An Unwavering Love

As of right now, Lana's life is about as complicated as it gets, the boy she put all of her trust in returns after nearly 3 years, just in time to help her get through the pain of a broken family. Why such a secret was kept from her? She has no clue. Why her brother is suddenly on the offensive about her rekindled friendship with James?It may have something to do with him being almost 4 years older. And what exactly does Liam Payne want with her? He wants to know what exactly happened between Lana and his step-brother.

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2. Back to the start

It wasn't like the news came as a shock to her, but it was still pretty damn infuriating.

Everyone in town knew the story of Ryan and Laura Andretti. She was hired on as the nanny to take care of his children Zach and Jenna after his wife died during childbirth. Even though he his heart had been seemingly shattered, Zach was four and Jenna was just a week old, Ryan had a business to run and hiring a nanny seemed like the only understandable option. When he married her within three months' time? People didn't question it, they figured she had helped him through his grief and the two had fallen in love. She had become a mother to his children, and he wanted her role to be permanent. But when she popped out a baby seven months later, people started talking.

Lana Ryan Andretti was an insanely adorable and unnaturally calm child, completely clueless to the excitement surrounding her birth. Her father adored her, for she was daddy's baby girl and her brother took on the role as her protector from a young age. Throughout her childhood, she was oblivious to the outside stares and whispers from people all across town. It was kind of obvious, Zach and Jenna both had straight black hair just like their mother, with their father's green eyes while Lana seemed to have inherited her mother's icy blue stare and her father's unruly blonde hair. She adored her older siblings none the less, not every brother and sister had to look alike. It wasn't until the age of 10, when she first met James Nevins and he mentioned something he'd overheard in town, that she realized what was staring her right in the face, and finally understood the concept of half-siblings. To the ten year old Lana, it didn't matter that Zach and Jenna had different mommy, the only important thing was that she loved them both dearly and that they felt the same way. 

Many people would think that because of the closeness in age Jenna and Lana would be inseparable, but this was not the case. Jenna preferred to be pampered, stay indoors, and do girly things all while Lana was out following her brother and his friends everywhere and becoming one of the guys. The sisters never had a reason to disagree, they just minded their own hobbies, that is, until both girls developed a crush on Zach's new best friend. 

As Lana thought back on it, James Nevins seemed to be the catalyst for all life-changing events. He was fourteen, older, extremely cute, and the two hit it off so well, that even Zach was jealous of his sister for a while for 'stealing' his new friend. Her brother eventually got over it, realizing that he wasn't being replaced, and the three formed a very tight bond. This of course had Jenna feeling left out and from then on, she vowed to do everything in her power to sway James' attention away from her younger sister. Little did she know, her actions would cause turmoil for her family in the future.

In all honesty, when the truth came out, Lana was relieved. Her suspicions were confirmed, but she wasn't upset about it. Zach took the news calmly, disappeared for a few days to gather his feelings, and when he came back, he acted like nothing had happened. Jenna's reaction however, was the final blow that shattered the glass house they had all been living in. Finding out that her father had been screwing Laura all along, even while her mother was pregnant, sent Jenna into a rage that no one could get her out of. The impact of her actions were worse than when she outed Lana and Jame's secret three years ago, causing an irreversible rift between herself and her sister. Lana could understand her sister's rage, but with it tearing her family apart, she knew that something was bound to happen soon. She just hoped that she would be prepared to handle the stress of it all this time.

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