Anything Can Happen In a Week

Jordan has been dating superstar, and Irish hottie Niall Horan.
Only problem? She lives all the way in America, so when
He tells her that she would be coming on tour with
Him and One Direction she is filled with excitement. What will happen during the week that week?


7. A kiss on the cheek?

After the concert

"So what did you guys think?" Liam asked after the concert. "Amazing" Allie and I said. "Good" Louis and Zayn answered. I strolled up to Niall who was putting his guitar back in its case. "You were absolutely incredible." I said, "thanks beautiful" he turned around and kissed me on the cheek. Which was disappointing considering all of the little make out sessions we've had all day. About an hour later we got back on the bus and headed towards the hotel. Allie and Harry were watching something on his laptop, Zayn and Liam were playing some kind of card game, Louis and Eleanor were sorting through movies. And Niall and I were at the dining table eating. "Niall can I ask you something?" "You know you can ask me anything princess." He said, looking a little concerned. "Why have you been giving me these amazing kisses all day, then a little peck on the cheek after the concert?" "Well you did say to keep my kisses more suddle." he looked up at me, the lust look was returning to his face. Once we got back to the hotel I grabbed my stuff from the suite and took it to Niall's room. Josh was so generous to let me sleep there while he went to Liam's room." I waited for Niall to get out of his "nicer" clothes, into one of his tank tops and pants. "Hey handsome." I said taking his hat off again and putting it on me, "did I ever tell you that you look amazing in my hats?" he grabbed my waist again, and started to kiss my neck. "hmm I don't think so, but thank you." I said putting my arms around his neck. We were now both on the bed, with him on top of me, I could feel the buckle of my belt being loosened, he began kissing me as his hands reached the button of my jeans. "I love you." he whispered, my heart beat got faster. He said it, I was so happy, I kissed him more and more. "I love you too Niall." I said, casually playing with the hem of his shirt.   Next Morning     We had to wake up early to get back on the bus to go to the next venue. I grabbed my things and walked into the hall. All of a sudden I was pulled to the side by Allie. "What the hell?!" she asked with the biggest smile on her face. "What?" I asked, too tired to keep up with her, "do you not see what your wearing?!" I looked down and realized that I was wearing Nialls tank top from last night, and the same jeans. "Oh that." I mumbled trying not to smile, "Well how was it?" She asked, rocking back and forth on her heels, "well, he's a really great kisser. And uhm he was very gentle." I was replaying last night in my head, which were answers by a massive wave of butterflies in my stomach. "Awwww" she said hugging me, then walking away humming Bella Notte. Something was obviously up with her, then I realized something... "Allie, come back here." I demanded, "yes?" she questioned. "So, what did you and Harry do last night" I asked, "we uhm.... You know, kissed." she answered a little too innocently. "Oh ok, sure." I knew exactly what happened, "this is the night, what a beautiful night" I started singing to her. "Well how was it?" I asked, "one word, amazing." I really didn't want anymore details after that, so I just left it. I stood there talking with Allie, because we were still getting the bus re-situated. I felt two strong arms wrap arms slink around my waist from behind. "Hello love." Niall whispered into my ear. "Hi" I said grabbing his hand and twirled myself around. 

"Last night was incredible, I loved it and I love you." He said kissing my forehead."Hey! Lovebirds would ya get on the bus you're making me sick" Josh joked as he climbed into the tour bus.

"Josh quiet!" Niall and I said in unison.

Niall's POV

When we all got on the bus we sat in the "living room" of the bus. Which was only a couple of love seats and a couch that turned into a bed. I sat down on the couch and pulled Jordan down onto my lap, kissing the back of her head as I wrapped my arms around her. Everyone had pulled out their phones; either playing games, texting or checking twitter. At this point Jordan slid off my lap, went to the other side of the couch and rested her head on my lap. I glanced down and noticed she was on her twitter, I went to say something then her facial expression changed. She went from being happy to sad all in a matter of seconds.

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