Anything Can Happen In a Week

Jordan has been dating superstar, and Irish hottie Niall Horan.
Only problem? She lives all the way in America, so when
He tells her that she would be coming on tour with
Him and One Direction she is filled with excitement. What will happen during the week that week?


11. Awkwardly sweet

Jordan's POV
After telling niall my feelings and sleeping it off, I felt so much better! I got out of the bunk and into the little living area with the others. "Hey guys" I said while putting my hair in a messy bun. I plopped myself next to Niall only to be pulled into his lap shortly after. "Hey princess?" He whispered. 
"Yeah Ni?" I whispered back. He then pulled out his phone and typed something in the message space: 
"How about you and I spend the rest of the night together?" 
When I read it my heart jumped. This was one of the rare nights Id be spending with Niall alone and if made me feel great! 
"Of course handsome" I whispered
He then kissed down my earlobe and one soft kiss on the lips. When we finally snapped back into reality we saw that everyone was watching us. 
"I don't know whether I find that sweet or awkward?" Zayn questioned. The rest of us laughed and Allie said 
"Sweet. It was sweet" she said smiling. 

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