"This Feels Like Falling In Love"

Delci is just another girl in the world until she meets a famous Harry Styles at one if his "X-Factor Tour" concerts...


4. 1 Month 2 Weeks 3 Hours and 10 Minutes

It's been exactly 1 Month, 2 Weeks, 3 Hours, and 10 Minutes since I've seen Delci. We had a couple conversation over the phone and texting. I've been so busy, lately. I really wish Delci could come to me or I could go find her. I'm ashamed. It's been 1 Month, 2 Weeks, 3 Hours, and 12 minutes, now, and I still hadn't made a move on her! I'm just surprised. I mean HARRY STYLES HASN'T MADE ONE MOVE YET! Maybe I should text her now. Or at least call her. I found her contact and clicked the "Call" button. While I wait, I just sit here, in the bed bunk on the bus.


"Hello?" I heard a voice coo.

"Hey Delci, it's Harry!" I said.

"Yeah,I know I have you as a contact in my contact list!" She said.

"Well Duh." I thought to myself.

"So what's up?" She asked.

"Oh just wanted to say Hi! I miss your beautiful face!" I said.

I could feel a smile through the phone, I couldn't help it either, so I smiled.

"Harry, who ya talking to?" asked Liam.

Before I could speak, Louis yelled out:

"His Giiiiiirlfriend!" Delci laughed, hearing what Lou said.

"Louis, she's not my girlfriend yet!" I blurted out.

Gosh, I need to stop blurting out! It was silent over the phone. Silence went through the whole bus for about 2 minutes.

"Awwwwkwaaaard" I heard Niall whisper to the other three.

"So, Delci..." I trailed off.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!" I heard her laugh.

What was so funny?

"What's so funny?" I asked, suspiciously.

"Oh, nothing. I just laugh a lot because I think of funny things!" She said.

That's cute. It's like Niall. The boys still said nothing, I peeked out if the bunk to find no one there.

"Guys?" I yelled.

I hopped out of the bunk, my phone still glued to my ear. I got off the bus, to only see one beautiful face...Delci.

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