"This Feels Like Falling In Love"

Delci is just another girl in the world until she meets a famous Harry Styles at one if his "X-Factor Tour" concerts...


14. H-Hi

*Harry's POV*

I love this girl. She's so beautiful.

"Delci, You probably can't hear me but I want you to know that...I-I really love you." I mumbled.

Her chest was rising slowly, then falling delicately.

*Delci's POV*

I heard Harry mumbling. I didn't know what he was saying, but he was saying it to me. I didn't know what to do. I tried to listen, but my mind wouldn't focus. I turned in my bed, eyes still shut, He went silent.

"D-Delci?" I heard him say.

My eyes opened slowly. He was smiling down at me.

"H-Hi." I simply said.

"Harry?" I heard someone from the door say.

I turned my head to see five boys.

"Hey guys." I smiled at them weakly.

"Hey Delci!" They all said in unison, bringing in balloons, stuffed animals, signs, everything!

"You guys didn't have to bring all this!" I said, getting up but falling back down on the bed.

My head was pounding.

"Yes, we did. We'll do anything for the girl Harry loves." Zayn said, smiling.

I turned to Harry and smiled.

He was looking at Zayn very seriously.

"I love you too Harry." I breathed.

His serious face turned into a smile.

"Y-You do?!" He said, hope in his eyes.

I nodded slowly, biting my lip.

"Come here." I said, motioning him towards me with my hand.

He got up and knelt down in front of my face.

"Come closer." I said.

"I guess we'll... leave." Liam said, the others nodding and trying to contain their laughter.

I didn't pay attention to them, I just stared into Harry's eyes. His face came closer to mine. Our lips almost touching, his lips a centimeter away, close to kissing my li-

"Delci Morgan?!" I heard a knock on the door.

Harry stood up fast once he heard the voice. He stood there awkwardly.

"Are you Delci's boyfriend?" The doctor asked.

Harry looked at me, biting his lip. I looked up at him and nodded.

"Y-Yeah." He said, looking at the doctor.

"Well, we have some good news!" She says. "Delci will be able to come out of the hospital today."

"Really?!" I said, I was super excited. I wanted to spend some time with Harry.

*Harry's POV*

I finally got to spend time with Delci! I also get to introduce her as my girlfriend. Even though we haven't gone on a date, I already love her.




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