Me and my life with Zayn

Jessie has been with Zayn for a year now, what will happen? Please read! :)


8. New girl in the house!

Jessie's P.O.V
Liam comes back from his date looking rather happy,
"well?" I ask,
"yeah how did it go?" asks Harry
"it whent well she likes me and she'll be comming over tomorrow arftenoon!"
"Yay Liam got someone!!!" said Zayn winking cheekily
Raymas P.O.V
Niall invited me to stay the night so I ended up sleeping with him in his bed, he's been so nice to me and I think where REALLY close, ok I love him! I wake up to him staring at me,
"what?" I smile
"your eyes, their beautiful!"
"thanks, I like your laugh!" I say and of course he laughs his sweet laugh if his, I find him leaning over me and he kisses my cheek,
"I'm hungry, wanna go out for breakfast?"
"yeah sure!" I agree smiling so we get up and make breakfast, when we got out we saw some stranger with Liam, I was geussing that was Abby,
"hey I'm Abby and I'm geussing your Rayma?" her voice was kind,
"yeah nice to meet you!"
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