Visiting the Anomalies of America

Harry Potter x X-Men (Crossover Fanfiction).

After farewelling the last of his friends, Harry decides to take some time off Britain and travel the world - search for a new purpose. He starts off in America and is soon bored. Being known internationally for all its "abnormalities", Harry decides to seek them out, hoping to make some new friends. Immortal Master of Death AU; Slash


17. Chapter 16

They stepped out of the cab, Harry pausing to pay the driver, and stood before a large block of houses side-by-side. Heaving both their shares of suitcases in his hands, Logan stood beside Harry who was looking up at the place fondly.


                “So, which one’s yours?” he asked in his gravelly voice. He was finally glad to be back on the ground after the long flight over and although he was eager to explore this side of Harry’s life, he was just as happy to take the rest of the day off and sleep first. Logan turned his head to look quizzically at Harry just in time to see a corner of the other man’s lips turn up, amused.


Harry tilted his head slightly, eyes locking with Logan with an expression resembling that of a child happily showing off something new, he casually lifted his wand-hand up and waved it before the buildings in front of them.


Eyes darting between Harry and the houses, confused, Logan narrowed his eyes in an effort to try and pick out whatever it was Harry had just done. Then, he was surprised to feel the ground begin quivering from under his feet. Alarmed, he glanced once at Harry, taking notice of his relaxed stance before turning his attention back to the rumbling buildings.


His jaw slackens when he witnesses another block reveal itself from between two others. Gaze alert, Logan notices for the first time that the buildings on either side had skipped the number twelve and as the new block settles itself comfortably between them, he lets out an amused bark of laughter at the 12 that hangs by the door. Logan turns his head to grin at Harry, suitably impressed.


Harry himself turns to meet Logan’s gaze and smiles before leading the way up to the house. He casts a non-verbal alohomora easily as he grips the doorknob. The protective wards in place recognize his magic and lets the spell pass - like a magical equivalent of a key.


They step in through the threshold and Logan feels the odd sensation of being given a security check by invisible hands briefly before the questing force disappears.


Before either of them could open their mouths to say something, two pops were heard and Logan had to quickly resist the instinct to leap back in defence as two tiny figures appeared seemingly out of thin air. His eyes were wide as the creatures seemed to bow lowly - the noses practically touching the ground in their deep bow - in the direction of Harry.


                “Welcome back Master Harry Potter!” the one that seems more energetic exclaims excitedly, literally bouncing in his place. Beside him, the other figure mutters out similar greetings in a more composed manner. However, his words were unfortunately drowned out by the first creature’s following words. “Dobby is glad to see Master Harry back home.”


Logan shifts to look at Harry as the other man smiles wider, his soft expression like that of a parent speaking to their child. Logan watches silently as Harry lowers himself onto a knee before the two creatures and Logan takes a few seconds to take in the odd-looking creatures as well.


                “Hello Dobby, Kreacher,” Harry greets amicably. Then, to the obvious surprise of the two smaller creatures, he leans forward to grasp each of them in a warm embrace. The younger - Dobby - was flushed in embarrassment at the act whilst the other - Kreacher - seemed scandalised at Harry’s actions.


Harry turned to look up at Logan with a quirk of his lips. “This is Logan. He’s a friend from America,” Harry introduced, turning slightly to look at the elves. “He’ll be staying here with us while I attend to some business we have in England.”


Turning back to catch Logan’s eye, Harry inclined his head towards the elves. “This is Dobby and Kreacher,” he pointed to each respectively as Logan nodded politely in return. “They’re house-elves. They live here with me.”


Logan’s brows had shot up incredulously at the word ‘house-elves’ but before he could get a word in on that matter, Dobby had cut in once more. “We are Master Harry’s house-elves! Master Harry is a good master,” the elf nodded solemnly, as if claiming himself a professional on the subject of masters.


Harry had a suspicion that the elf was comparing him to the Malfoys whom he had served previously. Instead of rebuffing Dobby’s claims, he merely smiled in response before heaving himself up once again. “I need to make some calls first,” he said to Logan. “You can go ahead and get settled in first. I’m sure Dobby will be happy to help you out.” He turned to glance at said elf who nodded and answered in an affirmative, already snapping his fingers - getting their luggage to slip out from Logan’s grasp and begin levitating themselves to their proper rooms.


Logan jerked in shock at that but could hardly get a word in before Harry began walking off in another direction and he was being ushered by the two house-elves upstairs.


Later, Logan’s ears picked up the soft knocking on his door and he heaves himself off where he had been lounging on the luxurious bed in his current room to answer the door. It must’ve been Harry though, considering the fact that since his arrival, the two ‘house-elves’ had been popping in and out of the room non-stop; bringing with them all kinds of items from beddings to afternoon snacks. It was ridiculous really. He’d thought Charles had been living it up. He was quite surprised to see that Harry himself hadn’t turned out like one of the many stuck-up, entitled brats he’d come across now and then.


                “Hey Logan,” Harry greeted softly as Logan opened the door for him to enter. Harry took a moment to take in his unpacked state with an approving hum before rounding on him once more. “Will you be okay staying here on your own for a bit?”


Logan frowned in response to the question. “Why? Going somewhere?”


Harry nodded, gaze travelling distractedly around the room. “I… I would like to visit some of my friends,” he answered vaguely.


Thinking about it, Logan came to the conclusion that Harry probably meant their graves. He could understand the sentiment, of course, having been through it before himself. “No,” he said, earning a sharp glance from Harry whose face looked shocked at the fact that Logan actually had the gall to forbid him from doing something in his own home.


Logan laughed at the expression before elaborating, “I’m going to die of boredom if you leave me in this place. Besides, I’m sure your friends would like to see just what bad company you’ve been keeping, won’t they?” He smirked at the thought.


Harry was surprised at his words and stood speechless for a few seconds before gathering his wits and allowing a small smile to touch his lips tenderly as his gaze dropped. A short laugh of his own escaped those lips at Logan’s jibe but he shook his head exasperatedly, “alright then. I’m just going to go get cleaned up first and I’ll meet you downstairs?”


Logan nodded and shrugged nonchalantly. They exchanged a few short words after, mostly idle chatter such as Logan’s opinion of England so far - which he’d bluntly answered to - before Harry excused himself.


The first stop had been to visit Harry’s parents. They’d walked in companionable silence, and Logan had held open the gates to the cemetery for him. When they’d neared, Harry had silently, almost unconsciously, brushed away the dust that had collected since his last visit.


Then he’d slowly lowered himself to his knees and placed the flowers by the stone markers. Real flowers. Distantly, he heard Logan walk a little ways off to lean against the trunk of an old tree - probably to give Harry some private time first. For that, he was grateful.


After being satisfied with his arrangements of the flowers, Harry rearranged himself so that he was sitting more comfortably cross-legged before the two graves. With that, he began speaking.


It was simple chatter, really. His life, his thoughts and his feelings. Unloading them all always lifted a weight from Harry’s shoulders, even though he never expected a reply. He usually started off sombre, and quiet. But as time wore on, his hands would begin to join in, motioning animatedly along with his tales. His face would light up and his brightening eyes would gaze fondly upon the two names etched into stone. Sometimes, it felt like the names would shiver and ripple, giving him glimpses of his own parents’ reactions.


Later still, his babbles would slow, and he would enjoy short pauses and times of silence; letting his mind wander. Then, what seemed a millennia later, he turned around to glimpse at Logan’s figure - still leaning against the tree, arms crossed and eyes closed in an uncharacteristic show of peace.


As Harry gazed on, Logan’s eyes slid open as if sensing him, and their eyes locked. Slowly, Harry’s lips were pulled into an easy smile, silently beckoning the other man over.


Logan lingered a moment longer just to take in the serene, utterly relaxed position and expression on Harry before he pushed himself off the trunk and strode over to the man. When he neared, Harry had his arm lifted, reaching out towards him. Logan grasped it obligingly and gave a tug to heave the other man up to his feet.


Harry dusted off his trousers and flashed a grin in Logan’s direction before turning away. “This is Logan,” he said amicably, nudging Logan playfully. “He’s a… pretty cool mutant.” Harry was giving him secret smiles that made Logan’s own lips twitch in amusement unknowingly.


                “Yeah and your son here’s a cheater,” he spoke up, smirking at Harry’s indignant protest. “You’ve got quite the underhanded trickster here, Mr and Mrs Potters.” He studiously ignored Harry’s futile attempts at shoving and punching his side. Logan almost could’ve sworn he heard the wind carry distant sounds of amused laughter around them.


His grin softened, standing firm as he watched Harry attempt to make him lose his balance. “But he’s a good lad,” he said more seriously. This caused Harry to stop his ministrations and look up, brows raised in slight surprise. Logan turned his look onto the graves, “and we’ll look after him.” Deep brown eyes locked with clear emerald eyes, “I’ll look after him.”


Harry’s jaw slackened, momentarily stunned at Logan’s serious tone and expression, as well as his earnest honesty in the words he was saying. He felt awed and a little humbled by the acceptance being shown to him by Logan who was, by all standards, a normally aloof and detached person.


The tension around them thickened and the silence slowly stretched, waiting for one of them to make the next move. Harry was somewhat relieved and also amused when Logan shrugged and added, “after all, I won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.”


Harry broke into a grin as he rolled his eyes, giving Logan one last, half-hearted, shove. After that, they slipped easily into a conversation. Harry and Logan spoke as if there really were four of them, despite the lack of response from two.


Harry was pleasantly surprised to note that Logan seemed utterly unaffected by the fact that he was speaking to two graves and instead spoke rather naturally. Although in a way, he shouldn’t have been surprised since he already knew that not only was Logan ‘immortal’, like him, but he had lived for almost twice as long as he did!


Harry smiled to himself as he remembered that only a few others had managed the same nonchalance as he and Logan did when speaking to those no longer a part of the world of the living. Luna, for example, was one such person. Harry doubted that he would ever meet someone quite like her again.


They had, by far, spent the most time at his parents’ grave than the rest. But they eventually managed to visit everyone he wanted to visit before heading home in time for dinner. As usual, Dobby and Kreacher managed to whip up an absolutely delectable dinner that had them both stuffed full.


They spoke of everything and nothing over the dinner table and even Logan’s brows had raised up at the surprise treacle pudding dessert which he proceeded to enjoy so much that he’d even thanked the two house-elves; who, by that time, were beside themselves with pride.


                “Tomorrow won’t be much of a busy day either,” Harry had said as they discussed their plans for the few days in which they would be here. “I’ll show you around Diagon Alley,” he smiled at the small private joke to himself, “where you can do your job as a tourist while I visit Gringotts to check on some things.”


Logan had given up trying to remember and make sense of any of the odd names that had anything to do with the wizarding world since he’d first listened to Harry prattle on to his parents earlier that day. It was easier for him if he just nodded and figured the rest out later.


                “We’ll stop for lunch somewhere nice and then I’ll need to finish coordinating a meeting when I can meet up with everyone to discuss our business here,” Harry hummed thoughtfully, tapping the priceless dessert-spoon lightly on his chin. “Preferably here if I can make it happen… Anywhere but at the Ministry really,” he muttered mostly to himself.


                “Who do you have to meet up with while we’re here?” Logan asked, vaguely recalling that Harry had enlisted the help of quite a few people.


Logan turned from nodding at Dobby – who had begun to slowly clear away the plates – to look at Harry in time to see Harry scooping up the last of his pudding with a thoughtful expression on his face and a hint of his tongue poking out from between his lips. To his amusement, he realized later, when Harry popped the spoon into his mouth, that the tongue was less of an unconscious act and more of as anticipation for the dessert.


                “Mmm,” Harry tried to reply, the spoon still stuck in his mouth.


Logan quirked his lips and Harry rolled his eyes before taking his time in swallowing the dessert before pulling the spoon out and setting it down, nodding to Kreacher who took off with it and the rest of the plates.


                “Well, hopefully I’m going to try and see if I can organize a meeting where everyone can be there at the same time. That way I can get all the gathered information as well as cross it with what the others have. Also, it’d be good if I can get the others here to speculate as well because I’m sure they probably have theories of their own,” Harry explained as he set his elbows on the table and propped his chin in his hand lazily.


Logan nodded. “I see. Yes, it’ll be more efficient than having to run around between all the different groups if the number of different methods of contacts I’ve seen you employ the last few days were any indication,” he raised a slow brow at Harry who rolled his eyes in response but smiled nonetheless.


                “Yup. And after that, I’ll still need to spend at least one or two more days speaking with a few of my friends about the situation,” he paused, looking at Logan as if expecting a protest. Logan merely looked at him curiously and Harry smiled, continuing “I know that Xavier and the “X-Men” are really the ones that are used to having to deal with Lansherr’s actions, as I’ve heard from the Professor.


“But if he does intend to bring in Death Eaters and the like into his.. ‘Brotherhood’, I do believe that it would be best to at least have a few of my own people aware as a contingency plan.” Harry was still getting used to calling the professors of the Mansion ‘X-Men’; but then again, he couldn’t say anything about this given the sort of names he’d had to live through.


Logan’s lips twitched in amusement at Harry’s choice of calling Magneto by his real name instead of his more commonly known mutant name. It made the man seem more.. human, in a way. And the experience remind him of Harry’s own ‘arch-nemesis’: Tom Riddle, also known as Lord Voldemort. He snorted in derision at these men who thought themselves above others.


                “So is there anything you want me to do while I’m here, then?” Logan asked. “Or will I simply play the part of your personal bodyguard?” He had an amused smirk curling his lips, “or.. what was it? Your ‘knight in shining armour’.”


Harry huffed at Logan’s teasing. “Please,” he said, rising from his chair. “A knight in shining armour is a man who has never had his metal truly tested.” He turned to shoot  a smug look over his shoulder at Logan who looked surprised by his reply.  “Come on then. There’s one last place I’d like to show you before I head off to bed.”


Logan slowly rose from his seat and followed Harry curiously, wondering where he was being led to this time. His mind that was running away from him by providing him with various (highly unlikely) answers to this certainly wasn’t helping him either.


Reaching the end of the corridor, Harry turned to the side and placed a hand on the wall. Logan frowned, watching as Harry seemed to be simply running his hands over the weathered walls. Then, Harry found what he was looking for and pushed lightly, causing the wall to crinkle in its design like a crease on paper before an entire section of the wall before them shuddered and the old, dirty design dissolved into a plain, slightly yellowed wall.


Logan watched with clear interest as Harry stepped back and his eyes traced the indiscernible, shallow markings on the wall. Inhaling sharply, Logan’s eyes widened when Harry opened his mouth and a litany of hissing sibilance and Logan’s brows went up, not sure how he should be reacting to this.


Hardly three seconds later, though, the wall seemed to twist and shift before revealing an opening through which Harry stepped through, Logan trailing in after him. “Ta dah,” Harry said with a simple flourish, presenting Logan with an... empty room. Logan turned to raise a questioning brow at Harry who smiled.


                “This is a sparring room I created,” he said, pivoting slowly on the spot to look around. “You could say it’s my very own Danger Room.”


                “Inside your house?” asked Logan incredulously.


Harry shrugged. “What? Isn’t the Danger Room also in the Mansion? Anyway,” he waved a hand dismissively, “the room is heavily protected both inside and out. So even with your powers, it should stay standing.” Harry’s lips pulled into a low smile as Logan seemed to trust his judgement enough to at least give the room another once-over.


“Usually when I’m down here I conjure up some moving targets and what-not,” he continued. “But if you decide to come here on your own, there’s some equipment behind those walls,” he nodded to a corner of the room, “or I could probably set something up for you too.”


                “Alright,” Logan began to saw slowly, coming to face Harry once more. “But how exactly do you propose I get in here in the first place?” He was thinking about the jibberish language that Harry had spoken earlier in order to get in.


Harry smiled. “Don’t worry. All you need to do is remember which wall to get in, and you can let the house itself take care of the rest.” And with that cryptic response, Harry smiled, excused himself, and went off to retire; leaving a very confused and somewhat suspicious Logan in his wake.

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