Visiting the Anomalies of America

Harry Potter x X-Men (Crossover Fanfiction).

After farewelling the last of his friends, Harry decides to take some time off Britain and travel the world - search for a new purpose. He starts off in America and is soon bored. Being known internationally for all its "abnormalities", Harry decides to seek them out, hoping to make some new friends. Immortal Master of Death AU; Slash


20. Chapter 19

“Kreacher, Dobby, prepare some snacks, please. We will be having visitors over today,” Harry instructed just as he dropped to his knees on the rug and leaned towards the fireplace. Logan, standing silently off to the side, raised a brow and may have been guilty of tilting his head and admiring the curve of Harry’s ass in his bent-over position.


Openly raking his eyes over Harry’s body repeatedly, he smirked when Harry turned his head and Logan caught a glimpse of a blush travelling up Harry’s ears in embarrassment; obviously feeling the heat of Logan’s stare on him.


                “Logan,” Harry’s voice grabbed his attention as he glanced at the back of Harry’s head. He was pleased to note the slight waver in Harry’s voice as he grunted in reply. “Watch the door, will you? They’ll be coming anytime soon.”


Logan chuckled in response to Harry’s weak diversion tactic but conceded nonetheless and kept an ear out for the door whilst Harry worked to reconnect the Floo and link it to the one in the X-Mansion. Apart from the occasional popping of Dobby and Kreacher placing various snacks and refreshments along the dining table, the house was pleasantly quiet and calm for a few moments before their first guest arrived.


                “Someone’s just passed the property wards,” Harry called out to Logan absentmindedly as he continued to weave his magic into establishing a link with the other Floo. “Could you get the door, Logan?”


                “Got it,” Logan’s voice called back as he strode down the hallway to the entrance, pulling open the front door just in time to see a smiling man ascend the stairs towards the door, apparently speaking to a woman just behind him.


Looking up at the click of the door opening, the man took a moment to appraise Logan before amused recognition seemed to light his dark eyes and he smiled, stretching out a firm hand amiably, “hi, Leonard Weasley, nice to meet you. You must be Logan.” Before Logan could reply, the man – Leonard – turned to motion at the woman beside him, “this beauty here is Maia Lupin.”


Rolling her eyes and slapping Leo’s shoulder good-naturedly, Maia nodded at Logan in greeting. Logan simply gripped Leonard’s hand and shook it once before motioning for them to move inside. He could see from their easy familiarity and ease in the house that the pair were fairly acquainted with Grimmauld Place.


They entered the living room to see Harry sitting back up straight, still facing the fireplace, and wiping an arm on his brow. Hearing the approaching footsteps, Harry turned and smiled as he caught sight of their first guests, laughing and obligingly spreading his arms to receive a hug from both adults.


Logan stood back and watched the three happily catch up, taking in the happiness in Harry’s eyes, unwillingly liking the unknown pair immediately simply because they made Harry so cheerful with their appearance.


Their next arrivals came in the form of a pair of twins. Entering with a sort of other-wordly auras, Logan’s gaze followed them curiously all the way until they faced Harry, whose wide grin made a reappearance before the twins seemed to glide towards him as if they were gravitationally pulled by Harry.


Logan was amused to see more obvious signs of fondness spark from Harry’s demeanour towards the two middle-aged men as he stroked their backs when they hugged and brushed aside unruly strands of hair tenderly. A part of Logan deep inside him rumbled, pleased, at the clear indication of Harry’s motherly tendencies. That same part whispered teases to Logan of Harry making a fine mate – strong, kind and beautiful.


He was pulled out of his reverie of imagining various situations of domestic life with Harry when said man turned to face him with a smile and a beckoning hand. Striding up to the group of wizards before him, Harry turned to face their guests as he said, “guys, this is Logan Howlett, he’s from America, at the same school where I’m currently staying at.”


                “As I said earlier, I’m Leonard Weasley, Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement,” the first man nodded towards Harry once again. He looked over to his left at the auburn-haired woman beside him, who leaned forward fluidly to stretch out a hand towards Logan.


                “Maia Junos Lupin, Department of International Magical Cooperation,” her eyes crinkling in a way that implied years of experience accepting and manoeuvring new factions of the world – in his case, mutants. He released her hand after a brief shake and followed the trend by turning to face the twins by Harry’s left.


His brows rose, however, when instead, the twins stepped forward as one and took one of his hands in each of theirs. The twin on Logan’s left had a faraway look which made his smile seem dreamy and somewhat loopy whilst the other had a sharp glint in his eyes, piercing into Logan easily even as his own smile softened the severe gaze.


                “This is Lysander,” Harry laughed, motioning from the softer-looking twin to the other, “and Lorcan Scamander. Senior Unspeakables of the Department of Mysteries.”


Logan nodded at the two before him, but was out of his element as to what to do, considering the two still held his hands captive. His attention was drawn to Lysander, though, when said twin leaned closer to him, smile still in place and seemed to see something in –through?- Logan that pleased him.


                “Beware the nargles, who prey on gentle souls. Cunning little creatures that can warp the mind, which is easily persuaded. Lose sight of your will’s tether and corruption shall prevail over your eternity,” Lysander’s smooth tones washed over Logan like a chilly curtain, eyes widening as he was taken aback by Lysander’s baffling first words.


On his other side, Lorcan scoffed softly, smile growing sharp as he commented, “not like it would take much,” speaking to his brother even though his piercing ice-blue eyes hooked Logan’s own powerfully; a quiet warning in his gaze. “Your inner-beast is already rather clearly visible, though you would do well to learn better control, regardless of your complete embracement of it.” Then, struck by an amusing thought, Lorcan threw a look over his shoulder and said “actually, having Harry around will probably do you a whole world of good by itself.”


Harry made a face but glanced over at a humming Lysander, who nodded, “Harry has much experience in internal warfare and acceptance. His is a presence that is a balm to the weary of its own.”


Harry brushed off his pants and stepped away from the fireplace seconds before Agent Coulson stepped through, followed immediately by the Professor, in two of the most smoothest floo-transitions he’d ever seen; although maybe Charles simply needing to pass through the barrier with his wheelchair – like entering platform nine and three quarters – was kind of cheating already.


The two men glanced at one another as if reassuring themselves that they’d manage to walk through a lit fireplace unscathed and in one piece before swiftly taking in the rest of the room’s occupants. Harry stepped forwards and briefly began introductions for the two newcomers, who seemed to take everything in stride.


Just as Dobby and Kreacher popped out of the room once having finished setting down some tea, he beckoned them to take seats among the chairs and couches scattering the living room. “Leo, Maia, did you find anything of what I asked?”


Briefly exchanging a single glance between one another, Leo leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees as he spoke. “You know that any remaining factions of the Dark Lord’s followers are almost extinct, Harry, so it was hard to get any hint of a whisper regarding anyone possibly of Voldemort’s following, especially since it’s been so long already.”


Leo had uttered the name without a blink, him and many others having grown up firstly without the fear of the Dark Lord Voldemort lingering in their lives, as well as having at least one relative who fought alongside Harry – who did not stand for such nonsense as fearing a name.


“Nonetheless, I looked into any and every case I could find from the timeframe you gave me up until today.” Leonard sat back and shook his head. “There’s no evidence that any Death Eater, or sympathiser, may have made contact with this… ‘brotherhood’.”


Harry nodded thoughtfully, not immediately dismissing the possibility that there may not even be a threat. Logan, however, was scowling and already thinking of what foul plans Magneto may have in store this time. Leo looked over to Maia then, as did Harry.


                “It is as Leo said,” she agreed, “whilst I did not find any evidence that the two groups may have been in contact with one another, I did take an interest on this ‘brotherhood’ group that you mentioned. Of the many factions I oversee as part of my job, I’ve only ever known the bare minimum about the mutant population. From what I know of the magical and muggle government, Britain is not as… invested in the idea of mutants than those in the States,” she glanced over at Logan once curiously.


“So, I decided to do a little digging and may have asked for a few… completely hypothetical opinions from my peers,” she smiled. “It is of a shared belief, Harry, that whilst this mutant ‘brotherhood’ may have initially expressed an interest in the magical community, neither they nor remnants of the Dark Lord’s followers would have put up with such unknowns. Simply their existence alone challenges their… ‘causes’, really.”


For this ‘Magneto’ fellow, I hardly believe he would think of any allied wizard as anything but below him and simply tools to attain his goal before he would probably insist on wiping us out as well, as we might be yet another contender to ‘evolution’, as they are.”


On our side, well, it’s quite obvious that no self-respecting pureblood supremacist would stoop low enough to get help from muggles, let alone ‘mutant’ ones; no matter how gifted they may be.”


Before anyone else commented on Maia’s conclusion, Lorcan spoke up. “We see no evidence to prove otherwise, uncle,” his eyes catching Harry’s. “There are but two ways, now, that await their path if extinction or extermination becomes the only way.” He looked to his twin just as the other smiled indolently at their teacups.


                “Redemption is often a steep and narrowed path; and it is easy to take the calmer trail or to lose ourselves in the downward haste. Contradiction is the culture of men, wanting to be set apart from their own blood. Yet, straying from the path will result in the normalisation for those who shine too brightly, and haste can only serve to warrant injury, if not death.”


The professor and Coulson felt somewhat relieved to see that everyone else was looking just as baffled by the twin’s ambiguous words – aside from Harry, of course, who merely narrowed his eyes in contemplation. There was an odd sort of silence then, which descended over them momentarily, before Harry motioned to Coulson. “Agent Coulson, were you able to do any digging of your own on this matter?”


                “I spoke to Director Fury regarding this issue, and he enlisted the help of the Avengers to aid in tracking the movements of both groups.” Harry’s mouth had twisted up in amusement at the mention of the superhero group, before culling slightly under Coulson’s unimpressed gaze, now that said agent was essentially ‘in the know’ about the magical community.


“We had Stark and Banner combing through everything they could get their hands on – which would be everything. We had agents Romanov and Barton checking SHIELD files as well as gather some information first-hand. Like Miss Lupin said, evidence came up of the two groups coming into contact, but nothing that suggests any long-term alliances.”


Harry relaxed into the couch and sighed, running a hand through his hair. “Alright, obviously we all agree that there doesn’t seem to be a high possibility of them joining up then.” This was met with nods all around, except for Logan who simply continued scowling slightly. “Well, I can say that’s definitely a relief. Having one problem is bad enough, but if these two headaches joined up…” he merely shook his head, not even wanting to consider the shit storm they’d cook up.


Xavier smiled, “well then, I’d say we shouldn’t worry ourselves over this. Although, it would still be prudent for us to remain vigilant in case the worst happens.” Harry chuckled softly at the man’s choice of words but said nothing at the curious gaze directed towards him.


                “In that case, that’s settled. Since this was much shorter than I’d anticipated, we still have some time before lunch is ready, which all of you will be staying for,” he raised a brow towards the three wizards and single witch in the room who all laughed and acquiesced easily. “Well, this leaves time to get to know each other then. If I continue staying at the Mansion for my… ‘vacation’… you might as well familiarize yourselves with one another.”


He was glad to see there was no ice to break as the Professor instantly leaned forward to speak with Leo about the wizarding government and politics – god bless their souls – whilst Coulson asked Maia questions about her own profession, admittedly rather intrigued by what other things the magical world had to offer – and maybe to see what sort of fairy tales held some truth too; after all, if Thor was real, what wasn’t?


Their magical guests had left not long after a hefty lunch. Logan himself had, surprisingly, enjoyed the company of the twins. As long as he took their odd way of speaking in stride and went with whatever he thought they meant, they managed to hold a conversation rather well.


To his bemusement, all of them had managed to extract promises from Harry to catch up more with their families as well as to introduce Logan to the family. The last part had been said with quite some gleeful undertones that Logan wasn’t sure how to take just yet.


Currently, they were once more escorting the agent and the professor towards the fireplace – of ‘floo’, as it was – but why’d they name a method of travel like a toilet Logan didn’t bother to think about.


                “We should be returning to the Mansion by the end of the week, Charles,” Harry said, glancing at the floo. “Although now that I’ve linked the floo network from my home to the Mansion, it’ll definitely be much easier to travel to and fro.”


                “Hmm indeed, and this method of travel can be used even without the help of a magical individual?” Coulson asked, having been curious about it from the beginning.


                “Yes, so even if we were separated during an emergency, all that’s needed is to use it just as I showed you and you’d be able to cross the network yourself.”


                “I’m thinking of all the possibilities we could make use of with this. Truly! Near-instantaneous travel between continents, let alone its uses for emergency evacuation. This can be quite the asset indeed.”


                “That’s true, and you would not be the first to think about it. Maybe in the future, this might be possible. But right now… well, people just aren’t open-minded enough to take something as useful as this thankfully without suspicion or somehow making use of it in unsavoury ways… let alone believe that it’s possible.”


Coulson sighed, conceding that what Harry said was true. Man truly was his own worst enemy, especially to progress without bigotries. “Well mister Potter, it was pleasant to meet up again. I’m glad you seem to be settling in well with the Professor,” he glanced over at Logan, “and I hope to see you again soon.”


                “The pleasure was mine, Agent Coulson,” Harry smiled. “and you really should just call me Harry. Maybe one day you could introduce me to some more of your interesting… acquaintances.” Harry winked and laughed good-naturedly.


Smiling dryly, and hoping Harry didn’t turn out as yet another troublemaker for him, Coulson bid them goodbye and stepped through first.


                “Enjoy the rest of your trip, Harry. And of course, feel free to invite your friends to the Mansion anytime,” Xavier nodded at the men before pushing himself through the floo, thankful for once that the wheelchair, as it helped keep him centred during what was likely a confusing mode of travel.

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