Teenage Love

This is about a girl called Crystal, she meets a boy called Louis and they fall in love.
They meet at a lake, and get to know each other a bit, Crystal then finds out that Louis likes her and they become a couple. She then meets the rest of the boys from One Direction.

Read to find out more :)


19. Finally asking her!

Louis P.O.V

"When should I ask her to marry me? I just don't know, I've got the ring and everything!". I crept out of bed and got dressed quietly. I'm going to get the boys and Miley together at Gloria Jeans and I'm going to tell them that I'm going to propose to her on Christmas Eve. I decide to call Liam, because they were all staying at his house, including Miley. I dial in his number and he answers. "Hey Lou, what's happening?" He says, trying to speak loud enough because they boys and Miley were messing around in the back. "Guys quiet down!" I hear Liam say "So what where you calling for? some type of 1D meeting?" Liam asks confused. "No Liam... This is really important. I'm proposing to Crystal on my birthday so, I wanted to propose to her at Gloria Jeans seeing that's her favorite coffee shop" Liam didn't talk for a couple of seconds "Well done mate! I'll go tell them" after that there was cheering "Well done Louis! She will be SO surprised! Can you text me her ring please?" Miley screams in excitement but Niall calms her down, I send her the pic. "It's beautiful! She will love it" I smile "Can I come over?" I ask "Sure why not!"


Crystal's P.O.V 


I saw them last night, He broke my heart. I can't accept the ring. I can't believe there cheating! My best friend going out with my Boyfriend? It's just too much! I have to tell Niall! I like him, ALOT! But only just recently, I tried to keep what I saw a secret, But I just can't anymore. It's too much pain! *Arrives at Niall's flat* "Niall?" I croak. I'm to shy to tell him! and I'm too scared he will get mad at me! *Sigh* I should of thought of this when before I got here!


Niall's P.O.V 


"I'll get it!" Yells Louis, I think something bad is going to happen, Like one of those plot twisters in a book, But this isn't a book! It's reality! I just sit on the couch eating popcorn... 


Louis' P.O.V 


I open the door to my surprise Crystal was standing there! "W-What are you doing here?" She says in shock. I'm worried about something, Like i'm going to lose her because of what I did, I couldn't help It I was drunk and didn't really remember that much, But I do remember Miley and I cheated and were ashamed. "Um, J-just hanging o-out with F-friends" "Why didn't you invite me" She giggles but frowns at the same time. "COME IN CRYSTAL!" Niall shouts with a load of popcorn in his mouth. I think I'll just do It now before I lose her.




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