An Unwavering Love

As of right now, Lana's life is about as complicated as it gets, the boy she put all of her trust in returns after nearly 3 years, just in time to help her get through the pain of a broken family. Why such a secret was kept from her? She has no clue. Why her brother is suddenly on the offensive about her rekindled friendship with James?It may have something to do with him being almost 4 years older. And what exactly does Liam Payne want with her? He wants to know what exactly happened between Lana and his step-brother.

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"You Bitch!"

"Watch it baby sister, we wouldn't want JJ to learn a bad word," Jenna smirked and continued "and besides, It's about time that the brat meets his father."

"First off, MY son's name is Micah, not JJ or James Junior. Second, I may have told him I needed time, but he stayed gone for three years. Lastly, both of you need to stay the fuck away from my son and I."

"Momma, da aunty ladys not nice?"

"Zach I told you to get him out of here!"

"YOUR kid has decided not to listen to me."

"It's ok Micah, lets go,"the two year old nodded and Lana grabbed his hand and started to walk away but not before turning back to speak to James who had been silent the whole time "I thought maybe you had gotten better, but keep hanging with my bitch of a sister, and I'll never let you see your son. And neither will a judge when he hears the whole story. Trust me."

James just stood there in shock, watching the love of his life walk away with his son. THEIR son. The one he'd thought for sure she'd gotten rid of. He deduced that she must have been estranged from her father for a while because of her choice. 

"You know, you have a lot of balls Nevins, I'll give you that."

He had forgotten that Zach was still standing there. He looked at his former best friend openmouthed before replying "Zach, I did what she want-"

"Let me stop you there asshole, YOU left because you thought she was going to have an abortion and you couldn't deal with that. She wanted you gone because she knew you wouldn't look at her the same. But you didn't even have the fucking decency to call and check up on her to see how she was. For three fucking years we heard NOT even ONE FUCKING WORD! And now you think you can just waltz back in here and have her welcome you with open arms just because she kept the kid and you decided to take back telling her you hated her for even considering it? You dealt the fatal blow to any type of relationship with her when you slept with this slut three years ago, and now you're just sticking the knife deeper into our backs by talking to her. LEAVE!"

"I'm not a slut big brother, that would be your precious Lan-"

"I wouldn't finish that sentence if I were you Jen-whore, I may be pregnant, but I can still ruin your face."

James turned to see who had spoken in Lana's defense and was shocked to see Nayy Markkos standing there. He knew right then the exact amount of trouble he was in and sent a silent prayer to the gods asking them for help.


When Nayy told her what she'd heard, she was fuming. But to actually find her Satanic sister sitting pushing her son on a swing while James Nevins watched? Both were very lucky that Zach showed up when he did, or she'd have put the ballsy pair in the hospital.  

"You look like you've had one hell of a day, but you should stop attempting to pull your gorgeous hair out of your head."

Lana smiled, the saving grace of this week had been meeting Liam. Granted, while he was James' step-brother, he was nothing like him. His presence was calming, and Micah seemed to adore him.

"Just walked away from ruining the faces of your step-brother and my sister."

"Mas int..intem....intemadasted dem!" Micah giggled.

Liam tried to keep a serious face, but within seconds he was on the ground trying to catch his breath. Lana was also gasping for air, and Micah just looked as if the adults had gone crazy.

That was exactly how Zayn found the three, and he couldn't help but think of how much they looked like a family.


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