Me and my life with Zayn

Jessie has been with Zayn for a year now, what will happen? Please read! :)


4. Finding a girl for Liam

Jessie's P.O.V
I wait for Liam to come down but he doesn't so I whisper to Zayn,
"I'm going to see what's up with Liam, ok?"
"ok" and he kissed my cheek. I walk over to Liam's room and knock,
"come in!" I open the door and find Liam sitting up on his laptop,
"whats up?" I ask
"I'm lonely, I see how Zayn is so happy with you but I want a girl to love, can you help me seeming you are one?" that last part he laughs a bit,
"yep sure! I'll be happy to help but I'll need to know what your into in a girl."
~arfter explaining~
"I think I know just the person, she's my friend and I keep in touch via Twitter, she likes you and she's single, do you want to see a pic of her?" I ask,
"yeah, sure!" says Liam smiling, I pull out my iPhone from my poket and log onto Twitter and find a pic of her, I find the best one and show him while saying her name, Abby. He takes the phone off me and stares at the pic,
"she's beautiful, can I get her Twitter name?"
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