Visiting the Anomalies of America

Harry Potter x X-Men (Crossover Fanfiction).

After farewelling the last of his friends, Harry decides to take some time off Britain and travel the world - search for a new purpose. He starts off in America and is soon bored. Being known internationally for all its "abnormalities", Harry decides to seek them out, hoping to make some new friends. Immortal Master of Death AU; Slash


18. Chapter 17

As they strode down Diagon Alley, Harry kept his head down - hoodie up - and positioned himself so that he was angled toward Logan, using him as a sort of shield. It wasn’t too obvious, but he still had to be wary about people recognising him in this time. And whilst the war may have been over for close to a century, the questions he would have to face about him simply being alive would be too much trouble than he’d rather face.


Belatedly, he hoped that Logan didn’t get the impression that he was a weirdo or introvert who shunned the company of people with his actions. Occasionally adjusting his hood, his eyes stayed steadily on Gringotts. Every now and then, even he couldn’t resist taking a quick peek at the stores around him; noting small differences here and there from his last visit.


By his side, Logan was looking his fill. He, being someone who has lived quite a long time and seen many things, had not seemed too surprised when Harry had first welcomed him to Diagon Alley. He had smiled once at Harry who seemed eager to show him his world, and his brows had gone up incredulously when he took not only the cramped and bustling place, but at the kind of things the people were wearing. At that, he had let out an amused laugh, shaking his head at the fact that the one thing humans managed to get right about witches and wizards was their choice in clothing. Harry had smiled beguilingly and led the way in.


Now, he glanced to his side to see Harry practically huddling himself towards Logan and Logan knew immediately what he was doing - laying low. Knowing this wasn’t the time or place to ask questions, Logan kept an alert eye as he followed Harry through the street. Occasionally, they would bump into each other, and Logan could practically feel Harry trying to keep himself from flinching and turning away from any person that glanced in their direction.


Gazing down at Harry’s hooded head, Logan frowned in thought. Then, with a dramatically put-upon sigh, he raised an arm and slid it across Harry’s shoulders. He felt Harry flinch in surprise before turning his head to look at Logan questioningly. Logan merely raised a brow and shot him his trademark smirk, watching as Harry huffed in amusement before turning his eyes back in front of him.


Unconscious of his actions, Harry’s hand closest to Logan rose up to grasp slightly at the hem of Logan’s shirt, as if to ensure that they do not get separated. Reflexively, Logan’s arm in turn pulled Harry closer to himself. The action seemed so familiar and comfortable to both men; leaving Logan staring, slightly confused, and Harry silent and pleasantly surprised.




Harry liked the goblins. Putting aside the fact that they were quite distrusting and sometimes – more often than that really – unfriendly, he appreciated the fact that they didn’t give a whit about who you were. Striding into the majestic gold building, many of the goblin tellers didn’t even look up as he walked past them.


He could hear the whispers about them both was somewhat assured to know that it wasn’t really about who he was, but more of the fact that Logan still had an arm wrapped across his shoulders. The people were probably more interested in the familiarity of the two men instead of really noticing just who those men were. He kept his face tilted away from notice as he led Logan towards a free teller.


Stopping before the large podium-like counter, Harry cleared his throat softly before speaking. “Good morning. I would like to speak with Gremlic please.” The creature before him slid its piercing eyes onto Harry slowly, a distasteful expression on its face and Harry had a thought popping into his head that the Goblin’s first words would be to question if it was a ‘good morning’. He pursed his lips a little amusedly, waiting for the creature to respond.


                “Right,” the goblin drawled in a low, gravelly tone, setting down his quill and peering down his nose at Harry. He scrutinized Harry for a moment, as if holding a staring competition, before his lips turned and he said, “well. Follow me then.”


Harry’s lips upturned into a polite small as he muttered a soft thank-you, giving Logan’s jacket a tug to get him to follow. They went after the small Goblin who disappeared behind a large door, after telling the two to wait outside. After a brief moment, the goblin once more appeared.


                “Go on then,” he said, smiling a feral smile that was rather intimidating as it showed off yellowed, sharp rows of teeth. Nodding once at the pair, the goblin sidled off back to his counter. Harry glanced at Logan in time to see the other man watching the creature in amusement before turning to Harry with a questioning brow raised.


Harry waved him over and they entered the room. They stepped into a dimly-lit room, a large ornate wooden table took up the majority of the room. Along the walls were rows and rows of books, files and the like; meticulously sorted. Behind the desk sat another goblin; old even for its kind. Harry waited patiently until the click of the door shutting caused the goblin to look up at his visitors.


                “Ah, Lord Potter,” his gravelly voice drawled as he raised a hand to slide his half-moon glasses off the crooked ridge of his nose. “It’s been a while since I last saw you.”


Harry inclined his head, “Indeed, Master Gremlic, far too long.”


                “Well, enough with the small talk. How may I be of service to you, Lord Potter?” He motioned for them to take a seat on the two armchairs situated opposite him.


Smiling and giving a nod in thanks, Harry motioned for Logan to follow him and sat down. “There are a few things,” he began, knowing that the goblin would be paying his utmost attention and hardly even needed to note things down. “While I’m here, I would like to visit my vaults and perhaps make some more… transfers,” at the word, Gremlic nodded in understanding just what he meant.


“I also need access to the Potter family vault as I may have need of some books and such. Aside from that, I would like it if you could set up a liaison with someone you trust in America, as I intend to stay there for an unforeseeable time in the future. Whatever you can do to make things a little smoother, as I’d rather not have to make my way here every time I have business with you.”


                “Of course, I will do what is needed. I shall inform you when everything is in place and also how to get into contact with my associate there. Shall I look into making your papers for the American Ministry as well? If it pleases you, I have other contacts there which can extend their help if ever you require it.”


Harry nodded, “yes that would be excellent, thank you, Gremlic.”


                “It is my pleasure, Lord Potter. Now, is there any other business you need or shall I send for someone to escort you to your vaults?”


Leaning forward slightly, Harry nodded, a serious expression on his face. “Yes, there is one last thing. If possible, I would appreciate it if you could use your… considerable sources to help me gather some information. However, if you would rather not get involved in my affairs, I will completely understand.”


Gremlic’s expression grew grim as he reclined back on his chair, his fingers interlocking. “For you, Lord Potter, I will see what I can do. Tell me what it is you need.”




Logan’s brows were raised in what was probably the most emotion his face would ever portray in the last century. “Someone’s been a good little boy, saving up his money.”


Harry simply sent a smirking look over his shoulder at Logan as he strode into the vault that seemed to be almost bursting with gold.


                “Why didn’t you just give your money to that legion of relatives you managed to amass?” He looked over to see various emotions flash through Harry’s expressive eyes; a frown, irritation, guilt, then settling on a somewhat conceding smile.


                “Not for a lack of trying. I usually do that, but then most of them end up becoming some sort of upstanding business-person, Ministry workers or whatnot and then they seem to all get this idea where they need to pay me back with interest as if they’re paying for my eternal pension or something.”


Logan barked out a laugh at Harry’s indignant expression coupled with a petulant pout on his lips. He had then proceeded to pull out his small drawstring pouch that seemed to be made out of leather and kneeled down beside a moderately-sized pile.


Swiftly, he dragged the open-mouthed pouch upwards at the edge of the pile and what must’ve been a couple of thousand shining coins disappeared into said pouch.


Surprised but silent, Logan watched in fond amusement as Harry seemed to shake the bag as if coercing a pile of items into the corner of it. Then, they’d left and ended up spending the next three hours in the ‘Potter family vaults’ where they perused the many artefacts, heirlooms and books stashed inside with Harry nicking a few odd things here and there, tucking them into a sling-pack he had produced from out of nowhere.




As it was just about lunch-time, Harry had taken the opportunity to brightly recommend that they stop to eat at a nearby café that he was familiar with. Logan had shrugged and expressed his compliance easily, liking this relaxed version of Harry he saw, when he was back in a familiar setting.


Harry had walked straight up to the counter and caught the attention of the cashier. They exchanged a few words before the young man nodded and left his post to show them to a table that was not far off but had excellent view of the bustling streets.


It was an open-air café save for their kitchens and cashier in front of it. There were inconspicuous runes written around the boundary of the café to ensure that the noise outside was toned down into a more gentle murmur. It also did other things such as keep their customers impervious to any ill weather and moderate the overall temperature.


The young man pulled out their seats and excused himself with a professional smile and bow.


Logan was about to open his mouth to point out that the man had forgotten to ask for their drink orders or even give them a menu before his gaze fixed on a figure that had literally burst out of the kitchen doors and made her way over in their direction as quickly as she could in heels.


                “Ah, Harry! It’s been so long!” She, thankfully, slowed down and gently lowered herself slightly in order to embrace him tightly.


                “You look well, Elena,” he smiled, ducking his head somewhat at the curious glances from patrons around them. There had been a wave of children named after him after the war but not many as it was like naming your child ‘Merlin’; considered too ridiculous an image to live up to. He saw Elena motioning for the man from earlier forwards.


                “This is my son, Marcus.”


Said boy smiled a little shyly but raised a firm hand nonetheless to greet Harry with the proper respect. Although the boy must’ve been in his fifth year at least, Harry had never met him. Probably because in the last few decades he had focused on staying close to his friends at the end.


After Marcus had exchanged a few pleasantries with Harry, he sidled away to continue his work. Elena lingered to give them recommendations for lunch whilst slyly glancing over at Harry’s companion. They had been introduced, and she had smiled at the gruff man, quite unfazed.


She had asked with a stern, motherly face whether he was looking after Harry alright in the States at which Harry himself had complained and Logan had grinned and proceeded to make up outlandish stories about Harry’s ‘misbehaviours’ in the school.


While waiting for the food, Harry enjoyed easy banter with Logan. He also gave the other man a little insight on what was roughly on the agenda for their stay. They were meeting with his relatives and contacts tomorrow in his home. He would also need to connect the house’s fireplace to the Mansion’s so that the Professor and hopefully Agent Coulson could be included as well.


Elena was putting the final touches on her masterpiece dishes in the kitchen as a gust of wind travelled along the Alley, which was not much of a surprise as it sometimes did that and the layout of the Alley itself gave it an ever-present airiness.


Some clothing flapped around them and Harry distractedly raised a hand to tuck his hair aside as it was ruffled by the wind. A middle-aged man was holding onto his belongings as he passed by, eyes looking around here and there just as he seemed to glance at the café. His eyes widened before squinting and he silently made his way over to a table in his sights.


                “Hello excuse me, are you… Merlin’s beard!” The man exclaimed, jumping back in surprise, muscle-memory immediately scrabbling into his bags. Around them, people turned at the commotion. “You’re Harry Potter! The Harry Potter! Oh, oh, Mister Potter, it is an honour to meet you,” he gushed, crowding close to the table at which Harry sat frozen and Logan was looking on confused, a steadily-growing frown present.


Not-so-hushed whispers erupted around them and Harry’s chin dropped as he pursed his lips and refused to speak. As if his mere name were a magnet, the sound of popping was heard  all around them, like rolling up a piece of bubble-wrap. Within a minute, the place was full of shouts of “Mister Potter!”, “Lord Potter!” or even “Harry! Harry Potter!”


Elena had exited the kitchen with the food in tow just to come facing a chaotic scene. People seemed to be appariting in from all directions - reporters, if their cameras and floating notepads were anything to go by. Her eyes immediately zoned in on Harry’s table and saw Harry still sitting with his head slightly bowed, a hand clenched atop his thigh under the table. His ‘companion’ seemed to be moments away from snapping at the crowd slowly creeping closer and closer.


Anger simmered dangerously within her as she roughly shoved the plates of food off at another waiter and turned back into the kitchen, heading for her private office at the back. Meanwhile, the two still firmly planted in their seats were experiencing an onslaught of blinding flashes and a tidal wave of questions.


                “Mister Potter! Where have you been since the death of Ginevra Potter, your old flame?”


                “Harry, Harry! Hey! There have been rumours that you are endorsing the Ministry’s intelligence regarding past Death Eater movements. What do you have to say about this?”


                “Lord Potter! Is it true that one of your great-grandnieces has been apprehended for alleged attempts to access your vaults without authorization?”


                “When will you plan on settling down? We at Witch Weekly have received a lengthy list of suitable women who would gladly take on the role!”


                “Is the rumours about your involvement with unsightly muggles true?”


                “Who is the man next to you? Are you involved with this man? What family does he hail from?”


At the increasing insistence and bombarding questions regarding Logan’s - clearly unwanted - presence, fuelled by the fact that one reporter seemed to be stepping in too close to them and Harry’s unnatural silence, Logan snapped his jaws at them threateningly; thoroughly annoyed.


The crowd as one seemed to take a momentary step back before the man closest to them stepped forward even more enthusiastically and his quik-notes quill was practically in Harry’s face as he demanded “Mister Potter! What reason do you have with continuously involving yourself with filthy half-bloods? We have heard your affiliation with the deceased Remus Lupin, and his son Theodore Lupin, both known werewolves.”


                “How dare you! They are my family,” Harry burst out, whipping blazing green eyes at the stunned reporter. “All of your behaviours are unseemly! I have already told you to leave me out of all of this. I have nothing to do with the Wizarding World anymore other than my family and friends.”


Using the opportunity of the deafening silence that had descended around them, Harry reached across the table and grasped Logan’s hand tightly, tugging at him.


Logan looked up in time to see Harry lower his head and speak so softly that only Logan would be able to hear, “I should’ve known this was going to be a bad idea. I’m sorry. We can… we can have lunch at home.”


Frowning, Logan angled his head to catch Harry’s averted eyes. They weren’t angry or irritated anymore, simply… resigned. Logan had known that Harry had been eager to get out and visit this ‘diagonally’ place and he felt resentment for these fuckers who were getting in the way of that.


Twisting his wrist so that his own fingers grasped Harry’s wrist, Logan tugged the half-standing man to his side and his other hand reached out to wrap comfortingly around the nape of Harry’s neck and pulled him in enough to tuck the raven-haired head under his chin in a protective embrace.


Surprised, Harry’s free hand came out to clutch at Logan’s shirt as he stumbled and landed up being enveloped by Logan’s warmth around him. He was speechless at the sudden move but he tilted his head to peek up at Logan’s face when he felt the man’s chest rumbling in a growl.


He couldn’t tear his face away at the menacing picture Logan was making; snarling in a completely animalistic manner at the army of journalists around them who, after the first vicious snarl had ripped itself out of Logan’s throat, had stepped back in surprise and fear.


Harry didn’t register Elena emerging from the back office with a phone in one hand, a mirror shard in the other and remnants of soot on her blouse. Her demands for the unwelcome individuals to exit her premises or they would be escorted out was but a hollow sound as if Harry heard it from underwater.


As if to support this threat, another wave of pops were heard around her, closer to their table than the reporter’s had been. This unconsciously caused Harry to stiffen warily but Logan’s hand on his neck had pulled him in further and he relaxed in response.


Logan watched with a suspicious gaze as another group of ‘wizards’ appeared out of nowhere, surrounding Elena as if her cavalry had arrived. Some were in business suits, some in robes, others in more casual wear. They all looked immediately to Elena who glanced at Harry and Logan in response.


Then, Logan felt those eyes land on them and quite a few widened in surprise and possibly amusement as a few lips had quirked as if seeing Logan wrapped around Harry as if shielding the other man from an attack was a hilarious notion. Logan’s own eyes looked down to catch Harry’s inquisitive gaze. He didn’t say anything, however, as his attention was averted back onto the new group.


                “I will say this one more time. Leave the premises or you shall be forcibly escorted out. If you leave now, you will not be permanently blacklisted from neither my café nor any business associated with my family. We would recommend that you leave Harry alone, or we will not be held responsible for any retaliation on our parts if you choose to aggravate him further.”


As one, the line of witches and wizards backing Elena raised their wands; their unity like a well-oiled machine. After a moment’s hesitance, a number of reporters turned and left hesitantly, grumbling under their breaths. When one woman made to step forward to ask them a question, two red-headed individuals aimed their wands at her and raised their brows - daring her to make a move. The group continued to diligently watch the news-people leave slowly.


Harry, ignorant of these proceedings, had been having a small-epiphany whilst he had been almost lulled by the steady beat of Logan’s heart under his fingers. Biting his lip but making his decision with Gryffindor-courage, Harry released the hand in Logan’s shirt and wound it around Logan’s neck, mirroring Logan. Extracting himself slowly, Harry waited for Logan to look at him curiously once more before his eyes dropped to Logan’s lips in a clear question.


Logan’s eyes widened and at this closeness, Harry could feel the other man’s heartbeat jump. Hoping that it was a positive sign, Harry leaned in and sealed their lips together in a chaste kiss. He relaxed and his eyelids drifted shut as he shivered at the pleasurable contact.


Since most of the unwanted visitors had made their way out by this time, Elena and a few of the group glanced over at Logan and Harry and they were met with a sight that resulted in various pleased reactions; fond smiles, two or three wide grins and clasped hands all around - a silent celebration before they silently apparated away once more.


Pulling apart, Harry drew in a welcoming breath before meeting Logan’s gaze, unsure. Warmth blossomed in his chest and his own heart jumped at Logan’s reaction.


Logan licked his lips slowly, making a point out of it before he smiled a real smile and suggested “let’s have that lunch you promised me.” He watched warmly as Harry brightened up considerably and turned to speak to Elena before retaking his seat, their fingers interlocked the entire time.

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