Me and my life with Zayn

Jessie has been with Zayn for a year now, what will happen? Please read! :)


6. Meeting Rayma

Zayn's P.O.V
I lie in bed waiting for Jess, she comes in and lies down next to me, I turn my head and kiss her on the cheek, getting closer and closer till our bodies meet, we kiss passionately for about 5 minuites till we get up, we go sit on the couch while I check my Twitter, Niall got a girlfriend?
"hey did you know Niall got a girl? Her name is Rayma and apparently she's realy nice and she looks pretty!" I explained to Jess,
"really? Lucky him! Ask him to invite her over!"
Jessie's P.O.V
In the morning I wake up, give Zayn a quick kiss and go out to make breakfast, I hear footsteps and turn around to find Niall and Liam sitting at the dining table,
"morning" I say,
"MORNING" they say at the same time, I look at Niall who looked pretty happy,
"so Niall I hear you got a girlfriend?!?!?!" I ask cheekily,
"yeah her name is Rayma and she's realy pretty and kind, I reacon you'll like her, she'll be comming over this arftenoon!" he said as he ginned, I turn my head to Liam and say,
"nervous about tonight with Abby?" and I wink,
"nah I'm accually quite happy to go and meet her, she seems really nice!"
"well good to hear!" I Finnish making breakfast and serve it to the two boys and me, I was about to sit down when Lou runns out and yells,
"NO JIMMY PROTESTED!!!!!!!! WHAT ABOUT MY BREAKFAST?!?!?!" and he pouts like a little boy wanting something he loves,
"ok Lou come and have mine, I'll go make more porridge" and I stuck my tounge at him,
"morning boys!" I hear Zayn say and not long arfter Liam and Harry come out for porridge too.
Nialls P.O.V
Arfter breakfast I go on Twitter and talk to Rayma, I really liked her so I confirm that she's comming over at midday,
"guys Raymas comming over at midday!" I try to say in my best Irish accent,
"what's with the Irish accent Nialler?" asks Harry,
"I'm practicing when I go back to Dublin they can understand me!" this time putting on my best accent, Rayma replies,
"heyyyyyy sure I'll be there ;)!!! <3"
I hear a knock on the door and I answer it, it was Rayma looking really pretty,
"hey, you look realy nice!"
"hey, thanks" and she blushes and looks down,
"well come on in, ill show you the boys and Jess I've been telling you about!"
"oh cool!" I walk her in and introduce her to the boys.
Raymas P.O.V
I get, Lou, Harry, Liam, Zayn and Zayns girlfriend Jess bear hugging me,
"oi boys she needs to breath!" joked Niall, I loved his laugh and accent! They all let go and lead me to the loundroom where we all sat, I sat inbetween Niall and Jess, Jess leans over and says,
"how do you like Niall?"
"he's cute and funny, I want to go to Nandos one day!" I giggled,
"I think you'll really like him and you never know, be might ask you out!" I smile, I like Jess aswel, I shuffle closer to Niall and lean on him, he puts his arm around my shoulder and hugs me, I feel all tinggly inside…
Zayn's P.O.V
Jess comes closer and rests her head on my chest while I put my arm around her back.

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