Teenage Love

This is about a girl called Crystal, she meets a boy called Louis and they fall in love.
They meet at a lake, and get to know each other a bit, Crystal then finds out that Louis likes her and they become a couple. She then meets the rest of the boys from One Direction.

Read to find out more :)


7. Fan Hate


After breakfast I went onto the couch and grabbed my laptop and went on twitter. There was some fan hate on my twitter and it really made me upset. " You don't even love Louis! you only are dating him because of the fame you will get " I could feel tears starting to fill my eyes. " Your just a little slut! nobody likes you! your just a brat and you don't care about your family and friends " Now I could feel a tear roll down my eye but before I read anymore Louis came and sat down beside me " Hey wh- " I cut him off and ran into our room I closed the door and started to sob. I felt really bad because Louis might thought he did something wrong a minute later he came in while I was still sobbing. " Hey babe I'm really sorry if I did anything wrong " he said with a twinkle in his eyes and wiped away my tears. " It's not you.... " I started to say but I berried my face in my hands crying. He grabbed my hands and dragged them away from my face he had a tissue in his hand he wiped the remaining tears away from my face " Now can you tell me whats wrong? " he asked me with a smile on his face I could tell him now because I calmed down a bit " Look what your fans has said to me " I said to him passing the laptop and leaving the room.   



After 3 minutes of reading the fan hate I went to see Crystal she seemed to calm down a bit I put my hand around her " Don't listen to them babe " I said to her she had her head down to the floor I lifted her chin up and turn her head to me I lifted it up and kissed her " Just look what I replied back to them " I said handing her the laptop of course I logged  into my account. I said  " You would do the same! If you wanted me for fame! at least she is kind and caring and a angel sent from above just leave US!! alone and let her live her life! " 

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