Anything Can Happen In a Week

Jordan has been dating superstar, and Irish hottie Niall Horan.
Only problem? She lives all the way in America, so when
He tells her that she would be coming on tour with
Him and One Direction she is filled with excitement. What will happen during the week that week?


4. Never been on a plane


             (Next Morning)  "Awww" I awoke to the sound of four people voices. It was Harry, Allie, Louis, and Eleanor. "Don't worry they did the same to me this morning," Allie explained. "Where are we? and what time is it?" I asked rubbing the sleep from my eyes. "Its 7 am and we are at the airport, going to Toronto." Louis explained, "Now if you'll excuse us we have to wake Niall up." Harry said opening bottle of what looked like barbecue sauce, "Oh Harry not the Nandos thing again." Eleanor asked, "Nandos thing?" I asked going to brush my teeth. "Niall loves Nados perri perri chicken sauce so much that it's kind of a new wake up strategy." Louis explained, he took the bottle from Harry and opened it, held it under Niall's nose and In seconds he was awake. "Lou, stop with the Nandos. I'm too hungry to even think about that."  He had the cutest morning voice, I still couldn't believe that I would be traveling with him for a week. Flying and tour buses for some reason got me excited. Then I realized it would be my first time on a plane. I pulled Allie and Eleanor aside "I've never been on a plane before." "you'll be fine love." Eleanor said, "yea it's not bad." Allie added in, "Ok" I was starting to get nervous but I didn't want it to show, so I kept quiet and finished getting ready. I put on a beanie, a white shirt with a cardigan, jeans, and my toms. The more I thought about it, the more nervous I got. I closed my eyes and tried to calm myself down. All of a sudden I felt two arms wrap around me and pull me in close. "Mornin beautiful." He whispered, he turned me around and kissed me. "Whats wrong?" He asked with a concerned look on his face. "I've never been on a plane before." I was expecting him to laugh at me, but all he did was smile. "What?" I asked, "There is nothing to be worried about, besides I'll be sitting right next to you." He grabbed my hand, and we walked out of the bus.                            (on the plane)  "Your shaking." He was right I was, we were just about to take off and I was becoming a nervous wreck. "Sorry" I said leaning my head on his shoulder. "It's ok princess," he put his arm around so my head rested on his chest. He started to hum softly. It was "The A Team" by Ed Sheeran.   "You always know how to make me feel better." I looked up and kissed him. We were taking off, I wasn't as nervous anymore. We had a four hour flight ahead of us, and about an hour and a half in I looked up and everyone one was either asleep or minding their own business. My seat was behind allies, just to mess with her I kicked her seat. "Hey!" she turned around. "Hi" I said innocently, "can I help you with something?" she asked. "Just thought I'd say hi, oh and I'm hungry." "Well then eat something." She said, "do you have any food?" I asked. "Yes, but I'm not sharing." she said sassily. "Unfair." I threw my beanie at her, we both fell into a fit of laughter. "Whats so funny love?" Harry asked Allie. "Jordan is being demanding." She said jokingly, "Niall" Harry said, "Yes?" Niall sat straight up. Obviously  he was just about to go to sleep. "You hungry yet?" Harry asked, this immediately got Niall's attention. "Starving" He replied. "Paul?" he added in, Paul got up, went to the back of the plane and whispered something to the air hostess. Ten minutes later there was food laid out for all of us. "Oh my gosh." I was amazed at how much food was in front of me, Niall had something in front of him that no one else had. "Niall, what's that?" I asked poking the bag with my fork. "His Nandos", Liam said from his seat.  "Have you ever had Nandos?" Louis asked me, "No, but I've always wanted to try."Well lets change that." Niall opened the bag, and took out the best thing I've ever seen. He tore off a small piece. "Open" he said, I did. It was so amazing. "What do you to think?" He asked smiling. "It's amazing." I said, he started laughing. "What?" I asked, "you have sauce on your face." He announced, I reached for a napkin. But before I could wipe it off, he started to kiss me. "Niall what are you doing?" I said trying not to laugh, "Getting the sauce off your face." he said in between each little kiss. I dipped my finger in the sauce and put a dot of it on the corner of his lips. "My turn" I said kissing him. "Now we both taste like Nandos." I said pulling away from the kiss. "I'm shocked." Zayn said, "Why?" I asked, "Well considering that Niall rarely ever shares food, especially his Nandos." He explained, "You are special to him." Louis added in. I looked over at Niall, who was blushing. "Niall is that true?" I asked. It didn't hit me until now. Niall had just shared his sacred Nandos with me. That had to have meant something. "You are so special to me, it's unimaginable." I could feel a huge smile spreading across my face. "And you are incredibly special to me." I said leaning back over to kiss him, I pulled away and he just stared at me with those gorgeous blue eyes and all i could do was smile. "What?" I asked, he answered me with a long, but amazing kiss. "Oh get a room you two!" Zayn said trying to contain his laughter. "Oh leave the boy alone, he's in love!" Eleanor cooed. This time we both blushed. I didn't know if Niall loved me, but me on the other hand... I think I'm in love with Niall Horan. I didn't want to freak him out by saying it so I just kept my mouth shut. "Let's eat!" I said sneaking in another bite of Nandos.
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