Teenage Love

This is about a girl called Crystal, she meets a boy called Louis and they fall in love.
They meet at a lake, and get to know each other a bit, Crystal then finds out that Louis likes her and they become a couple. She then meets the rest of the boys from One Direction.

Read to find out more :)


2. A Surprise Call

I wake up to find a text from my bestie Miley! It Says : Meet me at the all I need to tell you something really important so please hurry! meet at the usual spot K? !! Luv ya!! Miles!

I jolt out of bed and get dressed straight away! I put on this super cute light blue flowy top and some dark blue jeans with my black ballet flats, I grab my handbag, chuck in my purse, take me car keys and rush to meet Miley. I find Miley with a cute blond, I remember Louis telling me that one of his band members are a blond and Irish
" Hello " He says to me! I knew who he was NIALL!! " Hey! I'm Crystal its nice to meet you! " I hold my hand out so he can shake it, which he does, i'm pretty happy he doesn't hug me like Louis did yesterday! Speaking of Louis, my phone is ringing, I check it to see that Louis is calling. I excuse myself and answer " Hello? Is that you Lou? " I ask, Its pretty dumb question because i knew it was him " Yeah it is! I was just calling to see if you wanna meet up somewhere today? " He asks me. " Yeah Sure ! but it can't be at the moment Iim with Miley and Niall! " I say. " Oh so you met the Blond Irish man Hey? " he says chuckling.
I smile  and Giggle " Yeah i did so... where do you want to meet and what time? " I ask Louis
" Maybe at the Park around 3:00pm " He asks " Okay sure I'll see you there!! I can't wait! Bye ".
" Bye ".It felt he was asking me out, but i don't know I wonder how it will go!!

Miley and i start to talk and she says out of the blue " NIALL IS MY BOYFRIEND!! " Omg....! She needed to make me and Louis hook up NOW!! okay maybe I went a little overboard there but I needed her! So I ask her but she's was dead silent...... 

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