Visiting the Anomalies of America

Harry Potter x X-Men (Crossover Fanfiction).

After farewelling the last of his friends, Harry decides to take some time off Britain and travel the world - search for a new purpose. He starts off in America and is soon bored. Being known internationally for all its "abnormalities", Harry decides to seek them out, hoping to make some new friends. Immortal Master of Death AU; Slash


3. Chapter 2

“Wonderful, commented the Professor. Immediately, he began speaking to Jean and Scott, instructing them to have a room prepared for Harry. Agent Coulson was leaning over and asking him if he had any belongings he would want to collect or have delivered. Harry merely shook his head and gave both his pouch and his backpack a vague pat.


                “Wait, wait, wait,” cut in a gruff voice. Instantly, the chatter stopped and everyone turned to face Logan with varying questioning expressions. “Who is this kid, Chuck?” Harry didn’t bristle under the assumption of him being a child, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t a little surprised. After the war, he had helped to rebuild Britain’s magical community. It wasn’t much of a secret, his immortality, but it wasn’t all that publicised either. However, no matter how he looked, he hadn’t been called a boy for a long time He usually answered to all kinds of odd titles that people would address him by.


                “Oh yes. Logan, this is Mr Harry Potter,” Xavier introduced them, “Harry, this is Logan Howlett, he’s one of the professors here,” Harry gave Logan a curt nod in acknowledgement, but Logan merely grunted in return. The kid hadn’t seemed to question nor raise a sceptical brow at him being a ‘professor’ – which was a first. It was light the kid was used to the abnormal.


                “So you a mutant?” he asked straight out. Harry gave him a smile, the conversation returning to what it was before he had barged in. This time he allowed himself a moment to think things over before replying.


                “Not exactly,” he began again. He turned to sit properly and face Professor Xavier; who he knew would be the most interested in what he would have to say. “To be a mutant, is to have a mutation on a genetic level, which sets you apart from humans. Truly, from their point of view, I would be a human, but to me, I am genetically normal.” Xavier held a pondering look as he listened.


                “So you mean to say that you aren’t human, but you aren’t mutant either, because there are others like you?” he interpreted. Harry nodded. The Professor hummed thoughtfully. “Intriguing. So you have a whole community of people like you?” Again, he was granted an affirmative nod. “In that case, what about an organized government?” Harry was steadily getting impressed by the man’s deductions, and for every nod he gave, his amused smile grew. “So, would it be possible that you might have a law, perhaps, that would restrict one such as you from revealing the nature of your circumstance to regular folk?” Now, Harry was very impressed. However, he decided to do more than just nod this time.


                “Yes, it’s called the Statute of Secrecy,” he watched as the Professor nodded in understanding, “but it does not fully apply to me.” This caught their curiosity. He could see the why on their lips, so he answered before they could ask. “Just an exception,” he shrugged, “for my services.”


                “Services?” Echoed Logan, “what, you served in the army or sumthin’?”


                “‘Or something,’” he said. Logan frowned, obviously about to ask more, before the Professor cut him off.


                “Logan, Harry’s a guest,” he chastised. Harry leaned forward to rest his forearms on the Professor’s table.


                “It’s no problem, Professor,” he waved his hand dismissively, “I don’t mind sharing some things about myself,” he smirked when he saw that Logan was just about to jump at the chance to bombard him with questions, “but like I had said before; if you want me to show you my life, you have to show me something in return.” His smirk grew with he saw Logan scowl. He knew his type. Eager to catch out potential threats, but completely unwilling to share their own experiences. He had just about called this a win when someone else spoke up.


                “Anything will do?” a feminine voice asked. He turned, and saw that it was the woman who had held the door for him earlier. He was surprised that it wasn’t the man next to her that had spoken out. He shrugged.


                “Yeah. I’ll try to show you someone of equal value in return I guess. Doesn’t matter what really. You can make me some fantastic freshly squeezed juice and I could whip up some delectable French toast,” he added, with a tug of his lips and a suggestive arch of his brow. The woman smiled, pushed herself off the wall and started making her way towards him. His eyes followed her striding up casually until she was next to him. She raised her hand, and her eyes motioned for him to follow the movement. His gaze snapped to her hand and she moved it in a sweeping motion. On the table, a pen floated up from where it rested, glided horizontally for a while, and then dropped back down when Jean’s hand lowered. Harry watched this happen with a splitting grin. When it was over, he looked up at her and they locked gazes. She inclined her head, motioning for his move. He raised a hand, and gave it a prompt flick of the wrist. Jean wasn’t sure what she was supposed to be focusing on since he didn’t seem to be motioning at anything in particular, nor did he even break eye contact with her. So, she jumped when the door, which was left ajar when Logan had stepped in, slammed shut. Her eyes jumped back and forth between the door and Harry, widened in surprise. To their side, the Professor was very interested in this new piece of information, and Logan frowned – both had noted the ease in which the move had been executed. When Jean had finally gathered her wits again, she was smiling brightly at Harry.


                “Thank you,” she said. He nodded to her as well. Logan slammed his hand onto the table in front of Harry, catching his attention. Xavier had no doubt that he was going to unsheathe his claws and see what Harry would do in return to that. So, he cut in first.


                “Enough, Logan,” he said in a warning tone that made sure Logan wouldn’t try to argue, “Scott, can you and Logan please show Mr Potter his room?” Scott nodded as he made towards the door. The Professor made sure to shoot another warning glance at Logan to behave, before Harry too stood up to thank him. Harry also thanked Agent Coulson for bringing him here.


                “Do feel free to contact us if you are in need of any assistance, Mr Potter,” Coulson said as they shook hands. Harry nodded in understanding and tried to get him to call him Harry, but to no avail. Saying his goodbyes and see-you-later’s, he followed the two men out the door. The trip was silent for the most part, aside from some students who passed them, greeted the two, and shot him curious looks. Scott opened the door to one of the rooms in a long stretch of a corridor on the first level. Harry gave him a nod in thanks as he made his way into the room. It was rather decent-sized considering the number of people that stayed there. Then again, the building had been huge on the outside already. Scott gave him a brief introduction on the layout of the building and asked if he needed anything else; to which he shook his head. He told them that he’d probably unpack first and then maybe explore, if it was alright with them. They left not long after and he made his way over to the bed.


Sitting down, he shrugged off his backpack and unslung the pouch from his shoulders. He contemplated what to unpack and what to leave be. He hadn’t planned on having already managed to procure accommodations so quickly, and he also wasn’t sure if he was welcome to stay for too long. With that, he decided to just take out minimal things. Pulling out some clothing, he carefully arranged them in the wardrobe and allocated drawers. He also pulled his shrunken-trunk, casting a quick charm to return it to its original size once he placed it on the ground. It was different to the trunk he had used in Hogwarts. This one was a magical trunk like the one Professor Moody had used in his fourth year – charmed to 7 different layers. The layers reacted to magic only, so if a muggle were to open the chest, it would only show the first layer, which merely held ordinary items. The rest of his items that he used were mostly those he kept on himself at all times; in his pouch. So, declaring himself done, he shoved the trunk towards the wall and left to explore.


Harry walked around aimlessly for a while, and ended up in the open kitchen. Suddenly feeling a bit peckish, his thoughts trailed back to the meeting before, where he had exchanged with the red-haired woman his being able to move objects. It was one of the first things he had picked up and trained on to pass time as an ‘immortal’; among other things. So, since they already considered him as a sort of telekinetic, he decided it would be okay to do so more. Waving his hands in practiced motions, drawers and cupboards opened as he walked into the kitchen, utensils and other equipment flying about. He walked over to where a chopping board had put itself down, some apples setting themselves atop it. He held out his hand and a sharp kitchen knife’s handle slid snugly into his palm, and he began to cut up the apples meticulously. Behind him, objects were still floating about their own business – preparing some hot chocolate for him.


                “Whoa! What—” Harry looked up from his work, but the movements behind him did not falter. He spotted a young girl, probably in her late teens, with odd white-highlights in her hair, standing frozen in the doorway, eyes focused on the commotion behind him. Harry merely gave a friendly smile in her direction.


                “Just whipping up some hot chocolate,” he said casually, resuming his work, “would you like one?” His eyes flicked up to take in the still-gaping girl. She quickly shook herself out of it and stared at him for a moment.


                “Uh,” she stalled, eyes going back to the floating objects distractedly, “sure?” Harry grinned, and with a free hand, motioned for her to sit at one of the chairs around the island before him. She slowly approached, pulling out the chair in front of him. By this time, he had cut up about five apples into pieces of eight each; set up in two large plates. He slid one across to her and kept the other on the table for anyone who wanted them. Then, he made his way around the island and pulled out the chair next to the girl, taking it. Their drinks flew over and settled themselves before them, Harry easily snatching his from the air. He watched bemusedly as the girl’s cup hovered in front of her and she nervously extended a hand, wrapping her fingers around the mug. Once he was satisfied she had a good enough grip on it, the cup was released from his control.


                “I’m Harry,” he said then, calling her attention back on him. She now had both hands wrapped around the mug, savouring the warmth seeping through it. She took him in curiously, and he allowed her the time to respond.


                “I’m Rogue,” she finally said back. He raised a brow.


                “You’re a rogue, are you?” he joked lightly. This caused the girl to give the tiniest of smiles, biting the inside of her lips.


                “No, I mean, that’s what people call me,” she said, even though she knew he was joking. Harry paid attention to the words before replying.


                “And do you want to be called Rogue?” he asked. She looked up at him in surprise, blinking owlishly, not knowing what to respond. Harry waited patiently. Patience was something he had learnt over the years – after all, he had all the time in the world, right?


                “Rogue’s fine,” the girl said softly, eyes lowering. A few seconds later, when he hadn’t said anything else, she looked up from beneath her lashes, “or Marie, if you’d like.” This time Harry smiled wider.


                “How about,” he propositioned, shifting in his seat to face her more comfortably, “I call you Marie when it’s just us?” The girl nodded, obviously happy he wasn’t going to go around calling her name like they’d just become instant best-friends. “And you can call me Harry.” She smiled.


                “Nice to meet you, Harry,” she said pleasantly, taking a sip of her beverage. She gave a satisfied moan, which made Harry smirk. “This is really good!”


                “The pleasure’s all mine, Marie,” he said lightly, “and thank you. I do pride myself on my fantastic beverage-making skills,” he gave her a playful wink. She giggled, and he was glad she was more relaxed than before. They sat in a comfortable silence like that for some time, just drinking and nibbling on apple slices. Harry felt Rogue’s eyes take him in curiously, and he didn’t really mind. Curiosity was usually a good thing in his mind.


                “What’s that?” Harry’s gaze looked up at her and he followed her outstretched arm which pointed at his chest. He looked down and saw the silver necklace that rested there. He opened his mouth to reply, but was cut off.


                “Harry? You in here?” he recognized that gruff voice. Logan, his mind supplied. He called out an affirmative and soon the man was striding into the kitchen. The girl in front of him turned and seemed to brighten at his presence.


                “Logan!” she called out cheerfully, the man grunted in acknowledgement and strode over.


                “Hey kiddo,” he said, “you bondin’ with Harry over here?” Rogue blushed at the sly look he directed at her, but then sent him a quick glare.


                “Oh shut up Logan,” Harry remained silent. Content to watch them bicker as his entertainment. “What do you want?” He caught Logan’s gaze after the question was uttered.


                “Prof wants to see you to fill up some papers,” Logan said to him. He nodded in understanding, standing up. He placed a hand on Rogue’s shoulder gently, causing her to turn around.


                “We’ll resume this conversation next time, alright?” She nodded, “enjoy the snacks.” With that, and a sharp nod at Logan, he took off in what he hoped was the way to the Professor’s office. Before he could question his sense of direction, he noticed that Logan was following him. He turned his body to speak, but didn’t stop moving. “Are you my escort?” He joked. The man gave a huff which amused him.


                “Didn’t think you’d know the way back.”


                “Well,” Harry said, walking on, “how am I doing so far?” The man hummed a reply.


                “Not too shabby for a first-timer.”


                “I’m flattered.” This earned him a grin from Logan, but he didn’t see it as he had already turned back to face the front. When he arrived at the door, he knocked politely, waiting to be allowed entry. Getting it, he walked in, followed by Logan.


                “Harry, thank you for coming. I’d just like to run over some things with you if that’s alright with you,” said the Professor. Harry nodded his consent. “How would you like to consider staying in the Mansion as a long-term possibility?” Harry cast him a quizzical look. So, the Professor continued, “I understand from Agent Coulson that you are on an extended ‘leave’ of sorts and that you plan to merely hop between places.” Again, Harry nodded. “What I’m offering you is a place here, in the Mansion, for as long as you’d like. Be it if just until you decide to move on, or indefinitely, if you choose.” Harry’s brows went up.


                “I appreciate the offer Professor, but may I enquire; why? You’ve only known me for less than a day, and as you said, you are aware that I may not stay long anyway. Wouldn’t it just be more trouble to give me a permanent place to stay here?” Xavier merely smiled in return.


                “That is true, Harry, but this is after all, my mansion. And I offer refuge to anybody who seeks it; no matter who they are. Although I must say I am curious about you, as you have demonstrated earlier, I am content with just steadily getting to know you in that way. What do you say?” Harry pursed his lips.


                “Can I have some time to think it over?” he asked. The Professor nodded obligingly.


                “Very well. I intended to ask you to fill in some forms if you had decided to stay, however, I will keep them for another time. Harry promptly shook his head.


                “Oh, that’s why. I don’t mind filling them in now, if you’d like. It doesn’t make much of a difference to me really,” Harry said. If he didn’t want them to know about him, it wasn’t a very hard thing for him to ensure just that. Xavier gave him an inquisitive look, before pulling out the papers. He readied a pen in his hand.


                “They are simple questions, really, for our records,” Professor Xavier explained. Harry nodded, understanding that he will be asked the questions instead of filling them out. “Full name?”


                “Harry James Potter-Black,” he answered confidently. After the war, and turning 18, he had inherited not only the title of Potter family Lord and fortune, but also that of the Black line’s. With two of the oldest and most notable families to his name, he was very well off indeed.


                “Date of Birth?” Harry smirked.


                “Thirty-first of July.” The Professor shot him a look at the missing year.


                “Age?” Having not been specific, Harry took it to mean physical age.


                “Twenty-three.” Since he had been ‘immortalised’ by gathering all three Hallows, he stated the age  he was when he had procured the Resurrection Stone again after returning to Hogwarts.


                “Place of Birth?”




                “Blood type?”


                “Half-blood,” that got some attention. The Professor didn’t say anything, but he could see that it was information being stored for some other time. Harry knew what the question meant. But truthfully, he had never really checked his blood type before. And, he hadn’t wanted to lie about it in case it turned out to be important later on. Also, he figured that it didn’t really matter if he told them his blood status. They weren’t wizards – let alone a pureblood idealist – so it was more or less harmless. To the side, he saw that Logan too seemed to have taken an interest at his answer. But he was silent for the moment too. It took a moment before the next question was asked.


                “Previous Occupations?” Harry hummed. He had to think about this one really. What counted as an occupation? Saviour? He chuckled on the inside at the thought of giving that as his answer.


                “Part-time lecturer,” he said slowly, the answer vague. “And blank.”


                “Blank?” Xavier repeated.


                “Yeah, as in, leave a blank,” he quirked his lips into a mischievous grin. “If you find out, you can fill it in. Doesn’t really matter though.” Xavier watched him for a moment longer then decided to leave a line anyway.




                “Ugh,” Harry groaned. “If you mean like, a codename, then none.” A brow was raised.


                “What other aliases are there?”


                “The ones that people put on you,” Harry rolled his eyes in exasperation.


                “Care to share?” The Professor asked lightly, smile on his lips. Harry studied him carefully, then sighed and began to tick off thoughts on his fingers.


                “Blank, blank and blank.” Xavier’s lips twitched. Looks like he might just enjoy the puzzle the boy was creating for him, leaving the appropriate spaces empty.


                “Titles?” Harry frowned. They use titles in America? he thought.


                “Like what?” he decided to ask for an example.


                “Well, normal titles like doctor, could be one,” the Professor drawled patiently, “or status titles such as senator too.” Harry chewed on the inside of his cheek. He thought of the most important ones. With a sigh, he recited the one title he could reveal at the moment first.


                “Lord of the most noble houses of Potter and Black,” he parroted, eye-rolling at the ‘appropriate’ moment. “blank, and blank.” The Professor’s brows had risen at the lengthy title, writing it down.


                “I take it your family is influential, then?” Harry nodded, shrugging.


                “You could say that. I’m the only one that’s left of the line from both houses, so..” another shrug. The Professor nodded in understanding and didn’t press further.


                “And lastly,” he read out, “abilities?” Xavier smirked, knowing that the child wasn’t going to reveal anything; but it was worth a try anyway. Harry smirked.


                “Come now, Professor, you know that’s not how the game’s played.” Xavier nodded.


                “Indeed,” he noted, “however, when you first arrived, you had already experienced my ability, did you not?” Harry nodded, thinking back about how the Professor had grazed his occlumency shields.


                “True, but you did get something in return anyway,” Harry replied.


                “Oh?” the Professor said, thinking back as to what it was. Harry proceeded to get up from his seat and begin to leave. Before he excused himself, he turned back to the Professor.


                “You couldn’t get in, could you?” with that, he said his goodbyes and exited. Stretching once outside, he glanced around and noticed that it was beginning to get quite late. He took off in search for the dining hall.



“Chuck?” Logan called out, pushing himself off the wall and approaching the elderly man who sat in a contemplative silence. “So what do you need?” Xavier looked up at Logan.


                “There is no rush at the moment. But if you can, try to see if you can exchange information enough to get him to reveal his other occupation, or titles. From what he said earlier, the aliases shouldn’t matter if they’re not made by him himself,” Logan nodded in understanding. “Let the others know too. If you find something, let me know.” After that, he dismissed Logan and told him that he should probably help Harry get to the dining area, and he filed away the papers to ponder on later.

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