Visiting the Anomalies of America

Harry Potter x X-Men (Crossover Fanfiction).

After farewelling the last of his friends, Harry decides to take some time off Britain and travel the world - search for a new purpose. He starts off in America and is soon bored. Being known internationally for all its "abnormalities", Harry decides to seek them out, hoping to make some new friends. Immortal Master of Death AU; Slash


10. Chapter 9

Harry had absolutely no idea how he had ended up in this situation. Right now, he was standing in front of a class of teenagers who were all looking at him with pleasantly surprised, interested and expectant expressions all rolled into one. He opened his mouth but nothing came out and, with his jaw still hanging, he turned to shoot a glare at Logan who was perched in a too-relaxed-considering-Harry’s-plight manner next to him. Logan merely raised a brow and gave him a challenging stare back. Sighing, Harry returned his attention back to the amused group.


                “Uh…” he said, “okay. Well—how was Logan been instructing you on your lessons so far?” He had dropped the ‘Professor’ title since the night in Xavier’s office a few days ago. Also, it didn’t fit the man at all anyway. The class murmured slightly and it was Pyro that spoke up.


                “He didn’t. Just told us to work in pairs most of the time,” he shrugged as if it didn’t really matter anyway. “Oh, he did say ‘hit, don’t get hit’.” Harry spun around to shoot an incredulous look at Logan who smirked – the nerve – and said nothing. Sighing, Harry ran a hand over his face.


                “Alright look, I guess for now pairing up would be a good idea. Although don’t just go for who you’re friends with. It’s okay to swap around. You need to get someone who’ll challenge you, not play around with you. For example; Pyro, an obvious sparring partner for you would be Bobby.” His lips twitched at the groan and complaint from both boys. He bit his lip as he took in the students around him, his mind whirling with different things he had to consider. Shaking his head to clear his thoughts, he raised his hand and motioned for them all to take a seat on the ground. Brows were raised and the students turned to one another with confused expressions but complied nonetheless. Harry also turned his head and jerked it, silently ordering for Logan to take a seat as well. Logan eyed him contemplatively but didn’t argue.


“Okay I’ll admit that I’ve done something of this sort before,” Harry began, “but not with… a variety of people like you guys,” he said a little lamely. “I think it’s best that if we were planning to this on a long-term basis; that I would meet with each one of you one-on-one so that I can get a basic view of each of your abilities, strengths and weaknesses. He rolled his eyes as he saw the look of surprise on the student’s faces at the depth Harry was going into for their lesson. Obviously Logan wasn’t very thorough in his job. Not that he’d expected anything different from the man anyway.


“Another thing I like to practice is duelling. I’m sure you’re familiar with them, but the type I prefer isn’t the whole pairing-up sort of nonsense you think. Once I have a good enough grasp on each of you, I will get around to sorting one-on-one duels – possibly three duels per class – where the rest of you will watch to see what you can gather for it. Personal experience is fine and all, but there are plenty of things you can learn just by watching too.” The students were already beginning to get excited about the things Harry had already had planned out in his head. He hadn’t done anything as thorough as this for a long time, to be honest. Probably longer than he’d like to admit.


“Maybe if we can get you polished up enough, I may set up some moving targets for more intense practices but…” he trailed off and turned to Logan. Whispering; “Logan, just how much do these kids need this sort of class?” he asked. Logan studied him for a moment.


                “I can’t say for sure, bub. All we know for sure is that they’ll need it if we’re not around to watch over them from the humans and other anti-mutant factions, or even some mutants who don’t agree with our views. I don’t see them going into a war zone or anything but…” he shrugged, “I think it best to prepare them best as we can, you know? Not do a half-assed job.” Harry smirked at the irony of Logan’s words but said nothing and merely nodded.


                “Alright, well;” he turned his attention back to the group. “I would like you to seriously consider my next words, guys. I know that as a teenager, you may be usually written off casually by adults who would rather protect you than have you on the front-lines or fight for yourselves; but it is a fact that life isn’t fair and things usually don’t go as planned.” The room was completely silent, not even the earlier gentle murmurings between students earlier were present as they all felt the gravity of Harry’s words. “You are aware that whilst you may be alright in the safety of the Mansion here, there are many people outside of the Mansion who would wish you harm.


“I won’t tell you that these lessons will be a sure-fire way to survive. The truth is that out there; be it on your first battle or your hundredth, most of your survival could depend on luck, and instincts. In the heat of the moment, you definitely won’t be thinking up numerous strategies and you probably won’t know what you’re doing half the time either. Facing these things in real life, is not like school. Here, if you make a mistake, you can just try again next time. But out there, when you’re a second away from being killed, or watching a friend die right before your eyes – you don’t know what that’s like.


“If your teachers could have their way, they’d probably want to keep it that way. But that isn’t an excuse to be naïve in the ways of the world and neglect to learn what could just save your life – no matter what it is. I know that some of you guys here may think that big explosions and flashy attacks may be all there is to it; but in reality, just about anything you learn here in school could be used in a fight – if you know how to twist it to your advantages.


“Anyhow, I don’t mean for you to feel like you should be burdened by overthinking everything; just that you should be prepared. The worst thing to happen to you right now would be to be caught unawares,” Harry pursed his lips and cast a silent tempus, finding the lesson almost over. “Well, it looks like your lesson is almost over already. I’m sorry if you were expecting to have some fun this lesson, but we’ll be sure to get into it tomorrow,” he smiled. Pushing himself off the ground and dusting his hands on his pants he said; “for now, I would like to leave you guys with some food for thought.


“I once said this to a few of my friends long ago when we had put together our own little Defence club: ‘Working hard is important; but there’s something else that’s even more important: believing in yourself. Look at it this way: every great individual in history has started out as nothing more than what you are now – students. And if they can do it; why not us?” Just as he ended, the bell rang. The students immediately leapt up and the chattering began, but Harry was pleased when more than a few students came up to him to thank him even though he’d hardly done anything.


It was Logan’s last lesson for the day so they’d decided to just walk around the mansion together since they’d both had nothing else to do. They left the danger room and were strolling in the corridors, Harry fluidly avoiding the students rushing to their next lesson.


                “So,” Harry spoke up as they walked side-by-side, heading out into the Mansion’s wide open backyard. Logan grunted to show he was listening before Harry continued. “Why…” Harry was unsure as to how to word what he wanted to say without being indelicate. “Uh, I mean – How exactly are you…” Logan smirked at nothing in particular as he was listening to Harry’s struggles.


                “How am I so old?” he clarified, much to Harry’s relief. Harry sighed and nodded shyly. Logan chuckled; “I’m not sure myself; but Chuck said that it could be because of my mutation.” Harry turned to look at him inquisitively, silently asking for more of an explanation. “Well, I can heal; among other things,” he said lowly, shooting Harry a mischievous grin that told him he wouldn’t be clarifying. “Chuck said that my body may have had to heal itself so often that the cells slowed down its aging process,” he shrugged. “Neither of us is sure whether it’s just slowed down or stopped completely.” Harry hummed in quiet contemplation. “Now it’s your turn,” Logan smirked once more. Harry rolled his eyes but chuckled when Logan nudged him jokingly.


                “Well you already get the gist of it,” Harry said simply, eyeing the clear blue sky above them. “I didn’t know it before; but after I thought about it with Hermione we figured out that I’d never truly possessed all three Hallows at the same time until that time I picked up the Resurrection Stone in the Forbidden Forest again when I was twenty-three.” Harry let out a breath that sounded like a sigh, his eyes dropping down onto the green grass, gaze wistful.


                “Do you regret it?” asked Logan. Harry started, a little startled at the serious question. His eyes flickered around as he thought of his answer.


                “I dunno,” he admitted truthfully. He cocked his head to the side a little to look at Logan. “Sometimes I do… The first few years after I’d realized it were the hardest I think,” he smiled a nostalgic sort of sad smile. “Although my friends were all very helpful; Hermione especially. Kicked my arse right out of the gutter, she did,” Harry chuckled. “After that I guess I…” a shrug, “just decided to stop worrying about it and just live again, you know? Make the most out of it.” Harry eyeballed Logan’s answering shrug. “What about you?”


                “Before this I… I had a brother, and we were the same,” Logan began. “I think we stayed together for most of it so I guess I was alright in terms of company an’ all. We must’ve separated not too long ago because of disagreements,” his shoulders rose and dropped again in nonchalance. “Last I saw him; he was with Magneto’s gang,” Logan didn’t seem to really care much about that detail. Harry frowned, though. He hadn’t really been told much about ‘Magneto’s Brotherhood’, but from what he’d gathered so far it wasn’t a very good picture.


“Don’t really make much of a difference to me though,” Logan continued, “something happened about 17 or so years ago and I lost all my memories of anything before then.” Harry turned to look at him curiously.


                “Really? What happened?” he asked. Logan shrugged.


                “I dunno,” he replied, “all I knew was that I woke up with that idiot LeBeau standing over me and he brought me out of some island. Said I’d gone there to look for someone and he gave me a lift.” His body language appeared like it didn’t make much of a difference to Logan, although Harry knew that he’d feel at least a little annoyed at not remembering anything at all. Harry’s brows were furrowed. How did Logan lose so much of his memory like that?


                “Do you know what happened?” Harry asked carefully. Logan eyed him for a moment before replying.


                “There was a bullet, on the ground in front of me when I woke up. Chuck said that I must’ve been shot right in the brains and even though my body pushed the bullet back out; it must’ve messed something up in my head. There was also…” Logan hesitated slightly, “there was a woman. Not far off from where I woke up. She was dead. She looked familiar though, and I don’t think she was the one who shot me.” Logan remained indifferent as he spoke.


Harry nodded slowly, taking in the information. Harry felt like he should say something that was nagging at his mind, but he didn’t feel like it was the right thing to do at the moment. So; he stayed in the companionable silence until Logan spoke up again.


                “So, that ‘irony’ you said about getting that Defence job,” he began, “was it ‘cause when you were there at tha’ school of yours, you had a different professor for that subject every year?” Harry laughed openly and nodded affirmatively.


                “Yes exactly. I first got offered the post from Professor McGonagall after the war; probably as a sort of joke, but I told her I didn’t mind coming in every now and then. I did end up visiting Hogwarts pretty often after that anyway,” Harry said. Logan snorted; he could imagine that happening quite easily.


After that, the two easily slipped back into simple conversations again and spoke of anything and everything. Not going too deep as each seemed to know the limit of just how far they could go with the other and when to not pry. They stayed that way until the sun began to set and it was time for dinner. They continued talking as they walked together back to the Mansion for dinner. Harry was waved over by his usual table, but for some unknown reason, he hesitated; his body turned towards the group but his feet not moving. He jerked a little in surprise when he felt Logan’s fingers curl around his wrist in a firm but not restraining grip. Turning his head sharply, he met Logan’s eyes.


                “Why don’t you come sit with us grown-ups tonight?” he smirked in that way that Harry had started to become fond of. Harry faltered, unsure. He peeked over at the group of teens – some of whom were still looking at him expectantly. Something that his eyes caught was the contemplative way Rogue was eyeing him. Then, she smiled and nudged her head to the side ever-so-slightly, motioning for him to go ahead. Somehow, he felt better knowing that Rogue didn’t mind and smiled appreciatively.


                “Alright,” he said as he turned back to face Logan. The other corner of Logan’s lips tipped upwards to form a friendlier smile. Neither mentioned the fact that Logan didn’t release Harry’s wrist, instead using it to lead Harry to the teachers’ table. All of the other Professors and adults at the table looked up at their arrival and some had pleasant expressions of surprise on their face. They all greeted Harry enthusiastically and Harry was sat down between Logan and the Professor, and across from Ororo, Hank and Remy.


Ororo, friendly as ever, asked Harry about his time in the Mansion so far. He’d given a few funny anecdotes about his time there; including the one where Remy had mistaken him as a student and tried to show him up. Most of the adults had then given Remy a stern look which he deflected with hands raised in surrender and pacifying words. This was followed up by an abrupt comment from Jean that listening to both Harry and Remy’s accents at the same time could probably subdue the Earth’s entire female population – to which the women laughed to and the men chuckled a little awkwardly.


They ate and talked, Logan silently stocking up Harry’s plate with more and more meat. Harry stopped pretending not to have noticed it after the third piece of chicken and raised a brow at Logan. Logan merely leered and said that he needed to eat more; adding in an absolutely unnecessary comment about his size while he was at it.


Hank and Harry exchanged easy chatter. Harry had found it astonishingly easy for him to have one of those ‘silent-conversations’ with Hank that he’d heard of but only ever successfully experienced with very few people. There was one silent moment where they were merely watching each other quietly, and Hank’s eyes had flickered once to Harry’s sides, and Harry’s own green gaze had lit up. Then, Hank had smiled understandingly.


Remy and he had conversed idly, Remy’s mischievous intents attempting to rope Harry into one of his ‘master plans’ – one of which somehow involved Scott’s bike, rope and some chicken feathers. Ororo seemed to have caught on sometime in the middle of the laying-down of said plan and started bickering playfully with the man. He had appeased her with smooth words which had Harry thinking that Remy could be quite the smooth-talker if he wanted to. Or a politician. But that thought just made Harry laugh.


Sometime during their dinner, a loud screech was heard – a sound that Harry instantly recognised as the sound made by an owl.  His head had immediately jerked up on habit, as did many others who curiously looked around for the source of the noise. A pure white snowy owl that reminded Harry of Hedwig had somehow made its way into the room. It swooped gracefully around the room, eyes searching. Spotting Harry, it flew over and clipped its beak over the package in its mouth; causing the box to fall. Harry caught the bundle deftly, his eyes wide in surprise. The room had quietened and many of the students were quite intrigued as they watched the owl beat its wings once more before landing skilfully on the back of Harry’s chair.


Absentmindedly, Harry raised his left fingers up to the bird which nipped the appendages fondly and he stroked its feathers a few times. His attention was on the extravagant letter tied to it. His body was on autopilot as it untied the strings and slid the envelope out, turning it over. His brows shot up as he recognised the gaudy seal on its back – not that he’d already noticed the familiar colour combinations – and also felt the familiar magic thrumming lightly across the light pistachio green envelope and along the black silk ribbon tied once over it. His mouth popped open as his brain finally began to work again after overcoming the slight shock and he recognised what sort of letter this was.


Fortunately for him, most of the students had already gotten over the admittedly odd experience and had gone back to their busy gossiping. Unfortunately, his table was not as forgiving and he was too slow to do anything before the touch-triggered magic on the envelope activated. It was a common speaker letter – much like a howler, but for normal purposes instead. It wasn’t as widely used since there was no point putting magic into a letter just to read itself when there wasn’t any stressing point. Howlers were much more practiced because the castor intended for its reader to feel their rage as they heard the letter.


Harry watched a little helplessly as the letter shuddered once and flew straight out of his fingers. Those at his table in his vicinity had stopped their talking to look astonishingly at the floating letter. Then, the papers rearranged themselves to resemble a mouth. What really stopped the few around him was when it began talking in a strong, confident, female voice. It said:


Harry Potter,


You better have a really good explanation for not writing to me since leaving. And if I find out that you’ve been writing to everyone except me, you can say goodbye to your sorry arse oh ‘Chosen One’. Well, whatever. I already know exactly how you can make it up to me.


Anyway, Kathy and Leo have been pestering me about you. Leo’s getting married soon, you know? To Elizabeth. You can probably start to expect the wedding invitations soon. Leo’s thinking of having it at the Manor – since it’s going to be his and all soon anyway; but seems like Lizzy wants it at our Chateau in Paris.


Nevertheless, you can expect that it will be nowhere near as extravagant as Kathy’s will be when that boy of hers finally mans up and proposes. And you know what Kathy said to me just the other day? She said she was thinking of making you godfather of her first child! Ha! Imagine that.


Well, it doesn’t matter anymore. I’ve decided to take matters into my own hand. Kathy and I have booked a flight out to New York a week’s time from now. And don’t you even dare try to convince me otherwise. Now, you can either come out to meet us at New York, or you can send your location back with the owl. I’ll be expecting some form of a reply from you, Harry, or God-so-help-you I will track you down myself.


Not like that matters though; because from the looks of things in the family, it looks like you’re going to be stuck with us, Potter.


I expect to hear from you soon.

Emiliana Rowena Malfoy.


The letter then reshuffled itself once more to fold itself elegantly into a small paper dragon, with the silver borders lining the paper coating its wings; creating a lustre effect under the lights and the black silk weaved between the folds to colour the spines and ended by wrapping itself around the dragon’s tail.


Harry sat there, stunned by what he’d just heard and merely stared dumbly at the paper dragon that seemed to have also been charmed lightly as it flapped its wings lightly and waved its tail – but remained on the spot. Those nearest to him were also silent after overhearing the ‘talking letter’ and eyes were darting between Harry and the moving paper dragon.


Logan’s cautious hand on his shoulder snapped Harry out of his reverie and he jerked in his seat at the touch. He turned to stare blankly at Logan as he heard an amused Professor’s voice.


                “Oh, you have visitors coming over?” Xavier said calmly. Harry then turned his attention to the Professor to stare open-mouthed at him for a second before fully regaining his senses. Then, he groaned and ran a hand down his face wearily.


                “Oh Merlin.”

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