An Unwavering Love

As of right now, Lana's life is about as complicated as it gets, the boy she put all of her trust in returns after nearly 3 years, just in time to help her get through the pain of a broken family. Why such a secret was kept from her? She has no clue. Why her brother is suddenly on the offensive about her rekindled friendship with James?It may have something to do with him being almost 4 years older. And what exactly does Liam Payne want with her? He wants to know what exactly happened between Lana and his step-brother.

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3. Timing is Key

Coming back to Louisiana had been the second hardest decision that James had ever made. The first being his decision to leave the one person he truly loved behind so that she would be able to heal. 

*3 years earlier*

When he arrived in Wolverhampton, England at the age of twenty, Jame's was emotionally destroyed and consumed by guilt. He looked for fights and continuously let himself get beat up and left in dark alleys. That was exactly how Liam Payne and Zayn Malik found him one night after exiting through the back door of a club, trying to make a quick escape from the fangirls.

"The fans are getting worse....", Zayn stopped mid-sentence when he saw what seemed to be a body lying on the ground near a dumpster.

"You think he's alive?" asked Liam.

"He looks to be breathing, we need to get him to a hospital asap," was Zayn's reply as each boy grabbed a side.

A few hours later, James woke up in a hospital bed with two guys fast asleep in chairs against the wall. The last thing he could remember was Lana's face before he got knocked out cold. It had become a habit, look for the biggest badass and then piss him off. He needed it because it reminded him of how he had hurt her. The guilt just eating away at him. All of a sudden, a pretty brunette lady walked in and upon realizing he was awake, hurried over to him.

"Oh, dear. How are you? You gave us all quite a scare. You're lucky my son found you when he did, James you lost a lot of blood. If you don't mind me asking, what happened?"She was rambling on and he knew it.

"Look lady, I'm sure the ER nurses have told you that I've been in and out of here a lot these past few days. I don't have to explain myself to anyone, not them, and especially not you." He scoffed at her, "Also, how the hell do you know my name?"

At that moment the door opened and James saw someone he hadn't bothered to see since he'd gotten here, his father.

"Well son, Maryann here is your stepmother, and it's about time ya meet her. I don't know if it was a coincidence or sheer dumb luck that her son Liam and his friend were the ones that found you. Now, would you mind explaining to me how the fuck you ended up here?"

His father was mad, very mad. For an Irishman, he hardly ever swore. At least not in the few times that he'd seen him over the years. When his mother told him that his father had moved to England, he jumped at the chance to get away from everything, only he hadn't gotten across to the part of actually visiting his father yet. He'd known that his father remarried and that the woman had a famous son or something. Never did it cross his mind that his step-brother was Liam Fucking Payne, the goody-two-shoes member of One Direction. So he opened his mouth and recounted his tale to his father and step-mother, glad that the two pretty boys were still asleep. 

"It started about a year ago really, when I realized I was in love with Lana Andretti..."



Liam Payne knew he should do something to let the hospital room's other occupants know that he was awake, but he was too damn interested in hearing what the idiot in the hospital bed had to say. How the bloody hell was he supposed to know that the kid he and Zayn had saved would turn out to be his step-brother? His train of thought was interrupted as Jame's finished his story.   

"I left, it's simple, staying there would hurt her even more, she needs her space."  

Liam had no idea what to expect when the idiot opened his mouth, but the story that he'd just heard surely was not it. He noticed that Zayn had seemed to waken to listen to the tale. For the first time in his life, Liam Payne actually felt like genuinely breaking down and  crying because of someone else's pain. Maybe it was best that James was here, he sounded like he needed a few new mates.  

"Should we let them know we're awake? Or should we see how this plays out?" asked his best mate in a soft whisper with his eyes still closed.  

"Fake a groan, then pretend to wake me up. It's time we formally introduced ourselves."

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