paid for it and went up to the parenting ward, I was walking up to one of the nurses when I saw Harry exiting out of, what looked like Ashlee’s ward, I ran up to him and hugged him, he turned around and saw it was me and the others, he had a smile on his face. “So how are you three?” I heard Tayla say, Nialls girlfriend. “Well the three of us are doing fine thanks, Ashlee is sleeping at the moment, she is still exhausted, but you guys can come in and see Darcy, but promise not to wake Ashlee up though?”  Harry said with a serious tone, we all smiled and followed Harry into Ashlee’s ward. Harry opened the curtain and I saw a beautiful girl sleeping in a bassinet beside Ashlee’s bed, she had Harry’s curls and Ashlee’s freckles. She looked so cute and unique. Just as Harry went to pick her up, she started to cry, Harry cradled her until she calmed down a bit, and she had beautiful turquoise eyes, mixed from Harry’s and Ashlee’s. Ashlee started to wake up due to the baby crying.






Ashlee’s P.O.V

I was sleeping for what seemed like 20 minutes until I heard the door open then close, then voices starting to speak, getting louder as they entered my ward; I hope Harry told them that I was sleeping. I brushed that off, I was about to get back to sleep, when I heard Darcy cry. I slowly opened my eyes, I rolled over and saw that Darcy wasn’t in the bassinet, Harry must have her. I opened my eyes fully, to see everyone staring at me and having smiles on their faces, why are they smiling? I wonder… but I think it’s a congratulations smile, for having Darcy. “Hey guys” was all I could mention to come out of my mouth. “Hey Ashlee” Louis yelled back, I laughed, then the rest of them said “Hello” it was nice to have all my closest friends with me; I didn’t really know the girls much so I decided to ask. “Umm guys, could I please just speak to the girls in private please?” they all looked at me with a confused look, they then looked at their girlfriends then nodded, the boys walked out of the ward, including Harry and just left the girls here with me.




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