Visiting the Anomalies of America

Harry Potter x X-Men (Crossover Fanfiction).

After farewelling the last of his friends, Harry decides to take some time off Britain and travel the world - search for a new purpose. He starts off in America and is soon bored. Being known internationally for all its "abnormalities", Harry decides to seek them out, hoping to make some new friends. Immortal Master of Death AU; Slash


7. Chapter 6

The days following passed with no sense of urgency. As the Professor had already said, nothing changed and he kept their conversation between them strictly private. Other than the occasional knowing glance at one another, Harry was able to slowly get used to waking up in the Mansion. Harry found that the past few days was an unusually pleasant lifestyle mostly spend wandering around the grounds and just doing nothing. Of course, every now and then boredom would set in and he’d look for something else to do. That was when he remembered what Ororo had told him a few days ago. So, with that in mind, Harry began to ask around with the Professors and would occasionally sit in their classes, listening attentively, interested in learning about their lifestyle and also getting a peek into Muggle studies at the same time.


Outside of classes, Harry would get close to some of the adults that were neither students nor Professors; such as Kurt. As intended, he and Kurt began to grow an unexpected friendship towards one another and Harry would say they were already quite close. He was pleased that Kurt was much more open with him now and they would often just flit about the grounds at random spots, talk about anything, or just enjoy each other’s presence. Neither pushed to know too much about the other and it was a comfortable friendship. He found that he liked Kurt as a person very much; soft-spoken, but extremely polite and kind; never having a bad word to say about others. In a way it was kind of like seeing a bit of himself. He suspected the other had his own problems in life, what with his troublesome appearance and all, but never delved too much into it.


Harry had also found out the two ‘visitors’ whose arrival Kurt had announced to the Professor the first time was an ex-student of the Professor, Hank McCoy, who was currently working for the government in the Department of Mutant Affairs; and Remy LeBeau, a nomadic mutant that was familiar with many members of the school’s staff. Harry had bumped into Hank and the Professor once as they were exiting Xavier’s office, and Xavier had been eager to introduce them. Hank came off to Harry as a polite and open individual, whose interest in Harry was clearly visible in the light of his eyes. They had hit it off quite well and Harry was pleasantly surprised to find Hank very knowledgeable, almost as much so as the Professor himself, and thoroughly enjoyed in-depth conversations with him about anything and everything.


Hank himself was quite impressed at the young man’s behaviour around him. From the moment they met, Harry had never looked at him in any odd way whatsoever. Even the closest of his colleagues, before getting to know him, had shown at least the smallest flicker in their eyes at his gruff and imposing appearance. Harry had seen him and only seemed to smile brighter. He had enjoyed watching Harry’s reactions to his enhanced abilities which Harry found a little hard to match. As a passing comment in one of the conversations where he had told Harry about his interest in science and would often act as the X-Men’s physician, Harry had then brightened and offered to detailed to him some of his own medical skill repertoire. Harry had opened up to him about him being a wizard, much to his own surprise and scepticism. However, he was intrigued to learn that Harry had quite the understanding and grasp of healing magic which he told him about – but for obvious reasons could not show to him in person. Also since he had already let the secret out to Hank, whom had firmly said he wouldn’t let anyone know either, he also told him about Potions – a topic which interested Hank to no end. They had agreed to study it more together another time, since Hank’s own medical knowledge would probably give some even deeper insight to the Potions.


Harry had met Remy by pure coincidence when the man, thinking Harry was a truanting student, had offered to show him some ‘magic tricks’. However, what Remy hadn’t known, was that Harry, who had already started to become used to the mutants showing him up by luring him in with games and then unfairly cheating by using their powers, was a bit more wary this time. Remy had stuck to a simple trick of getting Harry to pick a card and try to pick it again; by keeping his eye on it. Harry had cast a tracking charm on the card he had picked initially and merely put on a show of trying his hardest at watching the card. When the trick was at its end and he was asked to guess where the card was, Harry had looked at the cards in view, glanced up at Remy, then back at the cards with a frown. His fingers tingled with magic as he raised his hand and pointed at Remy saying, “it’s in your jacket.”


Remy had been stunned. Harry patiently waiting for him to make a move, but when it became clear that the frozen man wasn’t going to show any sign of moving anytime soon, he simply rolled his eyes and with a pull of his fingers, summoned the card to him himself. Brandishing the card between two fingers, Harry had looked at the still-shocked man and said, “so you’re a magician?” This finally seemed to break Remy out of his daze and close his hanging jaw. His jaw worked for a few moments, not sure what to say when he finally just went with answering the question.


                “Uh, no,” he said hesitantly, “I…” with a quick glance around to see that there were no adults around to chastise him and that they were in the open outdoors, he quickly snatched the card back from between Harry’s fingers and drew out his powers. Then, he expertly flicked the card towards the forest where it flew straight to the trees. Reaching one, it sliced its way right through a branch, causing it to crack and fall to the ground with a loud thud. Impressed, Harry turned back to a Remy who was eyeing him as if awaiting a spectacular reaction. Watching each other for just a moment, they exchanged smiles and both immediately decided mentally that they approved of the other.


They had then properly introduced themselves to one another and Harry found out the very odd story about how Remy came to be at the Mansion. It was quite an amusing tale that involved poker and some very drunk politicians. Also added on an off-handed note; Hank grabbing him before he could ‘cause any real damage’.


It had been just about a week since Harry first came to the Mansion and by then he had just about acquainted himself with almost everyone there. He found himself to enjoy the company of most of the adults, finding them insightful and some very intelligent. Of his own will, he often spent the majority of his time with Kurt, and Rogue’s makeshift group of friends. He had found it quite peculiar that the Professor had not been drilling him with questions since his ‘enlightenment’ all those days ago but didn’t question it. Whenever he bumped into any of the other adults, they would chat pleasantly with one another, often offered him to sit in on their classes, and be on their way. He spent most of his days repeating this lazy pattern.


Today, he happened to decide to wander around inside the Mansion rather that its grounds. By then he’d no doubt be able to make his way through the grounds blindfolded if he cared to really. He hardly had the chance to wander all that deep into the Mansion before, neither was he all that interested in it either anyway, so today he ended up finding himself happening along a corridor on one of the lower levels of the Mansion. It was quite spectacular really, although from the outside and the main living areas of the premises, the Mansion held a very olden-era feel about it; but down here even the corridors and doors themselves looked high-tech enough.


Harry had to be careful with making sure he was alert and wouldn’t accidently let out a burst of magic in case it interferes with anything vital in the area. He had learnt early on when first learning magic, that although wizards and witches were perfectly able to use Muggle technology, more powerful wizards tend to have to keep themselves in check due to their power unintentionally slipping out and causing unwanted damage every so often. Although, the same could be said about a regular witch or wizard if they were to lash out with magic; it would still cause damage.


It was eerily silent in the corridor aside from the casual noises heard now and then from the tech in the area. Harry was beginning to contemplate finding his way back up when he thought he heard some noises a bit off. Curiously, he continued his journey and, considering it was a straight corridor, closed his eyes to focus on listening closely. His ears lead him to one of the many doors and soon he is quite unashamedly pressed up against it with his ear against the door. True enough, he hears muffled noises that are ridiculously soft. Must be just about sound-proofed, he thinks.


Harry’s ‘idiotic’ Gryffindor nature makes him practically itch to know what’s on the other side of the door. For a moment his first year encountering three-headed Fluffy flashes before his eyes and he chuckles at the thought. Turning around so as to get into a more comfortable position, he opts to lean against the door as he tries to figure out how he plans to get into the room. He is a bit reluctant to try a simple Alohamora since he’s unsure about what it could do in the long run; short-circuit the door? That would be a bad idea if he decided he didn’t like what was on the other side and had unintentionally set it loose to boot.


Whilst he’s pondering this, about two floors above and to the right happens to be Professor Xavier’s office. At the time, Charles was enjoying one of the few quiet times he had to himself. He had taken to wandering along the minds in the Mansion and seeing how everyone was doing. He knew for a fact that there would be some troublemakers underground today and, peeking in, he was pleasantly surprised to find that their resident guest was lurking just outside. It seemed that Harry himself was quite the curious individual if his actions at the time were anything to go by. Smiling fondly to himself, Xavier thought there was no harm in indulging the boy’s curiosity as he gave a tug with his mind and mentally unlocked the door.


Back with Harry, he was surprised when the door he was leaning on disappeared and, with a loud yelp, fell straight onto his back. He also noticed that at the moment the door had disappeared from behind him, there was quite a lot of noise that had come out from behind him; mostly the sound of chatter and impact noises. Now, however, as he lay stunned on his back, he vaguely registered that the noise had abruptly stopped, before the sound of whispers soon took its place. Groaning, Harry hefted himself off the ground with his hands and turned, patting his hands absentmindedly on his pants. He came face-to-face with a group of teenagers – clearly students – who were laughing at his expense and a smirking ‘Professor’ Logan.


                “Did ya get lost, kid?” Logan said, eyeing Harry in amusement. Harry flushed in slight embarrassment to Logan’s haughty tone and he scowled. He stood up straighter and brushed non-existent dust off his jeans indignantly.


                “No, I—” he frowned, thinking back to how the door had seemed to have opened itself just before. “I’m.. not sure, really,” he continued, turning to gaze quizzically at the now-shut door. “I was just outside, and I heard some noise coming from this room,” he recalled, gesturing with his hands, “I couldn’t really get the door to open and I was leaning against it wondering how I’d get in and it just.. opened.” Logan grumbled something under his breath.


                “Must be Chuck’s doing,” he said in his naturally gruff voice, “Nosy old coot. Well, if he let you in here then there’s really no point in telling you to leave.” Harry raised a brow at Logan’s easy dismissal of his presence. It soon became clear that Logan was going to say no more when he turned to bark at his students to ‘get back to it’.


                “Uh…” Harry stood around awkwardly. “So, this is your class?” Logan turned back to face him and gave a sharp nod in response. “Huh. What—” his eyes scanned the students getting into what seemed to be some sort of formation. “What class is this, exactly?” Logan snorted, smirking once more – Harry was beginning to think it was a trademark expression of his; and it eerily reminded him of the smirks Draco Malfoy used to smugly direct to him at school.


                “Defence, obviously,” Logan stated. Harry’s brows shot up as his suspicions were confirmed just as he heard the sounds of the fighting begin. He was distracted when he caught sigh of Logan waving him over to a spot against a wall that would ensure that they were out of the way, but still able to keep an eye of everything happening in the room. Once settled, Harry allowed himself to let out some laughter at the déjà vu of the situation. Logan raised his brows – probably questioning Harry’s sanity at the moment.


Harry merely waved his hand in dismissal; “sorry, just experiencing some déjà vu,” he said. Logan frowned; seeing kids sparring in a room gave him déjà vu? he thought to himself. “What is this place?” Harry said almost reverently once he had calmed down. Logan huffed, turning his attention back on the runts he was supposedly keeping an eye on and making sure they were playing it relatively safe.


                “It’s the Danger Room,” he said simply.


                “Danger Room?” Harry echoed, a little confusion colouring his voice.


                “That’s the name of this place,” Logan nodded. “It’s built specifically as a place where we are allowed to train with our powers without having to worry about damaging the place.” Rapping his knuckles on the space of wall between them for added effect, he continued; “it’s supposed to be able to withstand quite a lot.” Harry hummed, tracing his own fingers on the wall; maybe he’d offer to cast some unbreakable charms on the room some other time, he thought idly. “So,” Logan’s voice snapped his attention back to the present, “now you know my job. What’s yours?” Harry shot him a mock-incredulous look.


                “Hey, I figured that out on my own!” he argued. Logan merely shrugged and gave him a pointed look which caused Harry to sigh. “You know, the Professor already guessed the most vital parts about me there is to know.” Logan’s shoulders raised and dropped – not really caring. “How long have you known the Professor?” Harry asked suddenly. Logan turned his head to the side and raised a brow.


                “You’re dodging the question,” Logan commented in a tone that made Harry give him a light shove.


                “I’m not, jeez. My answer will depend on how you answer,” Harry met his gaze stubbornly head-on and waited. Logan finally conceded after a while, with a roll of his eyes.


                “Not long. A few years maybe,” he answered. “What does it have to do with anything?” Harry didn’t grace him with an answer as he thought to himself.


                “But, aside from those that had been under him for decades even, like Hank, he seems to trust you just as much,” Harry noted. Logan shrugged, again. Harry was beginning to think Logan either had a really small vocabulary or he was just always that unsociable and uncooperative.


                “Don’t ask me. I’ve always thought Wheels had an odd way of thinkin’” he said. Harry frowned, his eyes dropping down, unseeing, as he thought of how he’d answer Logan’s question.


                “Well if the Professor trusts you that much, I guess it shouldn’t hurt too much to say anything…” Harry muttered more to himself than to Logan. “He’s probably got you reporting everything I say to him anyway,” he laughed. Logan let out his own version of laughter and nodded, the corners of his lips twitching up.


                “It’s probably ‘cause I have the more of a ‘life story’ to exchange that most,” Logan commented as an afterthought. Even if he didn’t really remember anything, both he and the Professor could probably make rather accurate guesses anyway. Out of the corner of his eye, Logan saw that Harry had turned to face him with a quizzical expression on his face; likely wondering what he had meant. Logan waited, knowing that now Harry would have no choice but to address his question. Or he could ignore it completely, but that didn’t seem like something a person like him would do.


                “I was…” Harry tried to start, but then he promptly clicked his tongue in irritation. Being in the war didn’t make him a war veteran or something did it? he thought, whatever. “Well the first proper job I got was... as a sort of… government agent?” he ended on with an upturned lilt in his voice, not really sure how to word it. A single of Logan’s brows went up in interest, but he said nothing and merely waiting for Harry to continue. “I was also offered a part-time job as a defence teacher.” Now another brow joined the first one. “It was in the school I attended. I think it started off as a joke really,” Harry chuckled. “for me to take the post.” Seeing Logan’s furrowed brows, he elaborated; “it doesn’t exactly have a very good track record with its teachers. But really I only go every now and then as a part-time thing.” Logan grunted in acknowledgement. “Uh, that’s it. Anything else?” Harry asked a little cheekily, wanting to see how far Logan would go to gather information.


                “So you’re an agent, huh?” Logan noted in a slow drawl, “’s that how you know that SHIELD guy?” Harry frowned for a moment as he forgot what SHIELD was for a moment, until he remembered Phil.


                “Oh! No. Yes, wait – I uh…” Harry had up a finger, his eyes comically going diagonally upwards as if an ingenious plot just struck him. Calming his thoughts and sorting them methodically, he slowly answered what he could, step by step. “Maybe,” he said first. “Truthfully I don’t know. But I would think that my colleagues were the ones who contacted whoever Mr Coulson works for, yes.” He nodded, seemingly accepting his own answer. “But no, I don’t know SHIELD because of my job. That would be… another department.” Harry was aware that sounded rather shifty and lame at the same time; if that was even possible. Then, going over Logan’s question in his mind once again to make sure he missed out anything, he continued once again. “And I was an agent. I… retired. A long time ago.” This raised Logan’s suspicions.


                “A long time ago?” he repeated. Harry looked at him, confused, not sure what he didn’t understand about that statement. It took him a moment to recall the fact that he looked barely twenty years old, and for all purposes, everyone here thought he was twenty-something years old too. Well; bugger, he thought, sighing internally.


                “No, I mean, it seems like a long time ago, that’s it.” What a lousy excuse. He was getting out of practice. This was a statement clearly testified by the expression on Logan’s face that told him he didn’t buy any of that. Harry ran his hands across his face, rubbing his eyes. “Look, this is really – ugh, just… ask Professor Xavier will you? If he tells you, this’ll be so much easier,” he practically whined. Logan chuckled.


                “Does that mean you don’t care if he tells me?” Logan was fully aware that Charles was a very upstanding gentleman. He wasn’t the type to spill anyone’s secrets, even if they weren’t particularly important to him. He watched speculatively as Harry thought for a moment before answering him.


                “Well, for one; I trust him. And if he thinks you’re someone I can trust with the information then… I’ll respect that.” Logan was impressed; his view of Harry went up with the almost philosophical words that had left his mouth.


                “Fair enough. Then if he tells me, you’ll have no qualms with exchanging more information about yourself?” Logan asked. “Unedited, of course,” he added as an afterthought. Harry smiled, although it struck Logan that there was a dullness in his eyes that tainted the expression in a sorrowful way.


                “No,” Harry admitted, “rather, it would make things so much more easier really. I –” Harry stopped mid-sentence when a muffled thud sound was heard right in front of them and they both turned to see Kurt emerge, the smoke that followed his teleportation already dissipating. “Kurt?” Kurt nodded at them both in acknowledgement.


                “Harry,” he said in an accent that Harry had recently grown to enjoy hearing. “The Professor told me to bring you to his office.” Harry was about to ask what for but Kurt answered before he could. “He said that…” Kurt’s brow creased, clearly confused about the message himself; “that your guest is here?” Harry was immediately reminded of Xavier telling him some days ago that Phil had intended to visit with some ‘guest’. This was probably it. Without a word, Harry nodded to show Kurt that he understood the message and pushed off the wall towards Kurt.


                “Hey!” Logan’s voice cut through Harry and he jerked his head around to look at Logan pulling out a cigar – where the hell did that come from? – and casually placing it in his mouth in what seemed to be quite a normal gesture. “Make sure you don’t split after, bub. I’ll be comin’ to see you and the Prof later.” Harry’s mouth opened the tiniest bit as he realized what Logan meant. He was going to confront Xavier about Harry later. He looked into Logan’s eyes which were clearly conveying that if he wanted to withdraw the offer to have Xavier explain what he was to Logan, now was the chance. Pursing his lips, Harry decided he wasn’t backing out. Logan was one of the few adults he hadn’t really gotten all that close to since he came, but something about the man gave Harry the feeling that for all that macho bravado, he was a protector.


                “Alright,” he said firmly. At the look in Logan’s eyes, seemingly impressed, he smiled. Without further ado, he nodded once more to Kurt who extended an arm. They gripped each other with one arm and Harry, still a little wary of the possibility of being splinched – even though this wasn’t apparition – wrapped the other around Kurt in case. With some effort, they disappeared.


Having returned his attention back to his ‘class’, Logan was slowly exhaling the smoke from his cigar. He frowned at the slight annoyance that had hit him when Harry had seemed to tightly embrace Kurt as they prepared to teleport. Clicking his tongue, he goes off to vent his irritation on the poor unfortunate students.




Harry and Kurt appeared in the middle of the Professor’s office, and Harry promptly let go of Kurt, waving his arms to  clear away the smoke blocking his vision. He heard Kurt mutter something to the Professor who gave his consent to leave and Kurt uttered a fond goodbye at Harry before teleporting off to who-knows-where.


                “Harry. Good to see you’re doing well,” Coulson’s steady voice was instantly recognizable and Harry spun, grin on his face already. His trained eyes flickered once to Coulson’s side to hastily size up the man standing next to Coulson as he strode up to Coulson and they clutched hands in a firm handshake.


                “You too Mr Coulson!” Harry said brightly, his attitude softening Coulson’s gaze fondly. Coulson waved a hand dismissively.


                “Please, you can call me Phil.”


                “Phillip here has brought someone with him who would like to see you, Harry,” the Professor’s voice came from the side. Harry turned once to him to nod in acknowledgement and then turned his attention to the new man. Said man took his cue and stepped forward, extending an arm.


                “William Mark Andrews, Mr Potter,” the man introduced himself politely. “It’s an honour.”


                “The pleasure’s all mine, Mr Andrews,” Harry clasp his hand formally, catching on from William’s added statement that he was fully aware who and what Harry was; meaning that he was a fellow wizard himself. He also found names like William very intriguing – completely interchangeable. “To what do I owe the pleasure?”


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