Visiting the Anomalies of America

Harry Potter x X-Men (Crossover Fanfiction).

After farewelling the last of his friends, Harry decides to take some time off Britain and travel the world - search for a new purpose. He starts off in America and is soon bored. Being known internationally for all its "abnormalities", Harry decides to seek them out, hoping to make some new friends. Immortal Master of Death AU; Slash


19. Chapter 18

Harry had apparated them both back to Grimmauld Place after lingering in the café simply to enjoy being outside and have dessert. Once home, Harry had relinquished the bag he carried that held the items he’d withdrawn from the Potter family vaults and handed it off to the elves to put away.


Logan had stood idly while Harry reopened the house floo network and cast the usual spells to ensure connection only to other networks he knew.


After he’d stood back up he turned to Logan, “well. We have some time to kill for the rest of today. I don’t have anything else planned. Is there anything you’d like to go? Places you want to see?”


Shrugging and answering in a non-committal grunt, Logan turned his head to look around for a moment before suggesting, “spar?” He turned an inquisitive look at Harry whose eyes crinkled in amusement and nodded obligingly.




With a raise of his fingers, the dummies in the room straightened and came to life at the command of their puppeteer. His other hand ran across the sleek stone walls, the familiar touch awakening the barriers and also revealing compartments filled with all sorts of equipment and weapons.


He fingered a slim dagger, its edge curved and sharp. Harry’s finger trailed down its spine before picking up between his thumb and forefinger. He was contemplative for a moment before abruptly twisting his body and hurling the dagger in Logan’s direction.


Taking in the sight before him, Logan’s senses prickled at him and his claws instinctively making an appearance as he drew his arm up towards him in a defensive move. It collided with something metallic which was sliced cleanly into four sections.


Looking from the fallen pieces that had once made up a fine dagger to the man standing across him. Logan’s brows went up in a silent question. He was also enjoying the chance to take in the smile on Harry’s face as well as the mischievous glint in his eyes.


Harry’s expression turned contemplative as he blindly reached back for another dagger - which caused Logan’s eyes to narrow in suspicion - and he held it flimsily between his hands. Harry’s fingers passed over the blade and it shimmered for a moment before settling. Slowly, he raised the blade and threw it towards Logan once more.


Swiping at it like a fly, the dagger wasn’t cut through by his claws but instead was flung away from him, hitting the wall opposite Harry with a clang. “Huh”, he said at this new development. Then, he swerved his body to face Harry and grinned menacingly. Logan proceeded to saunter towards Harry much like a predator cornering its’ prey.


Eyes widening and thinking to himself that he should probably be worried if the smile on Logan’s face was anything to go by, Harry cast a stunner easily which only succeeded in dazing Logan for a few scant seconds before the grin on his face grew and his canines were introduced in full display.


                “Impedimenta,” Harry casted verbally, putting a formidable amount of power behind the spell. He could see Logan slow down considerably and glance at his arms and legs that were straining to move forward. The muscles in his entire body were showing as he pushed himself against the invisible ropes pulling him back.


Harry moved away from the wall he was near, it was not a good place to be cornered in. “Tarantallegra,” he said next, biting his lip to keep from smiling. It failed, however, as he burst out laughing in the next moment when Logan let out an indignant yelp as his body began do dance against his will. Harry doubled-over and was soon wiping tears out of his eyes at the unimaginable scene before him. “Finite incantatum.”


Logan was stunned for a split second after being released before he launched himself full-force towards Harry.


                “Expelliarmus!” Harry incanted from habit his spell of choice. He hadn’t had enough time to react to anything except for instinct as Logan came at him and now his heart thudded in his chest when the spell had no effect because there was nothing to disarm, and it was easily deflected by Logan’s reflective claws.


The next moment, Harry was slammed into the wall forcefully and he let out a grunt of pain upon the impact. He immediately struggled to move and escape but found his body caged by Logan’s larger bulk. Opening his eyes from where they had scrunched closed and preparing to say something, he found that Logan had also slapped one of his palms over Harry’s mouth, effectively silencing him.


Harry frowned before his brow ticked in amusement as he simply cast a non-verbal flipendo, which knocked Logan back none-too-gently. He followed this with a petrificus totalus and watched amusedly as Logan straightened and fell backwards.


Before he could completely crash into the floor, Logan shook himself out of the paralysis as his body regained its function thanks to his healing and he was up once more.  Making sure to keep his movements erratic and unpredictable so as to not get caught by any spells, he soon caught up to Harry and grabbed him by the wrist, spinning Harry and pinning their joined hands to the wall so that Harry faced the wall.


Catching sight of Harry about to open his mouth, Logan flexed his own jaw and then proceeded to fit his teeth over the side of Harry’s neck in warning, his free hand coming around the other side too so that his claws just touched the opposite edge of Harry’s neck.


Logan heard the hitch in Harry’s breath as he realized he was essentially in checkmate. Logan daringly darted his tongue out to steal a taste from Harry’s neck and his chest rumbled in response to the shiver that wracked through Harry.


Reluctantly pulling away, Logan relaxed his stance and tugged lightly so that Harry turned around and faced him before he asked, “you still owe me an explanation from our duel.”


Harry huffed out a laugh and rolled his eyes at Logan’s sudden question. “You want to know what you saw, at the end of the duel?” He simply got a raised brow in response, waiting for him to continue, which he did. “It was Death.”


The other brow went up. “Death,” Logan repeated dumbly.


                “Yes,” Harry nodded in affirmation once more. “As the Master of Death, I can choose to allow you to see Death, as it was, but only a glimpse; or else you may be at risk of actually dying. Death is an omnipresent being,” Harry continued on before Logan could say anything else.


“It is never in one place at any one time. How would she be able to manage all the souls that seem to die by the minute if she did? No, if I request her presence, and she chooses to grace me with it,” he smiled a little to himself, “she will make an appearance. Whatever you felt was very real, though. Although mostly it is a manifestation of your own preconceptions of Death and also your initial reaction to seeing her figure.”


Harry shook his head, “most people cannot overcome that in order to see her for who she truly is. It is human nature to fear Death, and it clouds our perceptions in turn.”


                “Death is a her?” Logan asked, not really that surprised; he’d not lived all these years in normalcy after all. “So you actually can command Death? I had thought that the title was mostly just that, along with the other… perks,” he said with a wry twist of his lips.


                “Yes, her name is Hel - with a single L - and she actually quite an intelligent being. Rather young in appearance too.” Harry thought for a moment before answering again, “Well I’m not too sure myself actually. I’ve never chosen to interfere with Death’s responsibilities. I don’t think anyone should have the power to decide whether another should live or die. Even if it is sad for me to see those I love go, I would rather let them move on to the… ‘next great adventure’ than stay here with boring ol’ me.”


Harry shrugged. “I simply asked her if she’d like to tease you for a moment to give me an advantage, and she acquiesced.” Smiling, he thought of Hel fondly from the scant times he’d met her. “She is as she should be, albeit a little lonely, but I guess it comes with the job.”


Logan grunted gruffly, “well, with companions like the nine horses of the apocalypse, I can understand why she’d like new friends.” He smirked as his comment elicited another laugh and eye-roll from Harry. “But you know,” he trailed off, catching Harry’s eyes. He admired the stunning emerald hue of the other man’s gaze as Logan’s demeanour turned from brusque to wicked, licking his lips and adopting a deeper voice, “don’t think that your little teaser earlier is enough to satisfy me.”


Eyes widening, Harry was about to speak but was cut off when Logan’s lips covered his own and his hot tongue took the opportunity to lick into Harry’s mouth. Letting out a - admittedly high pitched - squeak in surprise, Harry could only stand frozen for a moment, fingers gripping Logan’s wrists, before his eyes slid shut and he slowly reciprocated, pushing himself forwards.


As the kiss deepened, Harry’s hands curled at the base of Logan’s neck, gripping the short hairs there as another wound further up and carded through Logan’s thick hair. Their bodies were pressed up against each other with Harry’s caged between Logan and the wall. Logan’s arms wrapped firmly around the curve of Harry’s back, pulling the other man’s body even closer as they tried to fuse themselves together.


 Too soon, Harry pulled away with a gasp as he gratefully drew in air. He bent his head so that his forehead rested on Logan’s left shoulder as he panted softly, trying to calm his breathing and beating heart. His hands had loosened their grip and were draped across Logan’s shoulders lazily.


Logan admired the pale junction of skin before him that had resulted from Harry bending his neck to the side. Giving in to his instinctual urges, he leaned forwards and inhaled deeply, savouring the mix of smells that made up Harry’s unique scent. He felt Harry jump slightly in surprise before relaxing again.


                “I meant what I said,” his rough voice and the puff of air that followed making Harry shudder. “An animal like me ain’t gonna be satisfied with just a few innocent pecks.” As if to support this claim, Logan’s tongue licked a wide stripe up Harry’s neck, and he lightly bit the junction as if to seal the deal before pulling back.


He didn’t get far, though, as Harry’s arms tightening around his neck stopped him from pulling away far enough to catch a glimpse of Harry’s face. A little surprised, Logan turned his head in a futile attempt to catch Harry’s expression, “Harry?” He felt worry build up when tremors could be felt emanating from Harry’s body pressed against his own.


Abruptly, Harry released him and moved so fast, pulling away but diving swiftly back in to give Logan a loud, smacking kiss on the lips before retreating with a bright grin on his face and a flattering flush across his cheeks which left Logan simply staring dazedly after it had happened.


                “I can live with that,” he said just as he used the opportunity of Logan’s slack grip to disentangle himself and walk off, glancing back to say, “go get washed up, dinner’ll be ready soon.” Light-heartedly, he gave a small sway of his hips just before he exited the room, smiling to himself.




                “Thank you Dobby, Kreacher” Harry nodded to the house-elves, one of whom piped up an enthusiastic reply before both popped away. Harry sat down in his plush chair at one head of the table and rebelliously pulled up his legs, crossing them on the seat.


He looked up curiously at the sound of a plate noisily being put down and saw Logan in the process of dragging his chair to his side whilst grumbling about ‘posh people’ and their ‘insistence on sitting at opposite ends of tables’, his plate already moved to Harry’s left.


Harry hid a smile behind his hand before composing himself and smiling tenderly at the man who had sat himself by his side. “Before you get any weird ideas about me, Kreacher is the one that is fussy about things like proper seating positions for meals. He served a prominent pureblood family for countless generations after all.” Harry shot a lopsided grin at Logan, “I’m gonna blame you when he sees what you’ve done.”


Logan snorted, scooping up a large spoonful of food and shovelling it into his mouth before saying, “no problem. I’ve never been one for rules anyway.”


                “Yes, I can see that,” Harry chuckled at the thought of Logan completely subservient to anyone’s orders. “You must’ve been a pain in the arse to your superiors.”


Logan laughed, boisterous and unreservedly. Harry thought that he quite liked the way it sounded and reverberated off the walls. “You betcha. I do things my way or not at all, bub.” He eyed the way the corner of Harry’s eyes crinkling in amusement as he listened and ate silently.


Logan noted the slight pause Harry did after each mouthful, and was entertained with the thought that he was savouring the tastes that much. “I’m guessing that you would’ve been the teacher’s pet then?” He asked, lip quirking. He waited patiently as Harry swallowed, inconspicuously watching the bobbing of Harry’s adam apple.


                “Actually,” Harry huffed out a laugh. “I was more like the bane to my head of house’s life. I either instigated or was caught up in something or another every year whilst I was in school.” He shook his head, laughing now when he thought about it, “I think she wasn’t so happy to have me in her House after all, what with all the trouble I caused.”


                “Really,” Logan raised a sceptical brow. “What sort of things then? Is it anything like that ‘Championship’ thing that the government guy was so impressed ‘bout? I get the feeling that from how things’ve turned out for ya, your life must’ve been one hell of a ride, bub.”


Harry grinned at that spot-on claim. “In school? Well,” he cleared his throat, pushing away his cleared plate. “I broke into wards and traps that all my professors had set-up to protect a valuable artefact - the philosopher’s stone - with my friends because I suspected that one of my professors was going to steal it for himself in order to gain immortality. I ended up finding another professor there who was also hosting a parasitic-version of the dark wizard that killed my parents in his body and he tried to kill me but… well… some ancient magic about my mother’s sacrifice of her life for mine made it impossible for them to physically touch me.”


“In second year I found out I could talk to snakes - an ability that the wizarding community oft associated with dark wizards. I then investigated and found the Chamber of Secrets, a hidden underground lair that held a centuries-old Basilisk which was under the control of Tom, also known as Voldemort, the dark wizard. I fought the Basilisk and destroyed the diary in which a piece of his soul resided.”


“Third year a supposed traitor to my parents, my godfather Sirius Black escaped from the wizarding prison, Azkaban. I met up with him and also found out that my Defense professor that year was a werewolf. When I was fourteen I was dragged into the Triwizard Tournament, which you heard about.”


“I faced a dragon, merpeople and an enchanted maze that was rigged to let me win. I was used to help create a mortal vessel for Tom before I just barely escaped with the help of my parents’ spirits. Fifth year my friends and I started our own secret Defense group, learning ways to defend ourselves that the Ministry denied us. My godfather also died that year because I made a mistake and walked right into one of Tom’s traps.”


“In my sixth year, I almost killed a fellow classmate using a spell I didn’t even know, regardless of the fact that he was trying to kill our headmaster; who died in the end anyway from my guardian’s hands – which, by the way, was what my headmaster wanted – resulting in my guardian having to continue his façade by taking over the school as Headmaster, allowing Tom’s followers access inside,” he spat the words out unkindly. “My two best friends and I left school after that, to hunt down Tom’s horcruxes.”


Logan raised a brow at the word which Harry waved off dismissively, mumbling that it was “basically pieces of Tom’s soul in objects to keep him tied to the world of the Living.” Logan’s other brow went up but he accepted the explanation without argue.


                “You’re right,” Logan said instead, “you definitely sound like you had quite a penchant for attracting trouble.” He smiled when Harry laughed and nodded at the understatement.


                “Yes, that’s why I’ve been trying to savour the quiet years after. However, with this potential threat coming, I guess I can say good-bye to any such hope.”


Logan smirked, amused that Harry seemed both irritated but excited at the prospect. After more subdued conversation, Logan pushed away from the table and looked to Harry. “We best be off to get some rest then, huh? If what you told me earlier is anything to go by, we’ll be having quite a day tomorrow.”


Harry nodded and stood up as well. He lead them upstairs and nodded to Logan’s room once more.


Logan paused and looked inquisitively at Harry, though. Slowly, as if Harry was expecting him to flinch away, Harry lifted a hand and ran his fingers through Logan’s thick hair, a soft smile on his face.


Green eyes glanced up to meet Logan’s gaze and Logan could see how much of a wonder it was for Harry to be given the opportunity to pour his unconditional love into someone that wasn’t going to fade away like everyone else; someone that could be as eternal as him.


Feelings of protectiveness and tender care of the man in front of him – who was, really, still so young – Logan brushed a thumb across Harry’s cheeks in a rare show of affection before pulling Harry into a hug, attempting to cover all of Harry in his presence and comfort.


Startled, Harry’s hands froze for a second before they settled themselves firmly around Logan’s torso in return, turning his head to lay his ear atop Logan’s chest. He sighed as he once more heard that comforting, strong heartbeat thudding from Logan’s chest.


Pulling away slightly, Logan’s hands stroked up and down Harry’s back as he spoke, “get some rest, Harry. Unless,” he added with a sharp smirk tugging at his lips, “you’d rather come in and take one with me.”


Harry laughed, a wholly carefree sound, and pressed a quick kiss, flicking his tongue across Logan’s lips, before skilfully slipping out of Logan grasp and darting off in the direction of his own room. Without turning, he raised an arm to wave and called out, “not yet, Howlett!” before merging with the dark corridors, out of sight.


Looking somewhat dumbfounded, Logan could only stare at the space where Harry had disappeared off into as the other man’s words echoed softly and caused warmth to blossom in his body, as well as his more feral nature to salivate at the thoughts that those words evoked.




The two men were enjoying a comfortable silence whilst they ate their breakfast leisurely. It was  interrupted soon after, though, by a screech and a swoosh, resulting in the daily paper dropping right in front of Harry – who, used to this by now, did not react. Instead, he robotically summoned some treats for the bird who caught them in flight before exiting just as swiftly.


Harry was about to finish his breakfast first but the picture on the front page caught his eye and he quickly snatched up the paper, unfolding it to see the large-spread picture and bold headline standing out starkly:


Harry Potter’s influence a threat to the Ministry?


The image just below was obviously taken from the day before, at the café. It depicted the rather regal scene just at which the line of his ‘extended family’s’ representatives that had arrived by Elena’s call had raised their wands in unison against the group of reporters present.


It was obvious from the shot that the person who captured the image had a perfect view of their imposing barricade but because of his and Logan’s positions at the time, Harry was hidden from view whilst Logan’s profile was caught in a spectacularly clear view; despite being at the corner of the frame.


Frowning, anger simmering in the edges of his consciousness, Harry skimmed over the article which went through the process of heralding him – as per usual – before turning its disapproving views on his interactions with half-bloods – he guessed they had jumped to the conclusion that Logan was a werewolf or something equally as savage – and finally it clinically questioned the power he actually held over Britain’s wizarding community; considering the fact that he had raised and/or trained at least half their most notable figures and held the loyalty of many prominent households.


Harry’s grip on the paper tightened as he read the outlandish ideas that he may be simply ‘biding his time’, until he became some sort of ‘shadow king’ behind the wizarding world. He scoffed and tossed the paper away from him in annoyance. He knew by now that there wasn’t any way to stay out of the spotlight or at least on the good side of the media; who craved any and all rumours they could get their grubby hands on, regardless of its validity.


Across him, Logan eyed the discarded paper curiously and plucked it up, giving the front page a quick once-over before rolling his eyes. However, he did something that startled Harry for a second. One of his claws on his right hand came up and nimbly, he sliced up the paper.


He didn’t really have to go that far, Harry thought idly as he watched Logan’s actions incredulously. He was further taken aback when Logan tossed the scraps of shredded paper onto the table uncaringly, but then slid out of his chair to Harry’s side, holding out a section of paper that had been cut out.


Taking the flimsy paper, he turned his gaze onto it and was surprised to see a perfect cut-out of the front page image of his ‘relatives’.


                “You should keep this. Whatever the gossip-mongers say, those god-kids of yours look damn good in this shot,” Logan explained, his own eyes watching the playback of the moving image showing the harmony in which the group had stood with one another, ready to defend their own.


Logan’s words caused Harry to laugh, the corners of his eyes crinkling as he nodded in agreement to the statement, smoothing out the paper much more tenderly then with a proud smile on his lips for the limitless steadiness of his extended family.


At his side, Logan’s own lips were quirked in response to Harry’s uplifted mood and smile, contentment rippling through him.

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