Visiting the Anomalies of America

Harry Potter x X-Men (Crossover Fanfiction).

After farewelling the last of his friends, Harry decides to take some time off Britain and travel the world - search for a new purpose. He starts off in America and is soon bored. Being known internationally for all its "abnormalities", Harry decides to seek them out, hoping to make some new friends. Immortal Master of Death AU; Slash


6. Chapter 5

Harry nodded to Warren to standby in flight, which he did, beating his wings softly in preparation. He tossed the snitch lightly into the air softly allowing it to hover where it was for a moment – before shooting off. His sharp eyes, not dulled by the years thanks to keeping himself occupied with the snitch himself often, kept a steady look out at the snitch. From the corner of his gaze he could see that Warren had already lost the snitch; obviously underestimating its speed. The other students too were furiously whipping their heads back and forth, searching for a sign of the golden ball. Rogue seemed to be smart enough to catch on from Harry’s intent gaze, following it.


                “Warren!” she exclaimed, claiming his attention and he followed the direction her outstretched arm was pointing at, to see the snitch hovering almost tauntingly before zooming off again. Serious this time, he struggled to keep an eye on it, but managed and beat his wings harder. Not a moment later, he was off and after the snitch. The others were cheering him on and occasionally pointing out the snitch’s position whenever he had lost track of it.


Harry looked over his shoulder when he heard Xavier’s warm laugh at the children’s fun. They exchanged warmed smiles until the Professor picked up the approach of others from his alert mind. He wheeled himself around and Harry turned his gaze to follow, turning his body slowly. They watched as Logan and a strikingly tanned lady with contrasting white hair coming toward them.


Logan had on his usual put-out expression as the trudged along, whilst the woman emanated a friendly feeling. Both they gazes were enraptured by the scene before them in interest. As they came up, both greeted the Professor in their own way. Logan then began muttering something to the Professor that, judging by their expressions, was rather mundane things.


                “You must be the Harry I’ve been hearing about,” the soft voice of the woman catching Harry’s attention and he turned, eyes flicking upwards to meet the warm gaze of the unfamiliar woman before him. She was smiling at him softly which he returned; instantly liking this woman for no reason whatsoever. He chuckled at her comment and extended his hand to her politely.


                “Well, hopefully nothing too bad,” he commented lightly as she shook his hand. “Harry Potter.”


                “Ororo Munroe,” she returned in jest.


                “You’re a professor here too?” Harry motioned to the Professor and Logan. Ororo nodded. “Brilliant, maybe I’ll sit in on one of your classes someday eh?” She smiled brilliantly.


                “Of course, you’ll always be welcome anytime.”


                “Harry!” they were interrupted by Warren’s voice. Both turned to see him touching down lightly, a triumphant grin spread on his face as he held out the snitch grasped in his hand proudly.


Harry turned to nod at Ororo before making his way over to Warren, Ororo following behind him curiously. Warren handed over the golden ball to Harry carefully – as if wary that it might slip out and dash off again.


                “That ball is freaking fast dude!” Warren commented. “Is it okay if I borrow it sometime to train with?” Harry nodded obligingly.


                “Sure, Warren. It’s a good idea, I’m sure it’ll help to get you used to fast speeds and improving your reaction time,” Harry noted. Warren beamed at him happily and then his eyes flicked to Ororo’s form beside Harry.


                “Hey Professor, you gonna show Harry what you can do too?” Ororo laughed at the straightforward question as the other children reached them and all began muttering their agreements towards that.


                “Well I don’t know…” Ororo said slowly, touching a finger to her lips in a mock-thoughtful pose, taunting the kids. “Should I?” They all exclaimed positive answers practically immediately which caused her to laugh again. She turned to Harry, her gaze questioning. He caught her look and shrugged noncommittally.


                “It’s completely up to you really,” he commented in passing, waving his hand dismissively. He didn’t want for everyone to think they had an obligation to show him their abilities. Ororo seemed to catch on to his intent and smiled at his consideration.


                “Well, it’s a bit dangerous, so I’ll have to keep it a little low-key for now,” she said, taking a step back and raising her arms beside her. She tilted her head upwards as her gaze grew distant and her eyes were clouded over in white. Harry watched with raised brows, impressed, as her body began to levitate off the ground. Then, the wind around them picked up and began to swirl around them.


Harry held out a palm, fingers splayed apart, as resistance to the wind and watched in awe as the force of the wind increased until it was almost pushing them over. Leaves were picked up by the current and Harry wondered idly if Ororo was able to control the wind precisely enough to be lethal – able to cut into skin easily. He shuddered at the involuntary thought; definitely did not want to be the one to find out if that was true.


Too soon though, it was over. Ororo was lowered and the win died down. Her fluttering clothing stilled and her eyes returned to clarity. Harry immediately approached her with an impressed expression adorning his features.


                “Wow, that was just… amazing,” Harry gushed, to his embarrassment and the amusement of the others. “Wow,” he breathed out again, admitting; “I really.. have no idea what to do with that.” He ran his fingers through his unruly black locks and scratched his head in thought, absentmindedly chewing on his lower lip. “Um..” The adults were watching him patiently whereas the students not so much. He flopped down onto the soft ground, hands trailing through his hair as he hummed in thought. Nearly a full minute passed before he flicked a sheepish green gaze at Ororo. “IOU?” he whispered shyly.


                “Don’t worry,” Ororo laughed. “But now that you’ve extended it, don’t think I’ll let you go without something spectacular in return,” she added, a twinkle in her eye which he noticed with somewhat dread for things to come. She nodded to him before excusing herself to speak with the Professor. Rogue and the others took that chance to come up to him again.


                “Harry, you should explain to us that game you were talking about,” she said, to the nodding of the others.


                “Yeah, the ball looks really interesting, and I’m already pretty interested in it,” Warren pitched in, nodding to the snitch that Harry had still unconsciously clutched in his hand. Harry hesitated.


                “Come on Harry, maybe we could play sometime, yeah?” Bobby nudged him, taking a seat next to him. Harry gave the ground a tight smile.


                “That would be kind of difficult…” he trailed off, eyes taking in the garden they were in and the various other mutant students that were lingering about around the grounds; playing, talking, enjoying themselves. “Then again, maybe it could be possible,” he added, thinking about their unique abilities. He could modify the sport to be played by the mutants if they had abilities that would enable them too. Harry let out a laugh when the thought of a few using their gifts to cheat passed his mind. “Alright, take a seat,” he said obligingly, beckoning with his hand for the teens to sit in a makeshift circle. Once seated, he grabbed a makeshift twig to motion with.


                “So this is basically what a Quidditch pitch looks like,” he began, scratching in a rectangular in the dirt, filling it with simple lines and circles for the hoops. “There are two teams, and each team has 7 players; 3 Chasers, 2 Beaters, 1 Keeper and a Seeker.” Harry glanced around the circle to watch the others. At his silence, they all looked up at him and nodded, showing that they were following.


                “There are 3 kinds of balls used; first, there’s the Quaffle. The Chasers handle the Quaffle, and try to put it through one of the 3 hoops on the opposing team’s side.” Once again watching for confirmation, he nodded at Kitty who had raised a hand.


                “What are the rules for passing the Quaffle and getting it in the goals?” she asked.


                “It’s passed by hand only – tossed between players. Opposing Chasers can snatch the Quaffle out from the air, but they aren’t allowed to directly take it from another player. To get it scored, they throw the Quaffle through one of the three hoops. Each score is worth 10 points. The hoops are placed vertically,” he motioned with his hands to show how the ball would pass through it and not thrown in like most Muggle sports.


                “What happens if you kick the ball or bounce it?” asked Pyro who was studying the drawn pitch. Harry’s eyes drifted to the side in thought. Obviously I can’t say that we use brooms to play, he thought.


                “Well…” he began slowly, “it doesn’t usually happen. But I guess you’re not allowed to touch the ball with your feet – no head butts either,” he added after a second-thought. “About the bouncing… well, just try to keep it off the ground, yeah?” At no other questions, he resumed his explanation.


                “The keeper, defends the hoops,” he shrugged simply; it was pretty self-explanatory in itself.


                “Only one?” Warren asked. Harry nodded.


                “Yes, and if they’re out then your team is basically left unguarded,” Harry said, thinking back to his first ever Quidditch game – where Slytherin’s captain, Marcus Flint, had hit a Bludger at Oliver, knocking him out. He noticed the others frowning at his last statement – that was hardly fair.


                “What do you mean ‘if they’re out’?” Rogue quoted him, confused. “Why would they be out?” She figured that the player got sent out for bad sportsmanship conduct or something. Harry smirked.


                “Well, we’ll get to that later,” he waved it off to the annoyance of the others. “Anyway, the next ball is called a Bludger – they’re nasty ones. The Beaters, are equipped with a sort of bat,” he used his hands to help them visualize its size and shape. “It’s used to hit the Bludger. The Bludger’s usually out to attack the other players so it’s the Beater’s job to negate its path to somewhere where it won’t cause any damage; unless to the other team of course,” he put in mischievously.


                “Wait..” Bobby cut in, really confused now; “so the Beaters… are supposed to hit the Bludger at other players?” At Bobby’s summary, Harry caught Pyro smirking rather evilly by his side. He raised a brow at that – already fearing that he had quite the troublemaker in this group. But leaving that matter aside to another time for now, Harry cocked his head to the side thoughtfully and contemplated how to successfully evade Bobby’s question without revealing too much and yet still making sense. With a shrug, he replied.


                “Basically, yeah, you could put it that way. Any injuries caused by the Bludger is allowed, and if the player injured is no longer able to continue playing, then he or she is off the field for the remaining duration of the game.” Harry was thoroughly amused by the sight of the girls giving him very incredulous looks – no doubt at the fact that this faux game he was weaving encouraged injuring other players. “It also doesn’t matter where the Bludger goes, even if it hits the ground, as long as you only strike it with the Beater’s bat.”


                “What about if another player, say a Chaser, were to take the bat off a Beater and take a swing at the Bludger?” Warren asked. Harry nodded, his memory already flashing back to the memory before once again.


                “Well to be honest, I’m not too entirely sure myself. But I’ve seen it happen before, so I’d say it’s allowed; although I wouldn’t encourage it though.” The others nodded in agreement – the game was confusing enough already. If everyone were to just play every player's job, then there’d be chaos and probably wouldn’t be as much fun either. “Any other questions?” Harry watched the students shake their heads, albeit a little hesitantly. “Well, no worries, if you ever get to it, you can always ask me about any questions that arise then.”


                “Alright, last and definitely not the least is the Seeker. Now, the only thing the Seeker has to worry about is… this,” he held up the snitch, everyone’s eyes immediately drawn to the ball glittering softly under the sunlight.

“This, is a snitch.” Harry held back a chuckle at the various expressions in response to the odd name of the ball presented to them. “All a Seeker has to do is catch it. Before the other team seeker,” he said simply. His lips quirked at the furrowing of brows all around.


                “And..?” Pyro prompted.


                “That’s it.” Harry replied, grinning at them which only served to confuse them even further.


                “That’s it?” Rogue echoed. Harry gave a chuckle and decided to be a little bit more cooperative.


                “Once the snitch is caught, the game is over,” he clarified, “It’s the decider.” He saw some people who accepted his explanation, whilst the others’ confusion only increased.


                “Wait, if that’s the ‘decider’,” Warren said slowly, “then what’s the whole point of the other player’s efforts?” Harry smirked; smart boy.


                “Catching the snitch usually guarantees a sure-fire win,” he nodded, “because it is worth 150 points and also ends the game.”


                “So…” Kitty surmised what she’d put together so far, “if by the time the snitch is caught, but the opposing team’s score still remains higher than that of the team that caught the snitch, then the team with the highest score wins?” Harry beamed almost proudly.


                “Precisely!” he gave her an approving nod which caused Kitty to smile shyly at his enthusiastic praise, “however in most cases, the snitch is caught before something of that nature can occur, thus catching the snitch being thought as the ‘decider’.”


                “Kind of unfair though, don’t you think?” Bobby frowned, “it’s kind of like how teachers give a quiz and make the last question worth enough points that almost anybody could beat the person currently winning.” Giving it a thought, everyone nodded, seeing the relation and some – Harry suspected as those who actually bothered to study – grumbled about its unfairness. Shrugging, Rogue turned to Harry when a question popped into her mind.


                “Did you play Quidditch, Harry?” She asked curiously. Harry opened his mouth to reply, but was cut off by Warren.


                “You were a Seeker, weren’t you,” quite surprised, Harry turned to Warren.


                “Well; yes. How’d you guess?”


                “Not hard, really,” Warren shrugged modestly, “probably the biggest give-away was that you have a snitch as a keep-sake.”


                “Hey, I’ll have you know,” Harry countered, teasingly indignant, “I have a fully functional Quidditch set somewhere in my trunk.” Warren shot him an unimpressed look, although withholding a chuckle. The others were shooting each other not-so-discrete glances, probably trying to formulate a way in which they could get their hands on said Quidditch set.


                “Not just that, but thinking back to when I showed you my… wings,” Warren continued, “you had that look, in your eyes.” Harry raised a brow.


                “That look,” he repeated in a monotonous voice. Warren rolled his eyes.


                “Not that I’ve seen it anywhere else before… but I imagine that’s what I probably look like, before…” he trailed off, eyes dropping down and gaze distant. Harry studied him for a moment.


                “Before you came here,” Harry finished for him. Warren nodded.


                “I was never really comfortable with my ability, per say, but I’d always wondered what it’d be like, you know? To just…” he cast his eyes longingly upwards. Harry smiled.


                “Take off. I know what you mean,” he nodded again. “Well, now you’re here. You should enjoy what you have,” Harry smiled warmly at him and a look of surprise flitted across Warren’s face, before being replaced by an open grin. They continued to chat between one another, the others also having drifted off into their own conversations. Then, Rogue’s eyes caught something happen behind Harry. With a sudden puff of dark blue smoke, a figure in blue appeared, crouched a little, eyes darting back and forth before landing on the Professor and striding up to him with purpose.


                “Hey look, it’s Kurt!” she mentioned to Kitty beside her. They both called out to him and he turned at their voices. The others, Harry included, turned too to see what the girls were waving at. With an almost bashfully shy smile, Kurt meekly raised a blue arm to wave back briefly before nodding to excuse himself and returning back to his task of approaching the Professor.


                “Oh, who’s that?” Harry asked lightly. Everyone glanced at him, searching his face almost instinctively. For most mutants, many humans wouldn’t even act differently towards them unless they revealed what they were. Even then, they were immediately cast out. For someone like Kurt who already looked completely unlike a human, there was no comfort in hiding behind denial. He was mutant in pure form and often, that would cause it to invoke the true feelings of an individual towards mutants. It was quite upsetting to say that even some mutants themselves have been known to have shown slight disgust at first seeing Kurt. Those who had experienced the discrimination of mutants first-hand and the hardest, like Rogue and the others, were not so quick to judge.


Everyone’s opinion of Harry, already rather high thanks to his carefree attitude and overall friendliness towards others, undeniably shot up when they took in the honest curiosity on his face. Pure curiosity, even with a dash of interest and a possible hint of surprise, were the only things found on Harry’s face. Rogue and Kitty both broke out in huge smiles, both turning to each other and having a silent conversation immediately. At their staring, Harry’s face morphed into confusion, slight panic and worry.


                “What? What’s wrong?” he asked, quickly becoming flustered. This caused the group to break out in laughter at his expense, which only confused him further. “Is there something on me?” Bobby shook his head.


                “No, no. Just.. just some stupid stuff between us is all,” he waved Harry’s concerns away. Harry pursed his lips, a little skeptical. Rogue and Kitty, had already overcome their own bout of giggles and were watching Kurt with rather intent eyes. As soon as he seemed to have finished his business with the Professor and looked ready to disappear once again, Kitty raised an arm.


                “Kurt! Hey Kurt! Over here!” she called out, waving her hands maniacally, Rogue doing the same beside her. The man turned, surprised once again, his features unsure. However, since the girl’s persistent calling didn’t seem to be letting up anytime soon, he decided to make his way over. Approaching, he bowed his head respectfully towards the group of students.


                “Yes?” he asked, eyes on the girls. His voice was slightly husky and held quite an accent that Harry couldn’t place in hearing just the brief word.


                “Have you met Harry?” Rogue asked, immediately shooting out an arm to point at Harry. Kurt blinked, then followed the length of the arm to rest on the unknown man in their group. At his gaze, the man’s eyes flicked up to meet him and smiled. He felt an odd warmth in his chest at the smile, something similar to what he had experienced when he had first spoke with Ororo – an openness that didn’t judge him at all.


                “Ah.. no,” he said in a soft-spoken voice. “Nice to meet you, my name is Kurt Wagner,” he bowed at the man whose lips quirked in an amused smile. It was quite an awkward meeting, considering Harry was still sitting on the ground and Kurt was standing over them. So, Harry brushed off his pants and heaved himself up.


                “Pleasure to meet you,” he extended a hand to Kurt, “Harry Potter.” Kurt stared at the open palm for a moment before remembering his manners and quickly grasped it, shaking fervently. Harry beamed at him, and Kurt smiled shyly in return. They were interrupted, however, by a familiar voice.


                “Excuse me gentlemen,” they turned to see the Professor and Ororo beside them. “I see you’ve made an acquaintance with one another,” he added approvingly, eyeing their still clasped hands. Harry nodded whilst Kurt pulled away as if slightly embarrassed. Harry noted that the Professor seemed to eye Kurt in a way that seemed like he was happy with his open interaction with others. Harry made a small mental note to get to know Kurt a little more at that; maybe get him out more too.


“Anyway, I will have to excuse myself for now, Harry,” Xavier continued, “Kurt here has just informed me of the return of another colleague of mine and a… stowaway of sorts. So, I will have to leave you in the care of my students,” he gave the group a pointed look that told them to behave, “whilst I meet with them. Kurt, you may stay with Harry and the others.” Without another word, they went off on their way. Harry turned back to Kurt and opened his mouth to say something, but movement in the corner of his eye caught his attention and his frozen state made him seem like he was gaping as he stared at Kurt’s swishing blue tail.


                “Oh, I’m sorry,” Kurt apologized automatically, pulling the tail back behind him and out of Harry’s sight. Immediately, Harry’s eyes shot back up to meet his and Kurt was confused at the almost pleading puppy-dog eyes that stared at him. If he knew any better, he would have compared them to those of a child who was dragged away from something he had found amusing.


                “No, I uh–,” Harry stumbled around his words. When he had caught sight of the odd tail, he had felt an inexplicably childish urge to catch and study it. His hands clenched at his sides in an effort to keep still. “Sorry, I just- that’s wicked,” he breathed, having given up on making an appropriate excuse to appease the man.


                “Excuse me?” Kurt almost squeaked out, incredulous.


                “Your tail. It’s bloody brilliant,” Harry said, hardly even paying attention, his body swaying to the side as if to try and get a peek of it again, “can you fully control it?” Frowning at Harry’s straining to the side, Kurt hesitantly swished his tail back into the his line of vision and gave a small smile of amusement when Harry’s eyes immediately lit up, brows raising up and lips splitting into a grin – an almost childish expression of glee.


                “Uh, yes. I can uh—use it to balance mainly,” he said, doubting Harry was really even listening to him, “and fight, sometimes,” he added in a whisper. Harry’s head whipped back to look at him, surprising Kurt that he had paid attention.


                “Really?” he asked, “brilliant,” a breathy word of praise that had Kurt smiling a little wider. Finally reigning himself in and pulling it together, Harry tore his gaze away from the odd appendage and gave Kurt a once-over. “Is that your mutation then?” he asked simply, as if asking the weather, “your tail and your skin?” His fingers gave another little twitch and sighing, he decided to go for it; hoping he wasn’t coming off as too forward. “May I?” he extended an arm towards the other. Confused at what Harry was asking for, Harry made another beckoning action and he extended his arm to Harry who grasped it firmly and took a step closer, examining his skin like it held precious secrets.


                “No, I—”


                “Oh, right, you said you could fight, didn’t you?” Harry cut in, eyes still intently studying the blue arm in his hands, fingers tickling Kurt as it traced the strange markings on it. “I’m guessing hand-to-hand?”


                “Yes,” Kurt nodded, “but my main ability is neither to fight nor my appearance.” This had Harry looking up in interest.


                “Really?” he said, “you’ve been holding back on me, have you?” Harry teased lightly. “Well, is it okay if you show me?” The brightness in Harry’s eyes, shining with excitement and also the overall positive vibe he was giving off spurred Kurt to do so much more easily than usual. With a small, unsure, quirk of his lips, he disappeared in a puff of dark smoke. Harry’s mouth literally popped open and he jumped when he was tapped on the shoulder and spun around to see Kurt smiling sheepishly behind him, waving.


                “Holy shit!” he swore, then quickly covered his mouth shyly at the uncharacteristic swearing. “Can you go anywhere?” he asked the first thing that popped into his mind. He was thinking of a wizard’s apparition. It needed the user to know the destination and have physically seen it themselves to be able to apparate there, which was a limitation. He wondered if maybe Kurt only needed to have a vague idea of where he wanted to go to be able to do it. “Do you..” he was about to ask if Kurt could use it in fights, but he thought it wasn’t a wise conversation to have so easily, so left it aside for now, shaking his head.


                “Only places I know,” Kurt answered, seeing Harry’s shoulders drop with a bewildered expression. “Is there something wrong?” Harry shook his head.


                “No no,” he laughed, “just a thought.”


                “Harry,” Bobby’s voice cut into the conversation. They’d both almost forgotten all about the group beside them. Harry looked at Bobby to continue expectantly. “It’s your turn,” Bobby said, with a raise of his brow. “Don’t even try to evade this just because Kurt doesn’t know the rules.” Kurt looked between the two, confusion blooming on his face as he silently watched for an explanation. Rogue beckoned for him to sit beside her, which he slowly did, and she leaned over to explain the situation to him. Harry sighed.


                “Don’t get your knickers in a twist,” Harry sneered back playfully, “I’m getting there.” Shaking his head despite the smile on his lips, Harry waited until Kurt and Rogue had finished whatever they were up to before shooting the group a smirk – fully expecting the reactions to come. Then, his body broke down and disappeared in a burst of white smoke, before the almost figure-like smoke shot towards the group; eliciting shouts of surprise. He weaved between the figures seated on the ground skillfully before returning to his original spot and the smoke gave way to reveal Harry’s form once more. Waving away the quickly dissipating smoke, Harry burst into laughter at the gaping face before him.


Flying, was a slightly different form of apparition. Harry hadn’t even known it’d existed until his fifth year and had saw the feat executed in the Ministry of Magic’s Department of Mysteries. He had been completely befuddled by it and had asked Professor Lupin awkwardly about it sometime later, after he’d calm down from… Sirius’ death. Lupin had explained the deviation of apparition that had been cleverly developed by, who else, Albus Dumbledore in an effort to be able to get to a location without immediately teleporting, but still at an immense speed, and also being fully in control at the same time. It was ingenious really. Although it was however, one of the things Snape had had to pass knowledge of to Voldemort to appease his questioning of Snape’s loyalty. After all, if Snape was supposedly Voldemort’s spy in the Order, how would he not know of the art?


After the war, however, many of his mentors and original members of the Order of the Phoenix had passed on, Harry hadn’t had any way to learn the skill. It was quite funny how in the end he had learnt it from his own portrait of Dumbledore some time later. He didn’t think the shadows of the person the portrait was would be able to do something as in-depth such as that. It was the portrait hung in Hogwarts that had first let him know that he, in fact, could do so, and Harry later used his own personal portrait of the man to learn the skill.


                “What the hell?” His thought process was interrupted by Pyro’s unbelieving outburst. It only served to bring back the others and soon Harry was flooded with various exclamations. He listened and sorted them out accordingly and patiently.


                “No way.” Kitty. A squeak from Rogue, no words uttered.


                “Incredible,” a breathy note from the ever polite Warren.


                “Holy shit,” articulate enough from Bobby. However, Harry was only concerned with one reaction. Turning, Harry watched Kurt’s frozen frame expectantly. Slowly coming back to himself, Kurt’s eyes looked into Harry’s.


                “That was… amazing,” he said reverently. Harry broke out into a huge grin and he gave into shuffling a bit at the amount of praise that came after.




                “Harry,” Xavier calls out to the man returning to his room after an uneventful dinner. Harry turns around at the sound of his name and nods at him respectfully, halting in his movements and waiting as the Professor comes to him. “Yes?” he asks.


                “You remember what I asked you about earlier today,” the Professor said in a slow tone, Harry chewed on the inside of his lips as he thought back.


                “You mean…” he tried to remember what the Professor was most likely to be referring to. As he double-checked the conversation between them, he had a feeling that the Professor wasn’t talking about the first few questions they had exchanged, such as the one asking if Harry was interested in attending the academy; more of the side-question he had asked whilst awaiting for Rogue and the others to come up to them. “You mean when you asked whether I would confirm the validity of any assumptions you make about me?” Xavier nodded, impressed that Harry had picked the exact question he had in mind.


                “Yes, I would like to know if that extends to assumptions that you may be hesitant about revealing,” Xavier asked, his tone treading carefully and meaning well. Harry frowned.


                “Oh,” he said lamely, “well I…” truth be told, he wasn’t really sure himself really. He turned to study the man beside him and decided to go with his instincts. “Truthfully I don’t really know myself. But I think after all you’ve done and also the fact that Mr Coulson had trusted you enough to allow me to stay here… I wouldn’t mind sharing some details with you. However, if they’re much more personal then I would have to ask you to keep it between us.” He doubted the Professor would really ever be able to find out the really personal details about him on his own though.


                “That isn’t a problem Harry,” the Professor nodded in agreement, “of course, depending on the information, I would probably choose to withhold some of my assumptions to myself regardless. There are after all, many things that I know about the people who reside in this building who even my other Professors are unaware of. Do not worry, if I deem it personal enough to me, I will not share it with anyone unless given your express permission or you reveal it yourself of your own free will.” Harry smiled in return, thankful at the Professor’s understanding for privacy.


                “Alright; I’m guessing you have something you want to guess at, then?” Harry said, lightening the mood. Xavier chuckled warmly.


                “Well, I guess I’ll jump straight to it then,” he said. At Harry’s nod, he looked Harry in the eye seriously before continuing. “Are you the Master of Death, Harry?” Harry blinked. Then blinked again, his expression going into blank shock and jaw dropping. His lips moved as he tried to say something, but didn’t make a sound. Finally coming back from the shock, Harry laughed softly.


                “Wow,” he breathed, “you really are good, aren’t you?” he chuckled when the Professor gave a nonchalant shrug in response. “Well, what makes you think that?”


                “Oh, a number of things really,” the Professor replied. “But before that, I have one more assumption to make.” Harry’s brows shot up.


                “Another one?” he asked incredulously.


                “Oh yes, are you ready for it? If you’d like I could ask another time,” the Professor smiled both kindly yet slightly teasing. Harry chuckled in resignation.


                “Alright then, let’s hear it.”


                “Are your powers…” Xavier stalled for a dramatic effect and also to watch as Harry began to fidget more and more in anticipation. “due to magic, Harry?” This time Harry’s jaw really did drop.


                “Blimey,” Harry chuckled out breathily, running a hand through his hair. “You win,” he laughed, “you definitely win.” Xavier too laughed with him. Harry turned a little more serious and turned to face Xavier, nodding, “yes, that’s right. I’m a wizard.” Xavier nodded thoughtfully, but didn’t seem to be very shocked. “How’d you figure it out?” Harry asked, really interested how his vague answers up to now still managed to give him away.


Xavier nodded and led them to his study which was not too far along. Inside, he closed the door and motioned for Harry to take a seat. Charles cleared his throat before he began explaining some of the clues that led him to firmly believe in his assumption. “Yesterday night you told the children a story about that necklace,” he pointed to the same one still resting on Harry’s chest, glinting dully. “And as you know, my mutant ability depends on my mind,” he said, tapping it lightly, “and after exercising and being able to control it, I also make full use of its other functions, such as memory. I took down a copy of the story you told to the children for future reference if need be.”


                “Now, aside from the story itself and its implications, I focused more on the characters themselves. If the story was that of one read to your people, I would imagine the characters to be as such as well. So, the most notable quotes that I read would be two main ones which were,” Xavier picked up a piece of paper and slid it over to Harry. Glancing at it, Harry realized it was a handwritten copy of the Tale of the Three Brothers. There were two small highlighted area. Charles continued after he looked up again, “these two: ‘waved their wands’, and ‘learned in the magical arts’. Now, those were hardly much to base assumptions on so I would have to gather some more information. Little were you aware how much a small gesture may seem in the big picture, the clue that made me sure of myself was in the picture you showed me this morning.”


                “If you recall, you showed me a photo of you and your old classmates at school,” Xavier watched as Harry nodded, recalling the picture taken of Dumbledore’s Army in his fifth year, “well, I happened to notice an oddity in it; and that was that most, if not all, of the students held in their hands, small pieces of wood.” Harry’s eyes began to widen in realization. He hadn’t even thought about it like that! Sure he was aware that the picture had shown them with their wands in hands, but he wasn’t aware the Professor would’ve made a connection between that and the tale from yesterday.


                “So as I said, I immediately remembered that line, ‘waved their wands’, and felt that for sure, that was exactly what they were; wands. After that it wasn’t hard to realize that the passage ‘learned in the magical arts’ was meant rather literally and could be translated to mean that you were indeed, learned in the magical arts.” Xavier sat back in his seat contentedly. Harry too leaned back and let out a breath, whistling slightly.


                “Incredible,” he said, shaking his head. “But hold on, Professor. If you already knew that I did magic, why did you ask me about the Master of Death title first?”


                “Ah, well you see Harry, if I were to jump the gun, per say, it would be quite the leap. However if I asked that question first and the answer was an affirmative, it would then seal the fact that you are, in fact, a user of magic, yes? Because if you reveal to me that you are the Master of Death, then that proves that the story is real. Which then leads me to understand, that the characters, who use magic, would be real; and that’s you.”


"Now anyway, I actually called you aside for a seperate matter actually," Xavier said before Harry could respond. "I am to inform you that Agent Coulson notified me today saying that he would be paying us a visit sometime soon. I'm not too entirely sure about it, but it seems that he said he will be bringing along someone who you would nee to see." Mind still reeling from processing all that had happened tonight, Harry merely nodded numbly, not too worried about whatever Coulson decided he needed to do. Excusing himself for the night, he retired to bed.

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