Visiting the Anomalies of America

Harry Potter x X-Men (Crossover Fanfiction).

After farewelling the last of his friends, Harry decides to take some time off Britain and travel the world - search for a new purpose. He starts off in America and is soon bored. Being known internationally for all its "abnormalities", Harry decides to seek them out, hoping to make some new friends. Immortal Master of Death AU; Slash


11. Chapter 10

Logan recalled the events after hearing the ‘magical’ letter addressed to Harry in a sort of blur. Harry had got his act together after heaving a great sigh and muttering something about ‘Merlin’. In those few seconds he seemed to have come to a decision and immediately began to push aside some of the plates in his vicinity.  Then he’d reached into that pouch of his – which Logan still gives furtive glances at every time he sees something new come out of it, wondering just how many things can fit in there – and pulled out some worn paper that looked suspiciously like olden-day parchment and a fancy fountain pen.


He’d set aside the pen for a moment as his fingers danced across the paper, mumbling words under his breath. Logan and Xavier were suitably impressed when glossy gold borders appeared; along with a red, gold and black coat-of-arms at the top of the parchment. Then, Harry picked up the pen, giving it a few testy flicks of his wrist, and began scribbling in a hasty reply. Logan’s lips quirked up when he noticed Harry’s messy writing. From all the talk he’d heard the last couple of days; he’d gathered that Harry was some sort of noble in England and in his community. It amused him to see that not only did Harry not act all arrogant and haughty as he’d expect from those of his station, but he lacked the ‘elegant script’ that usually seemed to come naturally with the people themselves. He heard Harry ask the Professor for directions to the Mansion, which he dutifully wrote down too. He added little pleasantries here and there, and then signed off with his name. Just as the pen left the paper, the parchment inked itself once more beneath Harry’s name; adding in – Head of the Most Noble Houses of Potter and Black.


This time, Harry pulled out a simple white envelope from his pouch and slid the parchment in carefully. He eyed the back flap of the envelope with a contemplative gaze and a purse of his lips, but shook his head and simply ran his fingers over the edge of the flap – silently casting a firm sticking charm and a releasing-charm that would react only to Emi’s magical signature. It was a little paranoid, but the letter was also charmed to burn itself should someone other than Emi attempt to open it. He certainly didn’t want the letter ending up in just anybody’s hands, no matter that it wasn’t all that important. Harry had then turned to stroke the owl still resting quietly on the back of his chair and passed over the letter to it gently, murmuring pleasant praises to the creature. Once the owl had the letter grasped firmly, it ruffled its feathers slightly before taking off once more and went straight out a window.


Once the bird was out of sight, Harry excused himself with a stiff, curt nod to the table’s occupants and returned to his room. Harry had let out another long breath after clicking shut the door to his room. This was noticed by all of his room’s ‘inhabitants’; most of whom had proceeded to coerce him over to the bed. Slowly, Harry had dragged himself over and sat himself down, fiddling with his pouch as his mind whirred around Emi’s letter – the paper dragon of which seemed to have perched itself atop his messy head of hair. After a few more encouragements, Harry finally looked up to his portrait-filled wall opposite to where he sat on his bed. There were a total of seven portraits now – three more having made their way up there shortly after Harry had awoken the day after speaking to Logan and Xavier.


Spaced evenly but still appearing cluttered, from left to right, were the portraits of Albus Dumbledore, Remus Lupin, Severus Snape, Sirius Black, his parents and Ron and Hermione. There was a large group-portrait placed on the farthest right; which was one that he’d specifically requested a few years after his becoming ‘Master of Death’. It was a portrait with mostly individuals that were in the DA, but also a few others that had fought in the War, including Draco Malfoy. Some of the individuals had given mock-scandalised expressions at having Malfoy included in the portrait, but Harry had had none of it. Malfoy himself had seemed rather against the idea but Harry had been insistent and practically dragged Malfoy into it.


At having gained his attention, the portraits seemed to be rather cunning in the fact that they didn’t ask him about whatever had happened, but instead went about speaking to each other. Some even ventured into other portraits as they chatted idly. Harry watched this expressionlessly but soon he narrowed his eyes, getting a tad annoyed but knowing their ploy nonetheless. His resolve soon dissolved though, and he launched into a lengthy recalling of Emi’s letter; even going as far as to cast a spell on the letter for it to reread itself once more for the benefit of the portraits.


To say that they weren’t helpful would be an understatement. Just about all of them had merely rolled their eyes at his theatricality, told him to relax and just prepare for her and Kathy’s arrival. Harry had given many pointed looks at Draco in particular; considering it was his granddaughter that he was speaking about. Malfoy had merely laughed it off and commented that Emi was definitely a Malfoy, no doubt about that.


Harry had soon given up on trying to get them to help him and just fell back onto his bed, deciding to sleep on it or something – hoping he’d figure it out later. Once he did wake, he realized that there really wasn’t any point in worrying about something that was already set. Thus, Harry shoved that piece of information back in mind somewhere for it to resurface later on enough that at least he would remember to greet their arrival, and then carried on his business.


The days were spent rather carefree – spare times were traded out with friendly sparring sessions with Kurt in the gardens and sometimes in the forest by the Mansion’s land boundaries. Harry enjoyed those sparring times because it made him get back into the rhythm of things – and he realized just how out of practice he was after only maybe a decade or so of staying still – and also Kurt’s abilities added an edge to his already unpredictable moves.


Harry had never really trained in-depth with any sort of weapon aside from the most basic of knowledge. He’d found out rather interestingly that Kurt was well versed in handling both short daggers and long swords; and was even privy to a short demonstration of said skills. He thought that it wouldn’t hurt to learn new things – after all, he did have forever – and had asked Kurt to mentor him in the use of a dagger first. He wasn’t sure just how much the skill of handling swords would be to him because he highly doubted he would be carrying swords of any sort on his person.


He’d managed to grasp the basic concepts of retrieving, holding, positioning and stowing of the daggers. Kurt had said that it would be more effective if he got himself his own dagger – since he could become used to it rather than the cheap ones they were practicing with. Harry considered making a trip to Gringotts and inquiring about having one made for him but decided he could think about that another time; possibly when he even got around to returning to London again.


The day after Harry had decided on not worrying about Emi’s inevitable visit, Hank had told him he would be returning to work just before Emi was set to arrive. Harry had quickly jumped at any opportunities to spend some more time with him before he had to leave. He made good with his promise to look over some potions with Hank. They had cleared a small corner station in Hank’s own makeshift lab underneath the mansion for their little experiments.


Harry had set up a blank portrait in their workspace so that Snape could join them if he wanted to. He would regularly consult Snape’s Advanced Potion Making book notes and was always surprised to see Snape and Hank get along quite well. Hank enjoyed inquiring about the mechanics of Potion making which the Potions master seemed to have no qualms about answering.


They’d attempted numerous combinations of both wizarding potion-making and mundane scientific methods; some results rather disastrous – thank god for the reinforced walls underground – and some proving quite a breakthrough. When testing the effects, Harry had happily drafted himself up to be the tester. None of them were sure just how the potions could affect individuals; although Hank was vehemently against the idea regardless of Harry’s ‘immunity’. There were a few that actually managed to knock Harry straight out, some that had little effects, and some which were startling discoveries.


Considering Hank’s observation that although wizarding potions were already proven to work fine on humans, they could not be sure that the same could be said for mutants. After all, mutants weren’t fully human; bearing in mind their genetic makeup. Hank had also suggested they used Logan if they ever did decide they wanted to try out the effects the potions would have on mutants – considering Logan was just about as hard to kill as Harry was – which brought a small smile and laugh from both men.


Aside from that, the majority of Harry’s time was spent more-or-less teaching Logan’s class. He had gotten a list of the classes and respective students under Logan to work with and at night he often wrote out simple lesson plans for each. He tried his best to remember the names of the kids as he worked with them and was amused to find that he remembered them easier by their abilities rather than their names. Although, the majority of the students opted to be called their own makeshift nicknames – which usually had something to do with their abilities anyway – and from there it wasn’t that hard.


He’d found it a tad bit irritating that Logan usually just decided to stand on the side-lines and watch Harry do his job for him. Sometimes though, he felt a shiver run up his spine; or felt burn of a watching gaze on his back during these lessons and would turn to see Logan watching him with a challenging and unrepentant air. The students were working well on their paired practices, and he was steadily getting to know each student’s ability better and better each day. He felt that soon he would be able to put together a decent duelling program for them. Harry found that he rather enjoyed running those classes, despite it not even being his job. He loved to see the different gifts that the students possessed and frequently watched them as they happily used their abilities with free reign with a soft smile on his own face.


Logan found himself spending most of his time lounging against the hard metal wall of the Danger Room watching Harry run his class. He didn’t have any issue with letting Harry take over his class; especially by the looks of things. His students seemed more eager and enthusiastic about duelling. At first it did seem like the kids were treating it as fun, as usual, but after Harry had given them a stern little talk, they’d become more serious. His eyes trailed after the short black-haired man as he flitted around the room; watching the progress of the kids and often giving pieces of advice here and there.


By the way Logan had watched him – which had been for a while now – and taken into consideration Harry’s mannerisms, it was clear that Harry was no stranger to the ethics of combat. The way Harry held himself and how he seemed be able to blend into his surroundings, the volatility of his movements, the silence of his footsteps, the quick glance-over he gave at any new environment he was brought to, and how none of his movements were wasted – not moving more than was necessary. They all played a part in revealing the picture to Logan that Harry’s past in the war was most likely a feature that had defined the Harry that he saw now. Although it was a prize to see that Harry wasn’t like most war-hardened warriors, still maintaining a positive attitude in life.


He wasn’t sure why, but Logan felt immensely relieved and relaxed around Harry. It was ironic really; considering the fact that since he knew that Harry probably could manage to hold his own against Logan and that he would probably be one of the greatest and only threat to Logan, that Logan himself would be so unguarded around the other man. He also found that he enjoyed the company Harry provided – surprisingly enough. Because of this, it had already become the norm for students to spot the two together whenever they were not busy.


Although some people may like to think that Logan was all brawns and no brains; he wasn’t that stupid. He’d noticed that for some odd reason – this part he hadn’t yet figure out yet – Rogue seemed to be rather intent on bringing up his friendship with Harry, how it was going, what they spoke about, and also if she and the other kids were with Harry and he happened to come by, she’d surreptitiously shove Harry his way. Her main reasoning was that ‘Harry should hang out with people his age more’. Not that she – or any other student for that matter – knew about the fact that Logan was more or less the only person around Harry’s ‘age’. She’d probably meant ‘adults’.


Apart from the fact that the students obviously enjoyed Harry’s tutorage as opposed to Logan’s, their favour to Harry was just about sealed when Harry had finally got around to making an altered ‘mutant-version’ of Quidditch for them to play. For the older students, such as Warren and Bobby, he’d told them in-depth what each of the players was meant to do. That way, if any unusual players decided to join in, they themselves could be able to alter the games to fit their participant’s abilities to play the game without needing Harry around to do so.


With that, time passed relatively quickly. In a blink of an eye, already a week had passed and Harry had only just remembered about Emi’s arrival enough to be nervous about it. He spent the entire day slightly on edge and feeling foolish whenever he fretted and worried that Emi would disapprove of the Mansion – even though he knew she’d never do that.


Charles Xavier was enjoying a normal, quiet day in his office; putting in order a number of things and also listening pleasantly to his students enjoying the sunny afternoon outside. However, this peace was broken with a sharp, curt rap on his door. He frowned, not sensing anything outside his door, but firmly voiced his allowance to entry. The door swung open to reveal two unfamiliar figures that had his expression morphing into amused interest. The woman in front strode into his office with sure steps and a confident aura whilst the other followed suit a little more laxly.


                “Professor Charles Xavier, I presume?” came the assertive voice of the first woman as she strode right before him with a professional expression plastered on. He wasn’t expecting any visitors, so he was wondering just who she was.


                “Yes, that would be me,” Xavier nodded. “May I enquire your business here?” This brought an upturned-twist to one corner of the woman’s lips.


                “My name is Emiliana Rowena Malfoy, and this is my daughter, Katherine Eridanus Malfoy. I’m looking for a Harry James Potter,” said Emilia. Xavier was suitably impressed at the finality and assurance of Emilia’s tone – this was obviously someone who was used to a position of power of some sort. His face also lit up at the mention of her name and Harry’s, finally realizing who she was.


                “Ah yes; you are his goddaughter, am I correct? You sent him that rather curious letter about a week ago,” he noted, already beginning to wheel himself out from behind his desk to politely shake the hands of the two. Emilia nodded stoically whilst Katherine looked surprised at Xavier’s knowledge of their connection to Harry.


                “That is correct. He sent me the address to your school in his reply and said that you were in charge and that I would be able to find him through you.”


                “Yes, of course. He’s just outside with the other students,” Xavier told her as he motioned for the ladies to follow him out. He gave them a brief introduction to the Mansion as they both took it in curiously until they passed through the doors leading into the gardens.


                “Harry!” an excited female voice called out. Harry, who was watching an ensuing modified-Quidditch game play out with Logan by his side pitching in funny comments, turned just in time to see a blurred figure before it pounced on him. His eyes widened as he quickly spread his arms to catch the approaching body, spreading his feet and bending them at the knees to lessen the pressure of the impact. He let out a gruff ‘oof!’ as their bodies collided and he suddenly had an armful of a giggling blonde woman. He looked down at the familiar locks spilling over his fingers like a waterfall as recognition hit him.


                “Kathy?” he said incredulously. He’d just about forgotten all about expecting their arrival; finally managing to relax when Logan had invited him over to watch the students play. The person in his arms merely squeezed him harder and his own expression slowly morphed into one of fondness as he lifted one hand to soothingly stroke her hair.


                “I can see you’re as sappy as usual, Potter,” came a voice that Harry would recognize anywhere. His head snapped and a wide smile spread across his face at the strawberry-blonde approaching him. The woman had a trademark smirk curling her lips as she strode toward him in hip-swaying steps.


                “Emi,” Harry said in a soft voice, reaching out one hand toward her slowly. Emi’s tough smirk softened into a friendlier smile as she herself reached out a hand to take Harry’s. Katherine had finally peeked her head out from where she had tucked herself under Harry’s chin to look between her mother and Harry with a smile. She slowly disentangled herself out from Harry and stood by his side, making way.


                “Long time no see… Harry,” Emi reluctantly seemed to add, accepting the warm hug that Harry wrapped her in once she was close enough. Harry’s smile as he hooked his chin behind her back brightened. They lingered in the hug for a moment before pulling away simultaneously. Emi gave him a swift peck on the cheek affectionately as he tucked a lock of hair behind her ear in a familiar gesture. Emi rolled her eyes at his sappiness once more and ruffled his own hair playfully – much to the annoyance of Harry who yelped and backed away, running his own hands through the dark locks in an effort to tame the unruly hair.


Kathy laughed as she watched. Xavier and Logan both eyed the interaction with intrigued expressions, Logan feeling a little prickly sensation at watching the intimate interaction between Harry and the two beautiful women.


                “You’re both looking stunning as usual,” Harry commented idly, eyeing Emi’s trademark hair which he always seemed to get a kick out of every time he saw her. It came to both a surprise and not a surprise to many when Draco’s son, Scorpius, had proposed to Ron and Hermione’s daughter; Rose. It was quite funny since Ron had always raised his children to be better than Malfoy’s out of playful jest but it wasn’t exactly surprising since the two had been close friends from the moment they entered Hogwarts.


When Rose was expecting; everyone were making bets on which bloodline would be more prominent in the child. Malfoy’s grey eyes and platinum blonde hair were extremely unique to their own pureblood bloodline, strengthened more or less by its purity – which remained up to Scorpius’ generation. Or, the Weasley’s flaming red hair. Even both of Ron and Hermione’s children had inherited the striking colour. When Scorpius and Rose had first starting dating, Draco had often made joking remarks to his own son about dating a Weasley and often made faces at them together. Despite this, Rose seemed to have wormed her way into the older Malfoy’s good graces since he took to her much better than the rest – even if he would deny it or push it to be due to her being his daughter-in-law.


Everybody’s face had practically split in half with grins when out came Emi with light strawberry blonde hair. The baby in question had merely stopped her wailing at the ensuing laughter, turned striking grey eyes at her parents and given her own innocent beaming smile. Harry and the others watched her grow into a tall, elegant woman who exuded Malfoy charisma. Harry had found it amusing that though she seemed much more like her Malfoy name-sake, she was quite an equal mix of both her parents.


This was probably due to her father and grandfather raising her outside personality to be the confident and proud woman everyone saw, respected and even feared; whilst at home, her mother would ingrain in her the kinder side of Weasley traits. This part of her was only known to those she considered precious to her; which was very few, to say the least. Emi had the capacity to be one of the kindest and most compassionate person Harry knew. At the same time, put her into a board meeting and she was extremely ruthless and at times Harry had heard others speak of her as ‘an exceptionally beautiful woman who brought ‘looks are deceiving’ to a whole new level’. She was the pure image of everything a Malfoy stood for; beauty, cunning, wit and deception.


Emi’s husband was quite a polar opposite which had many people confused. He got along very well with Harry, who approved almost instantly despite his early doubts. They had met when Emi had been invited to one of her partnering companies to visit their facilities, which were located in another city, and hold some important meetings to cement certain decisions regarding their companies. The man had been one of the directors in the company and was also assigned to be her ‘tour-guide’ throughout the duration of the trip.


The man was honest, kind and open; yet also strict, firm and determined. He was admired by those under him as he would understand and get along well with them, and yet did not give them any leeway or allow them to slack off either. He had been impressed when first introduced to Emi, whom he had tenderly dubbed Emily later on, and whilst she was as cold as usual at first, he’d been welcoming to her and she soon warmed up to him nicely.


Even after returning back home, they’d kept in touch regularly. The man was also a half-blood wizard whose parents had raised him to be an open-minded person and treated everyone the same, regardless of their circumstances. Because of that, he didn’t make assumptions about people who were well-known until he personally met them. Emi herself was a testimony that the pictures the media paints aren’t always reliable. When first introduced to Emi’s parents, he too had his eyes flickering amusedly between her parents’ instantly recognizable hair colours and her own unique combination.


He was modest, and usually introduced himself as such, often comparing his own looks to Emi’s as ‘a pretty common and boring brunette’. They made an interesting duo with their clashing personalities; but together, they were absolutely incredible. He remained as a liaison between the two companies after they’d married.


Then came Leo and Kath; Leo with his bright blonde hair which came as a surprise – and smug acknowledgement of Draco – to his parents and Kathy with her own sandy, dirty blonde locks and her father’s hazel eyes. Leo, short for Leonidas, was the face of the proud Malfoy bloodline in himself. He was only two years older than Kathy and was already preparing himself to take over the family business; Scorpius dutifully watching over him since young and Emi herself training the boy – rather harshly – on how to handle himself in the public eye. He was aloof and had his mother’s spirit, but showed compassion and rare instances of kindness to those under him that he’d inherited from his father.


Leonidas Caleum Malfoy was in his mid-thirties and, if what Harry had heard was correct, had recently proposed to his girlfriend of four years; Elizabeth Marie Rosier. Emi had taken to the refined girl well; approving her as a prime candidate as Leo’s future-wife due to her family’s standing as another influential pureblood line, coupled with the fact that she knew how to hold herself as one from such a social standing; made Elizabeth a good choice and partner for someone like Leonidas. Together, they would be a perfect portrayal of a couple from a distinguished line.


Katherine was often regarded as ‘the other side of the coin’ in respect to her brother. She was outwardly sympathetic and attentive, which in a way was a deception in and of itself. Hardly anyone had had the misfortune of crossing Kathy’s darker side. If provoked, she had proved to be able to turn as manipulative and cunning as her Malfoy’s Slytherin blood was known for. Were anything to become a threat to those dear to her, she would show absolutely no mercy in eliminating anything and everything with such precision and lethality that could put her as one of the most dangerous person to cross.


Once, Leon had been travelling to the United States for business and his sister had self-proclaimed her involvement so as to make use of the trip to savour the shopping districts in the area. Meanwhile, Leon had secured a partnership with one association and also cut ties with another organization. The organization in question was one that Leon had known to have had dealings with underground factions and whilst he had absolutely no problem with that, it was their increasingly sloppy and unnecessarily drastic measures that had been to his distastes.


He was aware that he might suffer a slight backlash from cutting ties with them because most likely his family’s business was the most powerful company they were in contract with, but he wasn’t prepared to find them messing with his trip. They’d put in hospital a large number of muggle businessmen he was in contact with from the other association he was dealing with; destroyed their hotel and lodgings; and the pushing point was when they’d attempted to abduct Kathy for what was most likely a hefty ransom. She, not going to risk exposing herself in front of so many muggles, had just escaped with a few cuts and bruises. Leon had been furious.


He couldn’t do anything however; as it would’ve risked his image for him to retaliate to the extent he wanted to. Even so, his eyes had widened when his darling sister had calmly pacified his fits of rage over breakfast the following day and simply smiled tenderly at him saying; “it’s okay Leo, I’ll take care of it”.


Three days later and nearly four hundred people were in jail, evidence to countless unsolved crimes abruptly being found everywhere – so much so that there wasn’t even a point in making trials at the amount of evidence laid out in front of the authorities. Handfuls of prominent figures – businessmen, singers, actors, wives, TV hosts, you name it – featured across every newspaper in the world. Black-market dealings, slander, affairs, blackmail, and corruption of all sorts had suddenly appeared. So much so that the papers had a hard time choosing which figure to focus on. Every single one saw the collapse of their credibility and was shunned in the public eye. Their entire careers, their life’s work, had fallen spectacularly; in absolute ruin. Companies linked and owned by their group went bankrupt overnight; assets seized and money frozen.


Kathy’s work had been swift, precise and ruthless. Leon had absolutely no doubt that it was her work either. He’d raised a brow and his lips upturned into a small, crooked smile when he had seen her waltz into their suite kitchen each day as usual; innocent eyes flickering up at him in small curiosity as he read the shocking news that splashed the papers for weeks. After the first few days, he’d reached over the counter at where she was lazily stirring some tea, tucked a lock of her long hair behind her ear and gave her a quick peck on the forehead; whispering “thanks Kath.” She’d smiled.


Both Harry and Emi had greeted their return with questioningly raised brows, paper tucked under their arms, and Kathy had once again given them an entirely too-innocent look. Harry had shook his head whilst Emi smirked and wound an arm around her daughter’s shoulders and gave a “good work!”. Harry shot Emi a disapproving look at that comment, but he too had known what had happened to the siblings and had simply given her a warm hug and murmured words of praise into her ears as well before nodding to Leon for keeping an eye out on his sister.


The children had both retained their mother’s Malfoy name, not even adding on their father’s. A small reason was so that Leon would be recognized as the legitimate heir to the Malfoy name once he was ready to inherit the title as Head of the house. This was also the reason that was released into the public. Even though one would assume that Emi would be perfectly satisfied with this, in reality, she had spent months debating the subject with her husband when they were discussing having children of their own. Her husband was the one who had finally convinced her to go ahead as he didn’t mind either way, as long as his children remembered him as their father – he was content.


Well; that had been that and Harry was always occupied with one thing or another when it came to the Malfoys. For now though, he was glad to see the girls again – even if he was dreading the shopping they’d drag him to – and was glad to have a piece of home with him.

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