Teenage Love

This is about a girl called Crystal, she meets a boy called Louis and they fall in love.
They meet at a lake, and get to know each other a bit, Crystal then finds out that Louis likes her and they become a couple. She then meets the rest of the boys from One Direction.

Read to find out more :)


12. Cuffed 'n' done

Louis P.O.V

I was just going to grab the phone when two other police officers came in. " HANDS UP MARIE! " one officer said Marie put her hands up slowly " We know that you have murdered many people with need of help "  the other one said " Wait... What? HOW THE HELL DID YOU FIND OUT? " she asked putting her hands down " HANDS UP! " they both said at the same time " Give me the cuffs! " I said they quickly passed them to me and I cuffed Marie " DAMN IT! " she yelled " You told me 100% that we were gonna capture Crystal and kill her this time Rob! " she said kicking the knocked out body " Rob? " Crystal asking confused "  WHO THE HELL IS ROB? " She asked looking pissed off " He changed his name douche bag! " she snapped at her. " Calm your falm! no one talks to my girl that way GOT IT??!! " I said angry to Marie. She just nodded. They cuffed Rob and took them to prison. " Thank-you " Crystal said nodding with a very grateful look on her face " Anything to help! Call us again if there is ANY trouble! " Said the nice police officer " Goodbye said Crystal looking quite sad " farewell " she replied  

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