Me and my life with Zayn

Jessie has been with Zayn for a year now, what will happen? Please read! :)


3. Day out

Zayn's P.O.V
I wake up in the middle of the night from a bad dream, I roll over to find Jessie awake,
"what time is it?" I ask
"11o'clock say hello to the last hour of our anaversary!"
"why are you awake?" I ask
"couldn't sleep, you?"
"bad dream" I reply
"well I'm bored" she says as she gives me a cheeky grin,
"still remember what was said this morning?" I smile
"yep" and she kisses me…
I wake up with messy hair, another hour of perfection gone but it was worth it! I look up and stare at Jess, I hade made her a nickname, her eyes opened and she smiled,
"oh no your "perfect" hair is gone!" she joked,
"oh thanks!" I reply sicasticly and kiss her cheek,
"I smell food, must be Nialls early morning beacon cravings! Anyway I'm hungry!" I laugh,
"hahaha so am I, beat you down stairs!!!" she yells and jumps out of bed, I leap out and pick her up and throw her on the bed and run out the door to the table,
"HEY NO FAIR!" I hear her yell and she comes down grinning,
"how was last night, you were loud! And oh yeah, I checked twitter and apparently you two broke up and Zayn commited Suiside…" says Niall,
"stupid haters…" I hear Jess mumble and I rub her back.
Jessica's P.O.V
"stupid haters…" I mumble, I find Zayn rubbing my back in circles but I still feel sad inside, why do they hate us, I just want I know,
"yes we did have a good night and JESS RUINED MY PERFECT ONE HOUR WORKED ON HAIR!!!" Zayn joked, I laughed and ruffled his hair more.
~a little while arfter breakfast and when all the boys are up.~
"I WANT TO GO TO THE FAIR!!!!!" yelled Lou and we all got ready and drove there.
Liam's P.O.V
~back from the fair~
I sit on the couch ignoring the tv, I look over at Zayn and Jess and see how happy they were together, I was lonely and I wanted someone special like Zayn, I walk to my room not baring to see how happy Zayn is with Jess, 'stop' I tell myself 'if you keep on thinking about Zayn like this I will start hating him and become jealous' so u decide to go to sleep.

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