An Unwavering Love

As of right now, Lana's life is about as complicated as it gets, the boy she put all of her trust in returns after nearly 3 years, just in time to help her get through the pain of a broken family. Why such a secret was kept from her? She has no clue. Why her brother is suddenly on the offensive about her rekindled friendship with James?It may have something to do with him being almost 4 years older. And what exactly does Liam Payne want with her? He wants to know what exactly happened between Lana and his step-brother.

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7. I fucked up didn't I?

It'd been a week since the incident with Lana. A week since he'd first saw his son, their son, the child he was sure she'd done away with at the insistence of her father. The ache in his heart was the constant reminder of the consequences that came with his actions. 

"Mate, you need to get out of bed and stop looking at that damn picture."

Zayn walked into the room and stripped him of the comforter.

"I fucked up didn't I?" he asked his bestfriend.

Zayn, never one to hold his tounge replied

"Mate you screwed yourself, judging from everyone's reactions to you and the state you were in when you first came to us, it would take a miracle for Lana to allow you into Micah's life. And even then I hope you know there is no chance you'll ever get her back."

"How do I prove myself worthy of being in my son's life? And what the bloody hell do you mean about Lana? You're hiding something Malik and I want to know."

"He's not bloody hiding anything J, he just agreed to let me be the one to discuss this matter with you," said Liam as he walked into the bedroom.

At this point, James was confounded. What in the hell did Liam have to do with Lana? NO. NO. NO. If the idea forming in his head was true, he surely had no shot at winning her back now.

"Li, tell me you're not seeing her. You can't!" and even as he said these words he started putting the pieces together. Liam's attentiveness everytime over the years he brough Lana up. Defending her to James without even knowing her side. And the most obvious sign of all, Liam jumping at the chance to move back to the place it all started. 

It was all because of her. Not because Liam wanted to keep an eye on his step-brother as he'd said. But to get close and get to know Lana. 

"All along you wanted her, from the first time you found out everything, it's been her? Don't lie to me Li." He was furious now.

"J, it wasn't all because of her. You're my brother, I care about you and I wanted to support you in this. And I know it seems crazy but I fell in love with her through the stories you told. And meeting her just kind of sealed the deal." Liam spoke firmly hoping to convey his point.

"And what about Micah? She's got a kid. You NEVER go for girls with kids."

"Micah is what makes her who she is. I knew getting into it that he was a big part of her life from the moment I found out she kept him."

"We've been bloody back for a month, and I've only found out about him last week! How long have you known? Would you have told me? For fuck's sake I had to find out from her bitch of a sister!"

"We found out at the end of the first week we were here. Overheard them discussing Micah in the cafe'. You were busy stressing over finalizing the deal with the house that we wanted  to wait to tell you. But the bloody gorgeous ballbreaker beat us to the point." Zayne had finally decided to speak up.

"So, how long have you been going after Lana since we're back?"

"J, it's new. I mean, when she found out  you were back she came to me for answers and it started from there. I'm not trying to push myself into Lana or Micah's lives. If anything I'm the one trying my damndest to convince her to give you a shot!"

Liam was fed up with being accused of some elaborate plan. James may not have outright said it, but after living with him for the past years, he knew how James' brain worked. So he did the only logical thing, left to go spend time with his lovely new female companion.

"James you need to stop. Li only wants to help and this anger you have, deal with it before you become that jackass we brought to the hospital years ago."

"You're right Z, but give me a few days ok? Then I promise you I'll apologize to Li and work my damndest to prove myself worthy of seeing my son."

"Don't forget to stay away from her sister. The more you hang with her, the further you'll get from your son. Don't fuck it up this time."

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