"This Feels Like Falling In Love"

Delci is just another girl in the world until she meets a famous Harry Styles at one if his "X-Factor Tour" concerts...


2. I Need To Find Her

Harry's POV

"Paul, you don't understand! I need to find her!" I was telling Paul about that mysterious girl.

"You can't, Harry, it's to dangerous for you to just walk outside and pretend nothing is going to happen to you!" Paul said.

"THEN COME WITH ME!" It felt like a lightbulb flickered in my head. Paul just stared at me, unsure. "Fine, BUT only this time."

"Yes! Thank you, Thank you!" I said running out of the back doors.

Paul followed me, but since I was running, he had to catch his breath a couple of times. I searched everywhere for her. The front doors, the street, back into the arena! I pretty much trampled the fans that saw me. I looked everywhere again, but this time, slower. My breathe was cut off with a sharp pain from running. I coughed and just couldn't stop.

"H-H-Harry?" A soft voice said. I looked up and there she was.

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