Anything Can Happen In a Week

Jordan has been dating superstar, and Irish hottie Niall Horan.
Only problem? She lives all the way in America, so when
He tells her that she would be coming on tour with
Him and One Direction she is filled with excitement. What will happen during the week that week?


3. Sharing the bunk

"How many bunks are on a tour bus?" Allie whispered to me
"I don't know, why do you ask?"
"Five of them, plus Eleanor, us, and I think Josh is gonna be on too." Allie explained, she was right where would we sleep? I stepped onto the bus and was amazed at how big it was on the inside. "You guys can keep your smaller bags in here but the suitcases have to go outside in the little compartments." Paul, the boys security explained to Allie and me.
"Cool, I have a question: what exactly are the sleeping arrangements?" Allie asked. "You don't mind sharing with me do you Allie?" Harry asked, she shook her head. "And do you mind?" Niall asked me. I didn't mind at all, "And I will be here so 'nothing' happens." Paul said sternly, "I'd love to share Niall." I said, "Well then lets head out." Louis said already putting his and Eleanor's stuff into the bunk. "Niall, I hope you don't mind I brought a few 'snacks'" I said pulling out hot cheeto fries. I always brought them with me whenever I traveled. "As long as you share." He winked at me, "Good." I said kissing him. By the time everyone was settled in it was 11:00.
"Well I think I'm going to bed, goodnight everyone." Allie got up and crawled into Harry's bunk
"Yeah me too" Eleanor said, her and Louis went to his bunk together. "Well looks like its just us four." Niall announced,
"Uhm I don't think so, look." I whispered, pointing to Zayn and Liam who had both fallen asleep at the dining table. "How about we call it a night little pint?" Niall asked, rising from his spot. I was so tired, and this day had been so perfect. "Absolutely"
I crawled into the bunk, it was surprisingly comfortable. A little cold, but comfortable. I shut the curtain so Niall could change. I was already starting to doze off when- "boo" Niall opened the curtain and smiled at me. "How you doing?" he asked. "I'm good, its just a little cold though."
"I can fix that." he climbed into the bunk, shut the curtain and laid face to face with me. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close. "Better?" he whispered, "perfect." I replied back. He kissed the top of my head and we both fell asleep.
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