Visiting the Anomalies of America

Harry Potter x X-Men (Crossover Fanfiction).

After farewelling the last of his friends, Harry decides to take some time off Britain and travel the world - search for a new purpose. He starts off in America and is soon bored. Being known internationally for all its "abnormalities", Harry decides to seek them out, hoping to make some new friends. Immortal Master of Death AU; Slash


2. Chapter 1

Harry placed his customary lily over the casket as it was lowered down, together with a folded piece of parchment that contained all the words he had never said; stained with all the tears he would never shed. He cut himself off from all his senses as he closed his eyes and just stood there in silence. Throughout the entire service, he had felt the gazes and feelings of discomfort from the majority of the other attendants at his presence. It lowered considerably, however, when he had given the eulogy for Ginny Weasley. A few individuals – relatives of the passed – would welcome him solemnly after the initial few services of his older acquaintances. Each had requested of him to give their eulogies in their final years. Harry lost himself in his mind until he felt the warmth of the sun on his face and behind his eyelids. His lashes fluttered as he opened his eyes to take in the beautiful weather. A faint smile crossed his lips as he looked at the casket endearingly, the brightness of the sun making the black cover glitter under the sun. A breeze swept through the area, ruffling his hair and clothes like a loving touch. He shut his eyes again and breathed in deeply – relishing the moment. He felt as if Ginny was trying to communicate with him. All of them were. The wind howled, and in his ears it eerily sounded like the word go. They were giving him their blessing. His smiled turned into a proper one as he gazed up into the blue sky, and with a resounding crack, apparated back to his temporary residence at 12 Grimmauld Place – the former Order of the Phoenix’s headquarters.


                “Kreacher!” Harry called out, “Dobby?” with a distorted swirl, the two house elves appeared before him, at his service. “I’ll be leaving now,” he breathed out, glancing around the house, possibly for the last time. “Take care of yourselves, will you?” He and Kreacher had come to a mutual understanding in the first years after the war was over; Kreacher would serve Harry since he was the closest thing left to the Black bloodline and in return Harry allowed Kreacher the freedom to do as he pleased to maintain the old Black family residence. Harry had initially offered to free the house elf, but Kreacher claimed that in his age even as a house elf, he had nothing else he wanted to do. Dobby was another story altogether. It seemed he had not died when they believed, but had instead sensed the danger to his life as he had apparated the trio and had quickly cast a replication spell on himself. It was old magic and he had had to spend a while recuperating before making his way to Hogwarts, where he met up with Harry once again. Insisting that he stay with Harry as it was his ‘wish’ and also had no desire to leave, Harry had taken him in. Their long lifespans proved convenient as they remained the only constant in his life as he began to watch his friends grow old and start their own families.
Ginny and himself had also come to a compromise regarding their relationship and although she had firmly claimed to love only him; despite his ‘minor problem’ regarding being unable to age, he hadn’t wanted to tie her down and pleaded for her to at least keep her options open. A few years later, they became one another’s confidante instead when she had fallen in love with a muggle businessman on one of her work trips. He had given her his blessing and wishes and they continued to stay close friends. All of his friend’s children were acquainted with him and he was also named godfather for a number of them too. As they had begun to grow into a ripe old age, he had discussed with all his old friends and their children his intentions to go abroad and just enjoy himself; possibly finding a new home even. They had all helped him to prepare for his ‘journey’ across the globe and Ginny, being the last one alive of his original group of friends as they began to pass on one by one, had wished him a happy life. She had passed away that night – peacefully in her sleep.
Now, packing the last of his belongings, he called out to the two house elves, once again repeating the words he had firmly told them every now and then since Ginny’s passing. “I’ve left a decent amount of money in Gringgotts for both of you; it should cover anything and everything you’ll need for a while. Here’s the key,” he bent down and pressed it into Kreacher’s hand, “and I’ve already worked out with the goblins that you are allowed access to that vault. I’ll be sure to restock it when I can, but it should last for quite some time.” No doubt, as the amount of galleons he had put into that vault was almost equal to the towering piles he had received from his trust fund back when he was eleven. “You’re welcome to do anything you want, just try to keep the place tidy please,” Dobby was still shocked whenever Harry told him that he was free to do whatever he wished. “I might call either one of you now and then, but other than that it’s your decision on what you plan to do.” He gave them his goodbyes, and he theirs, and he promptly apparated to every one of his godchildren’s homes to leave them each a note; detailing his farewells to them individually and ways to contact him in the case of an emergency. Then, he apparated to the airport.
He managed to pass through all the procedures smoothly – mostly thanks to all the magical folk who held muggle jobs and had recognized him – and was soon boarding a plane to New York; a good place that they thought he should start off his ‘adventure’ at. Harry appreciated the help he had gotten, but looked forward to having a new start in America – own his own terms and relying just on his own abilities. He took a good nap on the plane trip there and then before he knew it, had arrived. He hadn’t needed to collect any baggage as he’d just brought the one backpack slung over his shoulder, charmed in the same way as Hermoine’s pouch back when they were on the run and hunting Horcruxes. Strolling out of the airport casually, he first decided to do a little shopping.
Part of planning for his trip had included splitting all the wealth he had inherited from his parents and the Black line, and a substantial amount obtained annually from the recently reformed Ministry of Magic, they had managed to split up his wealth to the banks of every country he intended to visit, and converted the majority of it to muggle currencies. Settling the meagre task of acquiring more suitable clothes, Harry was now dressed in a simple t-shirt and jacket, which he had packed away in his backpack for when he needed it, a comfortable pair of jeans that didn’t restrict his movement, and a pair of sneakers of a pale green hue. On his way, he had picked up the day’s paper and currently sat in an outdoor café sipping an exquisite latte. In the reflection of a glass door, he noticed a number of inconspicuous individuals who were watching him. He didn’t feel any sort of threat from them and figured that they probably belong to that some-or-rather division that he was told may be monitoring his movements throughout his stay in America. No worries though, as the Ministry had already informed them of his arrival and he’d been told that they wouldn’t bother him too much. Growing bored rather quickly, he finished his drink, folded and packed away the paper and got up from his seat. Harry walked over to one of the ‘agents’ who for a moment was unsure whether to keep his cover and act nonchalant, or quickly move out of sight. He seemed to decide on the former and Harry was pleased; smiling when he approached said man.
                “Is there anything interesting you’d recommend me to do? I’m actually rather bored really,” Harry drawled in his easy British accent. The man openly gaped at him for a moment before stuttering; this was rewarded by a raised brow and an amused expression by Harry. Finally the man seemed to just decide to dump the problem to another person and spoke into what Harry had gathered as a hidden communications device. He called for his superior and provided his location. Then they were left to stand there in an awkward silence while they waited. It didn’t last long – to the poor agent’s relief – before a darkly tinted black hummer pulled up and doors opened. Many more agents came out, but the most plain-looking one that caught Harry’s eye was an aging man who looked in his forties and donned a pair of dark shades and a no-nonsense attitude which he immediately liked. He seemed to be the one in charge as Harry watched him nod to the agent beside Harry whilst the others inconspicuously shadowed him and watched his back. Harry smiled as he was approached once again.


                “Mr Potter, I’m Agent Coulson from the Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division,” said man extended his hand out which Harry took politely, whistling at the mouthful of a government division.


                “Harry Potter,” he shook hands, “although you already know that.” Agent Coulson nodded and continued, “Alex tells me you are in need of assistance?” He asked. Henry nodded, beginning to rock back and forth on the balls of his feet. “Yeah, like I said, I’m quite new here and I haven’t really planned many activities to keep me occupied. So..” he looked around the street, “is there anything interesting to do around here?” The man raised an amused brow.


“Is there anything in particular you’d like to see?” Harry hummed and tapped a finger on his chin thoughtfully.


“Well, I came here because you seem to have you lot seem to have your fair share of.. “special” people?” Harry couldn’t find the right word.


Special, huh?” Coulson repeated. “I think I know a good place to start.” He smiled seeing the young man’s face light up. “Hold on, I have to make a call first,” he held up a finger. The boy nodded and he turned his back on him, pulling out his government-issued cell-phone. Connecting through to base, he pulled his authority strings and got patched through to where he wanted to.


“Hello, this is Charles.”


“Good afternoon, Professor, this is Agent Coulson,” he greeted the man politely.


“Ah, Phillip, it’s been awhile! What can I do for you?” Coulson glanced back at Harry who was occupying himself by whistling and grinning at the other agents – all of whom seemed wary and slightly uncomfortable in his presence.


“Well sir, we have a.. visitor, of sorts, who would maybe like to pay a visit to your school. If it’s no problem with you, of course.”


“Oh! No, of course not, Phillip. Now, who is this visitor of yours, may I enquire?” Another glance at Harry caught him mid-yawn.


“I think it’d be better to get to know him yourself, Professor, it’s not my place to reveal any information pertaining to him.” He heard a warm chuckle in the other end of the line.


“Very well, when would you like to visit?”


“Would today be too much of a rush?”


“Hmm.. no, I think that should be no problem, Phillip. Do you need for me to send someone to pick you up?”


“No sir, that’s fine.”


“Alright then, Mr Coulson, I will see you then.” They bid each other goodbye and he proceeded to turn his attention back to Harry.


“Okay Mr Potter, I’ve arranged for your entertainment of the day,” said man’s brows shot up and an amused smile lit up his face.


“Brilliant! Where to, Agent Coulson?” he asked enthusiastically, bounding up to the older man. Said agent nodded to him and turned towards the sleek black car that he had arrived in, motioning with his hand for Harry to follow him. He slid in and after a moment of scrutinizing the car, Harry slid in next to him. The door was shut and other agents filed in through different doors, effectively surrounding them. Coulson leaned forward to speak to the driver.


“Bring us to the X-Mansion, will you George?” the driver gave a prompt affirmative reply and they were off. Harry knew that trying to start a conversation with any of the stoic-faced agents would just be awkward, so instead he opted to stare out the window at the scenery that they passed.


They pulled up to a majestic stone castle, exuding an old, grand atmosphere. Harry was practically pressed up against the window, jaw hanging ajar as his eyes took in the beauty of the land. Their doors were pulled open by the other agents in the car and they both stepped out. No words were exchanged as Coulson went to stand by Harry’s side, having to suppress a smile at the expression of wonder and amazement on the boy’s face. He kept an air of professionalism as he noticed two individuals approaching their group from the entrance of the building. Recognising them, he nodded to them in acknowledgement just before they were right in from of them. Harry seemed to be completely oblivious to the arrival of the two as he was still enjoyed the scenery around him instead. Either that, or he was purposely ignoring their presence for now.


“Agent Coulson, the professor welcomes you and your guest,” said a still man who wore dark red tinted sunglasses, “we’re here to escort you to him.” Now Harry was studying the man with open interest. Said man was looking rather uncomfortable under the scrutinizing gaze, but once he caught Coulson’s nod, he and the woman beside him turned around and motioned for them to follow. They conceded and Coulson kept an eye on Harry as if watching a child that might bolt off at any time. Harry, whilst he was slightly put off that he couldn’t explore the place and find out all the secrets it held – probably the Marauder in him to blame for that – but he was content at the moment to merely drink in what he saw along the way as they move their way through the countless halls, corridors, rooms and doorways. Finally, they reached a large, ornate wooden door. The man knocked on it a few times, an acknowledging sound was heard from the other side, and he swung the door open, standing by it inside as the woman ushered them in. Harry thanked her as he walked in, the woman smiling appreciatively at him.


“Welcome,” a warm, aged voice came from the centre of the room. Since they had arrived, Harry had been quite relaxed. He figured he wouldn’t have to be too paranoid considering it was a place the Agent had recommended; and he doubted they’d bring him to some place that wasn’t safe. But right then in that room, Harry’s guard picked up instinctively, causing him to go on alert immediately. He felt like someone was invading his senses – just as he’d feel through the connection he’d had with Voldemort, or when Snape had used legilimency on him – but oddly enough, it didn’t feel unpleasant as it usually did. Instead, it was more like a soothing yet inquisitive stroking on his mind, skimming lightly over his shields – if he weren’t so attuned to his senses and powers, Harry doubted he may have even noticed it. He turned around, ready to drop into an offensive stance if need be, and was surprised to come face to face with an elderly bald man gliding towards them in a wheelchair. He was confused when he felt his body begin to relax the moment he had spotted the man. Agent Coulson greeted the man as “professor”, and shook his hand politely. Turning to him with an amused expression, his wheelchair whirled softly, bringing him to stop before Harry. “Good afternoon, you must be the guest Phillip mentioned earlier,” he extended a hand. Harry stared at it for a second too long before Coulson let out an indiscrete cough and he jerked back to the present.


“Oh! uh- yeah.. Potter. Uh I mean, Harry,” the man’s brow rose with a clear amused expression on his face as he watched the young man stumble on his words as he tried to recover from his slight daze. He took a deep breath in as he clasped his hand firmly and shook, “Harry Potter, sir.” Xavier smiled.


“It’s a pleasure to meet you Mr Potter, my name is Charles Xavier. I am the principal of this school. The students here refer to me as Professor X,” he introduced himself. Harry licked his lips a little nervously.


“Just Harry is fine, Professor,” Harry gave a meek smile, “this is a wicked school you have here,” he noted, letting a little of Ron’s old slang slip out before he could stop it. Xavier merely smiled.


“So I’ve heard,” he drawled, taking in Harry’s embarrassed expression in fondly. “Please, have a seat.” He motioned to some chairs which he and the Agent took. The man and woman who had led them over here taking a silent stance against the wall close to the door instead. “You’ve met Jean and Scott,” said the Professor, nodding to the two. Harry turned, giving an acknowledging nod and smile. “They are both teachers here,” he added as Harry turned back around. “Now Harry, I heard you were in need of some.. entertainment?” Harry’s lips quirked up in a more amused smile as he glanced over at Agent Coulson who gave a rather out-of-character shrug as an answer.


“Um,” Harry fiddled with the hem of his shirt a little guiltily, thinking he pulled these people out of their business just because he was a little bored. Okay, well, more like bored out of his mind. And he’d only been in the country for a day. That’s saying something. “Yeah,” he answered lamely. “I came to the states for a.. change of pace, I guess you could say.” He didn’t really know how to explain himself really. Back home, there was no need, and he’d never really thought about what he’d say before he came either. He looked up to see the Professor smiling fondly at him.


“Well, I’m not sure if it’s what you thought you were in for, but we’d be honoured if you would like to stay.”


“Stay?” Harry repeated.


“Oh yes. You see, my school is a boarding school actually. And most of our students stay here indefinitely. Mr Coulson has let me know that you are not unfamiliar with some of the ‘special’ cases we have here in America, so I’m sure you understand.” Harry let himself soak in the information before putting together the pieces and watching it click into place.


“Oh, this is a school,” he said again, the look on the other room’s occupant’s faces saying that he was repeating himself, “for.. oh.” This made almost everyone smile amusedly. Almost. Coulson kept his game face on. Now Harry looked around the office in a new light. “Wow,” he breathed, then chuckled, turning in his seat to face the Agent. “You either have psychic powers or you’re really good at what you do,” he commented. Coulson let loose a small smile at the boy.


“I try.”


“It seems I’m missing something here,” the Professor intervened politely. Harry shook his head and righted himself.


“No, no. It’s just,” his eyes raked over the place again. “This is really familiar.” Xavier’s brows were telling him to elaborate, which he did. “I went to a boarding school like this, in Scotland.” He chuckled, remembering fond memories, then looked at Professor Xavier, “you even remind me of my headmaster there too.” Xavier smiled.


“What is his name?”


“His name was Albus Dumbledore,” Harry answered, eyes glazing over slightly, gaze unfocused. None of the other occupants in the room had missed the past tense used in the sentence either. Xavier nodded sombrely.


“He must have been a good man.”


“The greatest,” agreed Harry. “He was one of the people that led me to be what I am today,” he smiled ruefully. Xavier wanted to ask more, but he knew it was not the time. He knew he would have to get to know the man before him first before he would indulge the information to him.


“Well, I think that’s something for another time,” he said, seeing Harry’s grateful nod at that, “now, would you like to tell me what it is you can do, Harry?” The emotion slipped from Harry’s face to become blank. But not in a I’m-hiding-something way, but in a more I-don’t-understand way. “You yourself are like one of us, if I am not mistaken?” Harry’s mouth opened and closed. Not very sure what his answer was.


“I,” he trailed off, trying to gather his thoughts. “Not exactly,” he decided to answer the last statement. When he received raised brows, he elaborated, “I can do a lot of things,” hoping to not sound too much like a threat.


“Like what?” The man leaning against the wall called out this time, eyes hidden behind his shades. Harry gave a crooked smile. Curiosity he was familiar with.


“Show me yours and I’ll show you mine,” he said with an unnecessarily sultry look. At the same time, the door of the office open and an imposing figure strode in confidently.


“What is it Chuck?” Said a deep voice, coming from said man. Only after he was half-way in the room did he notice that it was already occupied. He also hadn’t failed to hear that last comment by Harry, who he gave a somewhat approving glance at for the joking comment. “Oh, am I interrupting something here?” He said, smirking at the Cyclops who was already frowning at him.


“Not at all Logan,” the Professor’s calm voice cut through their tension easily, “So, Harry, you did not answer my question earlier.” Harry looked back from where he was having a three-way glaring-smirking-leering competition between him and the other two men.


“I beg your pardon?” He asked, unable to recall what exactly had been asked.


“Would you like to stay? Here?” Xavier prompted. Harry looked stumped. He didn’t think the man had been serious. Because, come on, they hadn’t even known each other for an hour yet. He just stared at the professor for a moment, who merely watched him patiently.


“Uh, I..” his eyes were jumping back and forth, before he looked at the Agent beside him. Slipping out of his stoic mask, Coulson gave the young man a reassuring smile. He was so young, and Fury had been incredibly vague when he’d been sent to watch over the boy, so he was not exactly sure what he had done to have gotten SHIELD’s attention, but the boy, for all his easy-going attitude, had had such a weary look in his eyes. He knew for a fact that Charles Xavier was a good man. He could be trusted. And God knows by the looks of things, the boy was just looking for a place to call home. He watched as ‘Harry’ pursed his lips. “Okay. Yes, please. I would.. really appreciate that.”

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