An Unwavering Love

As of right now, Lana's life is about as complicated as it gets, the boy she put all of her trust in returns after nearly 3 years, just in time to help her get through the pain of a broken family. Why such a secret was kept from her? She has no clue. Why her brother is suddenly on the offensive about her rekindled friendship with James?It may have something to do with him being almost 4 years older. And what exactly does Liam Payne want with her? He wants to know what exactly happened between Lana and his step-brother.

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1. Prolouge

Lana sat on the edge of her open window quietly taking in the changes that fall brought on. With everything that was happening lately, she sometimes wished that she could be like the trees on the edge of their property; stable, but ever-changing. She heard her room door open and caught a whiff of her intruder's telltale cologne.

"Listen Zach, I know exactly why you're here, and it won't work. Tell them that I want a week to decide, but until then, no pestering me. I've had enough of their 'interferance'," she spoke as calmly as she could and didn't turn around until she heard the door click shut. 


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