"This Feels Like Falling In Love"

Delci is just another girl in the world until she meets a famous Harry Styles at one if his "X-Factor Tour" concerts...


8. Where's Harry...

•Niall's POV•

"Liam, where is he?!" I panicked.

"I have no idea! Zayn and Louis go check outside!" He said.

They both zoomed down the stairs. I searched his room for any letters or anything but there was nothing. Wait. I picked up a note card.

It read:

"Dear Lads, One of you may be reading this. If you are, don't worry. I've gone somewhere. You'll understand once I've came back. -Harry xx P.S. please don't tell anybody about this, it's a secret between all of us."

"Liam, look." I said, handing him the note. He read it carefully.

"Where do you think he-"

"He's not outside." Louis said, interrupting Liam.

"Look at this" Liam handed Louis the note, Zayn next to him reading it too.

"We've gotta do something, lads." I said.

"Niall, what can we do? Harry's gone somewhere, probably heartbroken and he doesn't want us to tell ANYONE. The only thing we can do is get in my car and look for him" Louis said.

"Well then, lets just get in your car!" Zayn said, running out the door.

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