Teenage Love

This is about a girl called Crystal, she meets a boy called Louis and they fall in love.
They meet at a lake, and get to know each other a bit, Crystal then finds out that Louis likes her and they become a couple. She then meets the rest of the boys from One Direction.

Read to find out more :)


3. Crystal Dosen't know how to get Louis Heart



I just freeze I don't know what to say to my bestie and she needs my help.  What did I do when I went after Niall? Tell her EXACTLY THAT! " Crystal, all you need to do is to be yourself don't pretend to be someone your not just go with the flow" I say and she stares at me for a good 30 seconds then goes off "How can I be myself I will look dumb, and he is famous and I am a nobody" * Huff Puff Huff Puff * She yelled at me " I'm Sorry Miles " She says and hugs me, I know she meant it.
" It's Okay " I was just glad that Niall wasn't there to hear us and no one else because we were in a Private Area of the mall. We started to chat for a while that's when she asks " where did you meet Niall? " I sigh remembering " Oh I met him in the resturant ! " I say with a huge smile on my face Kinda like this :D I was so happy I met Niall he is my boy! I wanted to help my bestie but I just didn't know how.... I know she will steal his Heart!! I bet ya!!

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