"This Feels Like Falling In Love"

Delci is just another girl in the world until she meets a famous Harry Styles at one if his "X-Factor Tour" concerts...


5. Dinner and Truth or Dare

• Harry's POV•

"Delci!" I yelled, embracing her in a hug.

"Hiya, Harry!" she said in my chest.

"What are you doing here?" I asked, still overly excited.

"Oh, the boys said you wanted to see me so I just drive over here and... Here I am!" She said.

"Yeah, Harry wouldn't stop talking about you for a month. He even knows the last time he saw you! What was it, Mate?" Zayn said, walking back from the back of the bus, the other boys were teasing Harry with the things he said about Delci.

"Yeah, she's pretty isn't she?" They all mocked, pretending to hold a phone with a picture in it.

I just blushed.

"1 Month, 2 Weeks, 3 Hours, and 20 minutes." I said.

"You really remembered?" Delci whispered. "So Did I."

I just stared at her in amazement.

I'm guessing she feels the same way, but I really gotta know.

"Hey, let's go to Nandos, I'm starving" Niall said.

We all laughed and hopped in the bus.

"PAUL WE'RE GOING TO NANDOS THEN MY PLACE!" Louis yelled out of a window, driving away.

I just sat on the couch. Delci sat right next to me, smiling.

"So.... What's Nandos?" She asked.

Niall gasped.

"You don't know what Nandos is?" He said in astonishment.

"No? Should I?" She said, laughing at his reaction.


We all laughed and then the bus went silent. There was only the faint sound of cars driving and honking. Louis interrupted the silence.

"WE'RE HERE!" He screamed.

He got up, only to be pushed down by Niall saying:


We all got up and got out of the bus.

"OH MY GOSH IT'S ONE DIRECTION" we heard a bunch of girls scream.

Liam mumbled "We better get inside before we get trampled"

The rest of us nodded and ran into the restraunt.

•Delci's POV•

Oh dear god. Look at him.

Those emerald gems,those dimples, and those curls! Harry.

I think I love him. Ever since I met him at that concert, he's all I've been thinking about and finding out he thought about me just as much, made me weak.

•2 Hours Later•

•Harry's POV•

We all ate and headed to mine and Louis' place. Once we got there, we started to get bored and Liam recommended something.

"Hey guys, we should play Truth or Dare!" He said.

"Yeah!" We all said in unison.

"Ok I go first, since I'm the oldest!" Louis said.

"Niall, Truth or Dare?" He said. "Mmm....Dare!" Niall said.

"I dare you to run outside-"

"That sounds fun" Niall says, sarcastically.

"I wasn't finished. I dare you to run outside, in ONLY your boxers."

"But Louis, it's 40 degrees outside!" Delci said.

"Oh, he's a man, he can do it!" Louis said.

Niall looked unsure but stripped to his boxers and went out the door and started running. We all just stood there, biting our lips to hide the laughter, but Zayn was the first to crack, which made us all start cracking up. Niall came back and we all sat back down and waited for Niall to get dressed. He got back and Delci had a blanket ready for him. He did look freezing. So he sat with the blanket wrapped around him. We went through a couple Truths and Dares until Niall came up with a dare for me.

"Harry, I dare you to kiss Delci."

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