"This Feels Like Falling In Love"

Delci is just another girl in the world until she meets a famous Harry Styles at one if his "X-Factor Tour" concerts...


12. The Hospital Trip

*Harry's POV* 

The ambulance was here. Finally. Delci had passed out in a Ambulances arm. I felt like I was going to cry. She deserves better than this. If i had known that she had an abusive ex-boyfriend, I could've saved her.

"Sir, are you alright?" a Officer asked me.

"Y-yeah." That was all I could tell him.

"Is this your girlfriend?" He asked again.

What was I gonna say. Yes, No... I don't know?

"Yes." I blurted out.

"Ok, don't be worried. She's fine and will be fine once she gets out of the hospital. Her jaw is cracked and she has a slight concussion from hitting her head on the ground. We have her ex-boyfriend in trial and he is for sure going to jail." He said.

"Thank you, officer. Thank you so much." I told him.

He held his hand out and I shook it.

"Have a great night." He said, letting go of my hand.

"I'll try my best, officer." I said, trying to smile.

They put Delci in the car and as soon as they drove off I hopped in my car and started to call Louis.

It took 4 rings for him to answer.

"HARRY, HARRY, WHERE ARE YOU?! YOU HAD US WORRIED SICK!" He said yelling to at the phone.

"Is that Harry?! Put it on speaker!" I heard Zayn say.

"Dude where are you?" Niall said.

"Listen guys, I'm heading to the hospital. Delci's ex-boyfriend came to her house and i was there to notice him. He hit her straight in the jaw and she landed on her head really hard. They say she has a cracked jaw and a slight concussion. I need you guys to head to the hospital and meet me there" I told them.

It was silent.

"Wow." Liam said.

"We're heading there now, Haz." Zayn says.

"Thank you guys so much, I'll see you there." I said, hanging up the phone.

This was going to be a long night.


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