Visiting the Anomalies of America

Harry Potter x X-Men (Crossover Fanfiction).

After farewelling the last of his friends, Harry decides to take some time off Britain and travel the world - search for a new purpose. He starts off in America and is soon bored. Being known internationally for all its "abnormalities", Harry decides to seek them out, hoping to make some new friends. Immortal Master of Death AU; Slash


12. Chapter 11

“This one,” Kathy held the item out under Harry’s chin. Harry had on an exasperated expression but obediently kept still – as still as a mannequin. Emi rolled her eyes.


                “Don’t be ridiculous, Kath,” she said in a tone that told Kathy her mother had called her out on her choices. “This one is the obvious choice,” Emi shoved another one under Harry’s chin instead.


                “What does it matter?” Harry finally complained, throwing up his hands at the women’s antics. “They’re exactly the same!” He cringed, however, when both women turned to him with disapproving glares.


                “They are not!” Kathy defended indignantly. “They’re completely different colours. Really, Harry,” she shook her head as if utterly disappointed in him. Harry himself merely shot her a pointed look in return.


                “What Kathy here is trying to say is that the red one stands out and is a much bolder colour; but I say the green one suits you much better and it brings out those gorgeous eyes of yours,” Emi reasoned.


                “Sounds to me like you’re just arguing over whether to put me in Gryffindor or Slytherin clothing,” Harry said, shaking his head. His eyes narrowed when the girls inclined their heads to shoot each other knowing looks; a mischievous smirk mirrored on each woman’s face that sent a cold shiver down Harry’s spine. “Uh, you know,” he began to say slowly, cautiously, wanting to placate both women before they resorted to anything drastic. “I could just get both.”


                “What an excellent idea, Harry,” Kathy said in a sickly sweet tone.


                “Indeed,” Emi agreed as she slowly stalked up to him fluidly, like a deadly panther silently stalking up to its unsuspecting prey. Harry gulped but he took in the smug smiles that curled the women’s lips with cautious eyes. He realized belatedly that this had been their plan all along – to get him to buy everything they were suggesting.


Harry just sighed in defeat and dropped back down onto the plush seat behind him. To his side was an already large pile of clothes the women had coerced him into purchasing. Around him were countless shopping bags for the women themselves.


Harry had spent the hours of the first two days being dragged around by the Malfoy women as they went to the cities and shopped to their heart’s content. And to top it all off; Harry had paid for everything. Emi, apparently, was visiting on her own and she went about wearing casual – yet still eye grabbing – clothing, stylish sunglasses and pulled back her hair into a simple ponytail, or at times an elegant braid. They avoided getting her noticed but at the same time they didn’t worry about it too much. Emi was sure to have thought of what she’d do if she was recognized.


Even though he was utterly bored out-of-his-mind, Harry went along with the women anyway. He’d missed spending time with some of his own friends from back home. Finally though, they put him out of his misery by declaring themselves done for the day after lunch and they made their way back to the mansion. They made it back in time for Harry to catch one of Logan’s classes. When asked where he was dashing off to; he’d happily invited the girls to join them. Thus, the two shrugged nonchalantly at one another before telling him to lead the way. He grinned at them in a sort of childish-glee at the thought of being able to show off the students to them as he led them to the Danger Room.


Although the Professor had graciously welcomed the ladies and also offered them accommodations, the Malfoy women had hardly ventured around the Mansion of their own accord. They’d also politely turned down his offer for lodgings, saying that they had a ‘tent set up on the Mansion’s boundaries’. Most of the adult mutants had raised their brows in an incredulous pose at the thought, but Harry had nodded knowingly – recalling the unlimited amount of luxury a magical tent could provide. Harry had frowned a little at the fact that Emi had had their house-elf, Minny, travel back and forth between the continents so as to serve their needs. He’d had a little chat with said elf, who was glad to see him again, and she’d shyly clued him in onto the ‘latest gossip’ whilst she also conjured some of her specialty chocolate chip cookies – a guilty pleasure of Harry’s.


Arriving at the designated door, Harry rapped his knuckles on the solid metal door a few times before mentally unlocking the door himself and stepping in, Emi and Kathy trailing in after him. They arrived to see the students dutifully continuing the duels that Harry had put together for them. He’d pasted the listing on the wall but didn’t really expect them to go through with them while he was away.


At the moment, it was Rogue against Pyro. The rest of the students were gathered around the designated arena; some cheering for the two, some murmuring excitedly among themselves as they watched the fight. Harry heard Logan’s firm voice carry out as he called out at movements that the spectating students should observe and learn from. Harry’s lips were pulled into a surprised and pleased smile unconsciously. The two women behind him didn’t miss the somewhat awed expression on Harry’s face.


Beside Logan, a woman turned and her face lit up when she saw the three approaching. “Harry!” said Storm. “I didn’t expect you to be back so quickly.”


                “Me neither,” Harry laughed. Logan turned when Ororo had spoken up and his own brows raised, obviously surprised to see Harry as well.


                “Come take a look,” Ororo continued. “You should be proud. The kids are doing very well.” Harry nodded at her beckoning and stood on Ororo’s other side whilst the two Malfoy women stood idly by as well – taking in the duelling scene with appraising eyes.


                “I am,” Harry admitted, his lips curled into a satisfied smile as he watched the clashing mutants. The past week was very fruitful for both Harry and the students. Harry had been able to get to know each student better and also mentor each of them on how they could improve. He was very impressed when the students put a lot of effort into implementing his advice and trained hard. Harry found himself often beaming brightly when they managed to bring their skills to greater heights.


If Harry recalled correctly, Rogue must’ve been able to beat Kitty to have advanced; and Pyro having defeated Bobby. He was surprised, to tell the truth. He imagined that Bobby would have emerged the victor out of their duel considering he was the much more level-headed one out of the two. Pyro must’ve really put himself into his training to have outdone him.


Harry smiled, he was proud of Pyro. He knew the boy’s annoyance at the discrimination against mutants and his own festering hate for humans because of it. Harry had hoped to try his best to pacify the boy’s negative feelings lest it cause him to make a grave mistake later on.


Most people seemed to view Rogue’s powers as quite a threat, but the girl itself not. After all, the main flaw in Rogue’s mutation was that she needed to come into direct contact with another mutant for it to work. She herself had been sceptical when Harry had told her that she had lots of potential in her. Now though, it was obvious that Rogue was seeing herself in a new light and thoroughly enjoyed her Defense classes.


Harry was still trying to put together a way for her to be able to control her powers; so that she could call on it when she needed it, instead of it being an ever-present part of her life. He’d been speculating some ideas with his ‘portraits’ and also testing a few theories, but he’d not said a word to Rogue about it yet.


                “Her movements have sharpened,” Logan’s gruff voice commented. Harry and Ororo shot him a glance, but Logan’s eyes remained trained on the duo. Although his posture seemed relaxed, Harry could see that his eyes were alert. Harry turned back his own attention to the pair, nodding.


                “Yes, it has.” Harry agreed. He didn’t catch Logan’s eyes flickering once to Harry’s form surreptitiously.


“I’m guessing that was your doing,” Logan continued. Ororo, between the two men, had an amused expression donning her features as she watched the men converse without looking at one another. Harry nodded once more.


“It is,” he conceded, “Rogue has a lot of potential. It’s only she herself that needs to realize it before she could improve.”


“Hm,” Logan rumbled in agreement. “I know. I’ve watched her. Her biggest obstacle was always herself. Because she…”


“Feared herself,” Harry finished, “yes. I spent time with her outside of classes. Talked to her about her ability.”


“She told me,” Logan admitted. “Said you were pretty damn enthusiastic about it.”


“Really?” Harry laughed, his head tipping back indulgently.


Logan’s eyes flashed to the side once, furtively eyeing the pale expanse of Harry’s neck as it arched back, a hearty rumble vibrating through it. He swallowed thickly. Ororo and Emi were both watching Logan’s slightly tensed form with sly twists of their lips.


Harry shook his head, still laughing a little softly; “she’s a good kid.” His eyes returned to appreciate Rogue’s determined strikes. “She has a perfect body form,” he commented. If it were anyone else who weren’t other appreciators of the art of combat; they’d take Harry’s statement as a rather poor innuendo. Logan, however, merely dipped his head in agreement.


                “I know what you mean. If she trains herself right, the girl could be a force to reckon with,” Logan acknowledged. Really, Rogue had quite a few advantages to herself. Her body wasn’t too suited for harsh combat but if proficient enough, she could learn to subdue just about anyone without exerting herself. On a separate note, the fact that Rogue was actually quite a beautiful girl didn’t hurt either. If she only knew what she was doing, Logan would have had to be extra careful himself.


Rogue was using her dexterity to her advantage against Pyro. She, having the advantage of knowing Pyro’s faults, knew that his major fault was that he often let his emotions rule his actions. She bounced on the balls of her feet, the muscles in her calves tensing as they gave her bursts of speed to effectively dodge the fire that Pyro threw at her without pause. Her body spun and twirled, ducked and swayed nimbly around the dangerous attacks.


Harry observed Rogue’s form closely, silently approving of her vast improvement so far as he took in the way she kept her body fluid and lax, crouched slightly, eyes fixed determinedly on Pyro; watching as each new attack was thrown her way. Her breathing was kept even; deep breaths in and out. Harry smiled unconsciously in pride even as he heard the murmurings of other students who were commenting – rather inaccurately – that it only seemed to be a matter of time before Rogue would fall.


He heard comments such as ‘feel sorry for her… against Pyro’; ‘her ability’s really tough to use’; ‘can’t get close to him enough to do anything’; ‘can’t keep dodging forever’. At least the last one had some truth in it. Although, it wasn’t really Rogue that was the problem there. All of the adults could tell that Rogue was purely biding her time as Pyro grew fatigued with the overuse of his powers. When the moment revealed itself, she would grasp it and strike. Their only concern was that Rogue would be able to catch and seize the moment before it was lost.


                “So Harry,” Ororo’s voice cut in conversationally. Harry inclined his head to motion that he was listening, his eyes darting only once to meet hers before returning to the duel. “I think I know how I want to cash in that IOU of yours.”


                “What?” Harry said, his attention caught as he turned to her. His face was blank for a second before lighting up when he realized that she was referring to the time in which he hadn’t been able to reciprocate something after witnessing Ororo’s abilities. “Oh.”


                “Mhmm,” she hummed, nodding; a twinkle in her eye which caused Harry’s brows to furrow ever-so-slightly in concern as to what she had cooked up for him. “The class has given me an excellent idea,” she said slowly, stalling. Harry’s nerves were jittery as tension built up, wanting her to just put him out of his misery already.


                “Yes?” he urged, earning a knowing smirk from Ororo, clearly enjoying his anxiousness.


                “I want to see you duel,” Ororo said simply. Harry’s brows shot up, incredulous. Around them, Logan and the two ladies too had turned at the sentence – the three obviously having been eavesdropping on their conversation earlier.


                “What?” Harry repeated lamely. One corner of Ororo’s lips curled into a sadistic smile.


                “With Logan.”


                “Wh—with what?” Harry said yet once more, his mouth hanging open as he stared dumbly at her triumphant expression.


                “Yep. You heard me,” she said, nodding approvingly to herself. “You can’t back out if this, Harry. You owed me,” she noted mischievously, eyeing him with a single raised brow; daring him to say otherwise. Harry’s mouth opened and closed silently, like a feeding fish. There was a cheer in the background that didn’t register into Harry’s mind. He heard words like they were said underwater. Something about Pyro being down.




                “No buts,” Ororo cut in, waving a finger mock-disapprovingly. Then, she spun on her expensive leather-booted heels and began striding purposefully to the door. With a final tip of her head and glance back at him, she smiled; “you have a week!” With that, she exited gracefully out the door; long limbs and all.


                “Wh—What just.. huh?” Harry stuttered eloquently. Kathy giggled at the dumbfounded expression he wore as Emi placed a hand on his shoulder. He turned to face her, finding himself further bewildered by the amused look on her own face.


                “I must say,” she began, “I’m quite looking forward to seeing this myself.” Her eyes darted to gaze a little haughtily at Logan, effectively running her eyes over his body, sizing him up; all with a holier-than-thou countenance on. Logan merely raised a challenging brow at her as he habitually crossed his arms, tilted his head back and smirked in his usual stance. Emi’s mouth curled into a pleased smile and Logan felt like he’d just gotten the stamp of approval as the woman turned her attention back to Harry, patting his shoulder consolingly.


Then, bodies tensed and some let out small gasps of surprise when the Professor’s voice brushed the minds of everyone in the Mansion. Harry and the other two witches themselves could hear the message; regardless of the fact that they all practiced Occlumency. This was mostly due to the fact that the Professor wasn’t trying to get information out of their minds or invade it, but rather putting his own words into it – speaking mentally.


Will all Professors please make your way to my office as soon as possible, thank you.


Harry turned to glimpse questioningly at Logan who did nothing in return as he merely nodded once at the students and began to make his way out. Harry was surprised and turned to the ladies who shrugged and motioned for him to go on. He hesitated for only a second, pursing his lips in thought, before making up his mind and going after Logan. Damn was that bugger quick, Harry thought as he rounded the corner to see no Logan in sight.


Jogging up at a measured pace, it didn’t take long for Harry to reach the door to the Professor’s office. Slowing down, he panted slightly as he placed his hands on the ornate door, frowning. It was locked. Pursing his lips, Harry closed his eyes and reached out mentally. Professor?


Ah, Harry, the Professor’s voice came back conversationally. What can I do for you?


I’m… he hesitated, unsure what exactly he could say. He settled for; Can I come in? There was a moment of silence and Harry began to think that the Professor was going to say no. His curiosity would’ve been peaked, for sure, but Harry would have no doubt left the matter alone for the moment, if that was what the Professor wanted. This train of thought was cut off when the door clicked and swung open, to his surprise.


What small chatter that was going on had abruptly stopped the moment the door opened. Harry tentatively stepped into the office somewhat sheepishly but steadily. He received various looks of surprise and confusion from all the professors that were gathered in the room, all of whom were facing Professor Xavier at his desk. Harry gave a curt nod once to the entire group before turning his own eyes to the Professor who smiled minutely.


                “Mr Potter,” Xavier greeted, nodding in acknowledgement.


                “I’m sorry if I’m intruding professor,” Harry began; mainly to pacify the rest of the staff since he already knew that if he was intruding the Professor wouldn’t have let him in. “Your message sounded rather urgent. Forgive me if I’m rude, but is there anything I can help you with?”


The Professor seemed fairly surprised and pleased at Harry’s offer of assistance. He took a moment to ponder over it. Quite a moment. Harry was beginning to feel a little queasy at interrupting after a while and was wondering if maybe he could just apparate out of there or something.


                “Not to worry, Harry,” Xavier finally said. Xavier turned his attention to his staff contemplatively as he addressed them all as a whole. “As I was saying, the reason why I’ve called you here was because I’ve caught wind that Mystique was spotted recently.” This caught everyone’s attention.


                “Mystique?” Ororo echoed. “Where?”


                “It would seem that she is in town,” Xavier said in a grave tone. “Although why she would return here I am not sure. Erik’s plans usually involve.. international matters.”


                “She could be staking out some place that Magneto’s got his eye on,” Scott cut in.


                “Well it’s not like she’s going to come to the Mansion though, is she?” Jean voiced a little warily.


                “No, I don’t believe that to be the case,” Xavier shook his head solemnly. “Erik has never returned to the Mansion since we parted ways. And I doubt that he intends to start something in New York.”


                “Well that why would that woman be here then?” Logan said gruffly, annoyed that they didn’t seem to be going anywhere with this.


Harry was watching the debate going on with all of the room’s other occupants calmly. He had no idea who this ‘Mystique’ figure was, but it didn’t seem like she was on friendly terms with them; that much was clear.


                “That’s what I’m worried about,” Xavier continued, referring to Logan’s question. “We will not take any action for now, but I would like some of you to go out and see what you can find out about her presence here.” He looked to Jean and Scott first, the silent question in his eyes. They both nodded understandingly, already beginning to confer about setting up reliefs for their classes and preparing for the trip.


                “I’m goin’ too,” Logan spoke up. “If it’s her, there’s no telling what she’s up to. Best we be prepared in case,” he reasoned. Then, he turned his head slightly to shoot an amused look in Harry’s direction which caught Harry off guard, his own eyes widening in confusion. “Besides,” Logan continued with a growing smirk. “Harry here can look after the kids for me. He’s already just about taken over my classes anyways.”


                “That’s just because you’re doing a half-assed job!” Harry sputtered indignantly. The other professors turned to watch the man with amused expressions and Xavier chuckled warmly at the two’s antics. Logan’s smirk held and he merely tilted his head back slightly, looking down at Harry with a glint in his eye. Harry was frowning up at the man; the two having a rather intense contest of staring the other down.


                “Well, that is alright with me,” Xavier said, catching their attentions. “I too agree that Harry has been very helpful to the students,” he nodded to Harry with an appreciative smile.


                “Oh uh… thank you,” Harry stammered, slightly embarrassed. Xavier waved his words away easily.


                “That’s settled then,” he said. “You will leave tonight. Jean, Scott,” he called out. The two voiced their affirmatives and Jean was murmuring quick words to Logan before they dashed off in their separate ways. The rest of the professors excused themselves one by one and left as well. “Now Harry,” the Professor began just as Harry was turning to leave as well.


                “Yes, Professor?” he answered.


                “Please, call me Charles. You and I both know that I could be the one calling you ‘professor’,” Xavier noted. Harry ducked his head a little, smiling softly, but nodded nonetheless. “Not to mention we’re already of equal standing here. You are not one of my students, Harry,” he said with a pointed look. Harry smiled grew slightly and he nodded once more.


                “Did you need something, Professor?” he asked, trying to keep them on topic.


                “Ah yes,” Xavier cleared his throat softly. “I hear from Ororo that she’s declared a duel between you and Logan,” he said, raising an extremely entertained brow whilst doing so.


                “Oh,” Harry sighed, shoulders slumping somewhat. He looked around for a moment before dropping himself dramatically onto a plush chair in front of the Professor; his body looking boneless and an arm coming up to rub at his forehead – making him seem much older than he looked. “Right, that.”


                “Indeed,” Xavier agreed, eyeing the man with a fond smile. “You do realize that Ororo wouldn’t hold it against you if you truly wished to not go through with her request, do you not?”


Harry looked up at him, both wearing semi-serious expressions. “Yes, I know.”


                “Oh?” Xavier noted, a fairly confused brow rose. “And yet you seem to be rather resigned to the fact that you would have to go through with it.”


                “Well,” Harry began, finally seating himself properly and facing the Professor. “Um…” he faltered, not really sure if he should be saying this. He peeked up at the Professor to see Xavier watching him patiently. He exhaled and started once more. “I was thinking that maybe… if I were considering securing my place here in the Mansion… it would be a start in telling the others the truth?”


Xavier’s other brow now joined its partner as they both went up in a show of incredulity. Then, they lowered as a familiar, warm smile spread across the Professor’s face. “Oh Harry,” he said in such a fatherly tone that Harry seemed a little taken aback and yet warmed at the same time. “You are always welcome here. And as they say; ‘home is where the heart is’ and even though I’m sure that London will always be your true home, you know you can always call the Mansion your home as well.”


Harry swallowed thickly, feeling his chest tightened in a pleasant way. The tiniest of smiles touched his lips. His eyes dropping its gaze down as he listened to the Professor. He realized belatedly that he had unintentionally achieved that very ‘place to belong’ that Harry had set out for in the first place.


                “You don’t need to prove anything to anyone, Harry. It can be done all in due time. If, however, this is really your wish, then I see no reason why not. I’m sure the children will love you no less,” he paused thoughtfully as he thought about that statement. “In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if you became more popular with the students actually,” he added with a laugh that had Harry joining in good-naturedly in agreement.


“Harry,” Xavier said once more, leaning forward to catch the man’s attention. “Your decisions are your own. I’m glad you decided to let me know beforehand, but you should know that I would support your decision either way.”


                “I know,” Harry nodded. “Thanks Professor—uh, Charles,” he corrected, looking at the aged man before him.


                “Always a pleasure, Harry,” he replied, leaning back contentedly now. Harry took his cue and stood up, brushing himself off and feeling rather light on his feet. He bid his goodbyes to the Professor and left, a minor feeling of childish excitement brewing within him as he went off in search of his goddaughters.

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