Visiting the Anomalies of America

Harry Potter x X-Men (Crossover Fanfiction).

After farewelling the last of his friends, Harry decides to take some time off Britain and travel the world - search for a new purpose. He starts off in America and is soon bored. Being known internationally for all its "abnormalities", Harry decides to seek them out, hoping to make some new friends. Immortal Master of Death AU; Slash


14. Chapter 13

“Is it alright with you if I grab a quick shower first?” asked Harry, giving himself a look-over and firmly deciding that his current state was in no way suitable for anything else.


                “’s alright. I think we’ll all take one anyway,” Logan said simply. They both then journeyed silently to their respective rooms and proceeded to do just that.


As promised, all three that had returned from their ‘recon mission’ had indeed gone off to freshen up in one way or another. Jean had even went to catch some shut-eye before dinner whilst Logan had made his way back to the small kitchen near the living room not long after Harry. Harry had already gathered all he needed from the main kitchen and was well into a comfortable routine as Logan settled himself comfortably in one of the couches and switched on the television, kicking his feet up the coffee table shamelessly.


Harry absentmindedly listened to some of the news that was being presented on the telly as he went about his business, handling the cooking easily. Even though the smaller kitchen he was using wasn’t as equipped, Harry had made do and managed to be able to do everything he needed to.  Some of the clearer differences were that there was only an oven and microwave installed, and no stove. He succeeded in doing parts of the process that required a stove by merely keeping the pots and pans hovering in the air with a small flame floating beneath it – a flame which intensity Harry could adjust at will.


Before long, Harry was finishing up not long before that usual dinner time. He wiped his hands on a wet cloth whilst allowing the rest of the work to complete itself and went on to grab a few pieces of scrap paper from the table and a pen. On the paper, he scribbled a few copies of the same message requesting that the recipients make their way over to the small kitchen where he and Logan were in. Deftly splitting up the pieces of paper, he cast a quick charm on each of the pieces and they proceeded to fold themselves into simple paper planes which took off without any assistance and zoomed off to random parts of the Mansion.


Logan’s head tilted up ever-so-slightly, his quick eyes catching the departing piece of paper, before raising a questioning brow at Harry, who smiled patiently.


                “Just letting the others know that dinner’s ready.”


Logan nodded once in understanding before pushing himself off the couch and striding up towards Harry and the kitchen island, eyeing the various plates of food scattered before Harry. “Need a hand?” he asked uncharacteristically. Harry’s brows lifted in a miniscule movement, but said nothing about it.


                “That would be nice, thanks,” he said, pulling out a drawer and gathering up the required cutlery. He passed over the gleaming utensils over to Logan who set the small table just in front of the kitchen. Whilst he was busy with that, Harry turned around to finish up and pull out the plates. One by one, he put equal servings on each of the plates placed them on the counter for Logan to collect and place onto the table appropriately.


Once the table was fully set and ready, Harry poured the rest of the remaining food onto separate dishes and placed them in the centre of the table – in case anybody wanted seconds. In was at this moment that he spotted Jean lingering silently in the archway leading into the area, a delighted expression on her face and her hand just covering her lips. He watched her curiously and noticed her eyes trailing something else. Following her line of sight, Harry looked over to see Logan arranging the plates and then finally pulling out a chair and settling himself in.


Confused, Harry looked back over at Jean just in time to see her own eyes darting to his form before widening in realization at being caught staring. He watched in amusement as she immediately looked guilty and strode forward with a small blush. Still not understanding what was wrong, Harry merely welcomed her and pulled out a chair for her opposite from Logan who said simple hello to her in acknowledgement.


Not long after, Scott made his way into the room, took one look at the scene – not forgetting his manners and being sure to have greeted each one of them – and took the seat next to Jean, including a quick peck on her cheek which had Logan looking away with a resolutely uncaring attitude.


Harry, who was happily oblivious to all of this, merely greeted Scott jovially before taking his seat next to Logan without a thought. This action caused Jean to glance between him and Logan speculatively; but when questioned softly by Scott, she merely shook her head and shushed him in a manner that said the issue would be discussed at another time.


Finally, Ororo and Professor Xavier made their entrance – to Harry’s greetings once more – and took their own places each at the ends of the table. “Ah Harry,” the Professor’s friendly voice had said as he entered. “I must thank you for putting all of this together on such short notice.”


                “Harry, oh it smells wonderful,” Storm had crooned, glancing at her own plate pointedly. Harry smiled and thanked her, a light dusting of pink on his cheeks.


                “Yes, I agree Harry, you really didn’t have to go to all this trouble for us,” Jean piped in, to Scott’s agreeing nod.


                “Indeed, the X-Men have to frequent missions such as these all the time,” said Scott, “I think it would be quite a hassle for you if you intend on welcoming us home like this every time one of us returns from a mission.”


Harry waved a hand at Scott’s words dismissively. “Regardless, I will continue to do so,” he said, eyes crinkling at the memories of welcoming his friends home after finishing their Auror missions; and them doing likewise for his own return. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Xavier smile to himself at Harry’s words. “And what is an ‘X-Man’, sorry?” Harry added as an afterthought. He watched in fascination as both Jean and Scott began shooting glances at basically everyone else except for Harry himself.


The Professor was merely looking at Harry in a manner that suggested he would answer if only the two would stop their worried gazes and listen, and Logan was, as usual, picking at the shiny cutlery while wearing an utterly bored expression on his face. Harry frowned and his hand shot out to clasp Logan’s wrist so as to stop Logan’s distracting fidgeting. Logan complied easily enough, although not before turning his head and raising a brow paired with his customarily insufferable smirk in Harry’s direction.


Not seeing an end to the furtive looks still being shot across the table any time soon, the Professor decided to resort to clearing his throat in order to gain Jean and Scott’s attentions. “The ‘X-Men’, is the title under which we are known as. They are usually a simple group of the Professors from the Academy – or, if the situation calls for desperate measures, some of our more prepared students – who, under my directions, intervene in various mutant-human affairs.”


“Speaking of missions,” the Professor’s voice already commanded the attention of everyone at the table, and dismissed any chance of Harry’s further questions on the X-Men for the moment. “I would like you to relay your findings from your recent mission to me once again please, Scott,” he said, with Scott frowning in return. “Just to be sure we’ve covered all that we can,” the Professor continued, giving a definite glance in Harry’s direction. Scott, Jean and Logan’s eyes followed Xavier’s gaze to rest on Harry as well, but only Logan and Harry himself had any inkling of just what the Professor was getting at.


                “Right. Well,” Scott cleared his throat as he began, however reluctantly. “As I said earlier—” he was interrupted by Harry raising a hand, open-palmed, much like as if wanting to ask a question in a classroom.


                “Sorry,” Harry promptly apologized first. “But am I right to suppose that you would be happy if this were a conversation best kept private?” Before anyone else could answer, Xavier had already nodded in agreement to Harry’s words.


                “Would you mind?” Xavier went on to ask politely.


Harry smiled pleasantly, “not at all.” He non-verbally cast several charms and spells to ensure that their conversation would be secure. However, he also kept it so that they could still hear anything around them; although to a more muted level. The showy hand-waving Harry did was merely for the benefit of the others to show that he had done something at all. “Alright,” he announced, relaxing his posture – slouching back leisurely in his chair – and nodding to Xavier once more who, in turn, nodded to Scott to resume his report.


                “Yes. Well – like I said,” he cleared his throat, not knowing what the hell all that was about. “We turned up nothing. Of the places there was at least a whisper of Mystique’s presence that we had visited, there was no link. The points were unrelated and my best guess is that the only reason she was so careless in those areas were because they had absolutely nothing to do with whatever it is she’s after anyway!”


                “Excuse me, um. I understand that I am completely out of the loop here, but who exactly is this ‘Mystique’ character?” Harry asked meekly. “And what do you mean by the evidence being useless?” this time, the question was being directed at Scott’s final statement.


                “It’s only because Scott doesn’t know how to look that he thinks that,” Logan cut in before anyone else. “I spoke to some of the chums at those ‘useless’ places you mentioned and it seems pretty clear from the crumbs she’s dropping that she’s trying to gather intel. Your mistake is in thinking that intelligence can only be reliably found in places of high-security. From her scatter of points, I assume that the information she’s trying to get is something more of rumours and better found on the darker side of town.” Logan sat back in a smug and confident pose that Harry was being accustomed to seeing as Logan’s default setting.


                “What are you talking about?” Scott said indignantly, leaning his body forward. He held the tone of someone who did not take well to being told that he was wrong by others. Especially by someone he didn’t particularly get along with; in this case, namely, Logan.


At the same time, with the ease of someone entirely too familiar with witnessing the two men’s antics, Professor Xavier turned to Harry. “Mystique is a mutant,” he started to explain, watching as Harry’s brows were drawn up only slightly in both interest and surprise. “As you may or may not know, most mutants tend to adopt a pseudonym to which they are known by in the public.”


                “Yes, most of the students insist that I address them in those names. I gathered that they usually have a connection to their abilities?”


                “Indeed. Mystique, like her name, is a mystery in itself because she has the ability to take on the form of anyone she wants. As such, she adopts numerous names. Long ago, when I had known her, she went by the identity ‘Raven Darkholme’. This was before she had allied herself with Erik Lensherr; also known as Magneto.” Xavier paused to glance around the room once more in a habit to ensure they were alone.


“We have often seen Mystique take on her former identity and form when on her own business or for casual means. I would highly doubt anything she instigates whilst in that form to be of much importance to Magneto because it is one that we – the X-Men – easily link to herself.”


Harry nodded slowly, taking in the information thoughtfully. “Not that it may help much, but would you happen to have a picture of her in that form?”


Xavier nodded instantly and reached into one of his pockets. Harry raised a brow at the implications of Xavier having a picture of Mystique on his person like that but didn’t comment on it. Just as the Professor pulled out the photograph and slid it across the table, Harry caught some of Logan and Scott’s still continued bickering.


                “—don’t have any idea just what she’s gathering intel on anyway,” Logan was saying, his voice suggesting that he was letting Scott have the victory for that argument.


Focusing himself back to his own task, Harry picked up the old photograph – limp, weathered, with evidence of crinkles and numerous dog-ears on all four corners – and pulling it up to eye-level. He scrutinized the image before his eyes widened when he realized that he had seen the woman on it before – many years ago.


                “—Darkholme… Raven Darkholme… ah! I remember now,” Harry exclaimed triumphantly. His outburst cause the table to fall silent as all eyes turned to him.


                “You’ve met her?” Scott asked incredulously. He was silenced by the Professor holding up a hand and leaning forward himself.


                “When was this, Harry?” he asked in a grave tone.


The years were mostly a blur for Harry after becoming ‘immortal’. Mostly because he didn’t want a reminder of never changing with the time. Now, however, he tried to think back to the day that he had first seen the woman in the photograph. Finally, he said, “about… twenty years ago, I believe. Give or take a few.”


                “And you’re sure it was her?” Logan asked on the behalf of everyone. Logan was holding up the picture of ‘Raven’. Harry glanced over to see the Professor frowning, a hand drawn up in a thinking pose.


                “Yes,” Harry nodded, the memory becoming clearer and clearer as he looked at the image. “It was in Britain.” This elicited a glance between Scott and the Professor, whose face had grown even more grave and serious.


                “Harry…” the Professor said slowly, warily. “Was this in… one of your communities?” he asked, meeting Harry’s gaze with a look that clearly conveyed just what the Professor meant.


                “No.” The single word caused a ripple of relief to pass through both the Professor and Logan simultaneously. “But…” Harry shared a look with Xavier, pointedly indicating to Scott, Jean and Ororo’s presence. Xavier looked over them once before giving Harry a firm nod in reply.


Harry nodded once in return before raising a hand to strengthen the wards already cast. The extra power put behind the reinforcement caused the air surrounding the table to shimmer once before returning to normal. Harry then leaned forward on his elbows and spoke evenly. “We saw her lingering around one of the places our people tend to enjoy in the Muggle world, but, well – it isn’t exactly a place that most… upstanding citizens go to either.”


                “We?” Jean echoed. The question ensured that none had missed the meaning behind his last sentence – that Mystique had been spotted around the ‘rougher’ parts of town frequented by his own people.


                “One of my god-children,” Harry answered vaguely. Who it was didn’t really matter at that point. Harry looked at Xavier as he added, “he was an Auror.” Retired, now, he thought to himself.


                “What was Mystique doing?” Scott asked impatiently, seeing that the Professor seemed to understand what this ‘Auror’ things was and would leave it be for now.


Harry sighed and leaned back, “I think it would be easier to just retell the whole encounter, if that’s alright with you?” He got nods from the entire table and made himself comfortable as he recalled the event.


Harry was taking a leisurely stroll with Colin, one of his god-children who was about the same generation as Emi. He’d just decided to stop by the Ministry and drop in to say hi and Colin had mentioned that he was about to get off work soon anyway and asked if Harry wanted to walk back together. Of course, Harry agreed.


Colin asked Harry if he’d fancy a cup of coffee while they were on their way and Harry had shrugged why not. Although the only place that wasn’t out of their way was a bit shady, neither Harry nor Colin had much worry about getting any trouble. Even if they did run into some complications; they were both perfectly capable of taking care of themselves.


They’d made their way into the small and dingy café and were in the process of sliding into a booth as a woman came up to them – Mystique.


                “Hello, excuse me, sorry,” the young woman was stuttering slightly. Harry and Colin both shared a look at the American accent before turning back to the woman.


                “Hi, yes, what’s the problem?” Colin asked, putting a hand on the woman’s forearm in an attempt to make her less nervous. She looked up at him gratefully before motioning to a book in her hands.


                “Oh I’m sorry,” she said once more. “There’s no problem. It’s just—um.”


Harry sat down and motioned for Colin to do the same. “Why don’t you join us for some coffee?”


                “Oh, thank you,” she said, taking a seat next to Colin shyly. Once they were settled, Harry asked her how they could help and she looked and them nervously, chewing on her lip in what seemed to be a worried habit. “Are you—uh..” she waved her hand in some sort of motion that neither Harry nor Colin understood. Raising a brow at her, Harry shook his head, showing that he didn’t understand.


The woman’s hands dropped and her eyes drifted as she thought of a different way to approach the matter. It didn’t take long before she looked up and simply said, “I’m a squib.”


Both he and Colin made silent oh’s. “Alright,” Harry said. “So what’s wrong?”


                “Oh um, nothing,” said the woman. “It’s just—you see, I’m from the States. And, well, people’s always saying that the community here in Britain is huge and really different to ours and well, um, I came over here but then I realized that I really didn’t know how to get around anywhere. I don’t have any relatives or anything here and I’d only managed to get myself into Diagon Alley by chance.”


Colin gave a curious glance over at Harry that spoke ‘well that’s weird. Most squibs leave the wizarding world alone since they have nothing to do with it. And even then hardly any of them go to Diagon Alley’. Harry merely shrugged silently and continued to listen.


                “Anyway, I was in one of the bookstores and the man there had recommended some books that gave me some insight about things here and um, after that I haven’t managed to get a hold of anyone who could help me. I came here because it was one of the places I remember he’d mentioned that people like you go to and came here but I was too afraid to ask anyone in case they were… you know.”


                “Muggles,” Harry had said, understanding.


She nodded. “Um, really, it probably isn’t even worth all this trouble but I’d just wanted to ask someone to clarify some things for me you see.”


                “Such as?” Colin asked, glancing at the book in her grasp and recognising it as a simple history book.


                “Well, uh—the American Ministry doesn’t really say much about the affairs of other countries and I only realized just how much we missed when I was reading up and I mean; did you really go through two wars in less than a century?” She asked, sidetracked.


Colin frowned, looking at Harry once more. “Yes,” he said slowly. “That’s right.”


                “Right, well. It all just seemed so impossible that something like this was happening and I’d hardly even heard about it,” she said breathlessly. “So it’s true then? What they say in the books?”


Harry reached over to take the book from her just after asking permission and was flipping through the pages to see that it was quite up-to-date – including both wars with Voldemort in it.


“That a boy named Harry Potter defeated the Dark Lord at seventeen?” she asked. “And well, this might sound a little stupid, but what exactly is the Dark Lords’ name? I’ve only ever read it as You-Know-Who and the Dark Lord.”


                “Voldemort,” Harry said, clearing his throat and passing the book over to Colin. “‘I am Lord Voldemort’ was an anagram of his birth name; Tom Marvolo Riddle. Yes, it’s true.”


The woman merely looked stunned for a moment before thanking Harry for helping her. “And his followers? These um… Death Eaters, was it? They’re all in jail?”


Colin frowned at her mention of ‘jail’ instead of ‘Azkaban’ but remained silent, flipping nonchalantly through her book. “No,” he answered, gaze still on the book. “There’re still rogue followers of Voldemort out there. But that’s what we have the Aurors for, yeah?” he added, finally shutting the book and returning it to her.


                “Oh, okay. But—they’re not very dangerous now, are they?” she asked, with a hint of worry in her voice. Colin clasped her arm and Harry smiled encouragingly as Colin answered her.


                “No, they’re not. Hardly a force to be scared of, don’t worry.”


                “Ah, okay. Thank you so much. I think that’s all I wanted to know, thanks. It’s just—it all seemed very surreal, you know? When I read it.” She slipped out of the booth and bowed slightly. “Oh, oh! Where were my manners. I’m sorry, I’m Raven. Raven Darkholme. Thank you so much for your help.”


They smiled. “Colin Riley,” said Colin, shaking a hand. He motioned to Harry as he was politely extending a handshake and said, “this is my colleague, John Dawson.” Harry smiled, beguilingly, and said nothing. Once the woman had exited, Harry immediately turned on him.


                “John Dawson? Really?”


Colin waved over the waitress to take their order. “Oh please, Harry. You should just be glad I didn’t call you John Smith; or John Doe.


                “We both thought the encounter was quite odd,” Harry said thoughfully. “But then again, considering the jobs we’d completed, it was hardly that surprising.


Logan had his eyes narrowed. “What was she asking about your history for?” he growled unhappily.


Scott and Jean were had both been leaning in toward the Professor whilst Harry was speaking. Xavier had telepathically gave them a summary of Harry which raised brows and looks of incredulity.


                “Harry?” the Professor asked, no doubt asking for Harry’s opinion.


Harry pursed his lips and clasped his hands on the table, taking in a breath. “Based on her questions? I can’t be sure. Thinking about it in context to now… it sounds like she’s interest in Voldemort’s followers. Maybe she’s trying to make a pact with the Darks?”


                “But didn’t you say that they aren’t a threat now?” Scott voiced, ignoring all the other questions he wanted to ask for the moment.


                “I did, yes,” Harry sighed. “But that was on our viewpoint. If she manages to get them to work together with this ‘Magneto’ fellow of yours, it’s completely different. From what I know, Magneto seems to be out for the regular humans, no? In that case, it doesn’t matter if he only gets five dark wizards on his side. Humans hardly stand a chance against mutants. Putting them against mutants and dark wizards will be a sure-fire way to achieve whatever his goals are.”


Scott was rubbing his fingers into his temples, most likely staving off an incoming headache at this new development. Now they didn’t just have to worry about their own kind but wizards too?


                “What do you suggest we should do to confront this situation, Harry?” Xavier asked. “It is, after all, your speciality, is it not?”


Harry’s lips twitched in amusement at the comment but he nodded seriously and considered his options at the moment. “You’re friends with Agent Coulson’s SHIELD organization, right? And they’re an intelligence organization? It would be good if you can contact them to keep and eye on Magneto’s movements for the past two decades regarding anything to do in Britain. Dark wizards in America aren’t as much of a problem as where I’m from.


“Be sure that they keep it mum and only for the higher-ups, yeah? There’s still the Statue to worry about, regardless. If you want, you could probably ask Hank to let the President know. The President will be aware about the Ministry here. If need be, Hank can act as intermediary between us, the President and the Ministry. I’m sure there’ll be someone from the American Ministry already in the White House anyway.


“For now there’s not much we can do but figure out how far Magneto’s at with this. I’ll ask Kathy to look them up and let you know what I can find, as well as my own acquaintances back home,” he nodded to Xavier who thanked him gratefully.


“Now for goodness sakes; no more business at the table,” he said, waving his fingers to reheat the food he’d prepared. “This is supposed to be a pleasant dinner affair.”

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