Me and my life with Zayn

Jessie has been with Zayn for a year now, what will happen? Please read! :)


1. First anniversary

Jessie's P.O.V
I wake up to the birds chirping outside, I roll over to find Zayn peacefully sleeping, I lean over and give him a small kiss on the nose, his eyes fluttered open and he smiled,
"happy first Anniversary darling!" I sang,
"has it ALLREDY been a year?!?!" he said in his morning voice and he sat up and kissed me. The boys come storming in and say in their big loud voices,
"HAPPY FIRST ANNIVERSARY JESSIE AND ZAYN!!!!!!!!" we all laugh and go out for breakfast.

Zayn's P.O.V
The happiness on Jessie's face was extrodanary, we ate scrambled eggs with toast and had hot chocolates,
"so how did you guys meet again?" asked Lou,
"remember? We met a the bus stop and Jessie couldn't find the note that says the bus was off schedule and we drove her back here." I explained,
"ahhh what a romantic way!" Niall said sicasticly, we all laughed,
"so are you two thinking about getting engaged or having a child?" asked Liam whilst he winked, and everyone laughed.
"maybe tonight…" Jessie laughed
"well guys, lucky I bought a pair Of ear muffs!" shouted Niall as he pulled out four pairs of ear muffs! We all cracked uP with laughter as Lou, Liam and Harry grabbed one each and laughed.
Jessie's P.O.V
When Niall pulled out the ear muffs I looked at Zayn cheekily and he knew what I was thinking, I could tell it in his eyes, and he picked me up I laughed and kicked him as he walked towards the pool, I turned around and the boys were running up laughing, I turned back around and we were at the edge of the pool and Zayn threw me in! I managed to get my head above water and started tredding water, luckily the pool was heated, I swam around and saw that the boys somehow managed to pick up Zayn and was about to thow him in the water too, I dived down and found the stairs leading out of the pool and slowly climbed them, I tip toed behind the boys and pushr them in the pool, Harry grabbed me and pulled me in aswel and we all fell into a heap I'm the pool,
"NOOOOO! MY CLOTHES! THESE ARE NEW!" shouted Harry as he tredded water next to Zayn then Lou then Liam then Niall then me, we all laughed and I apologized laughing.
We all sat on the couch drinking the rest of our hot chocolates, I was shivering but I was thankful I was in dry clothes, I say next to Zayn and rested my head on his shoulder as he put his arm around me, warming me bit by bit,
"let's watch a movie, what movie shall we watch?" asked Liam
"TOY STORY! TOY STORY!" shouted Lou, I looked at Zayn and he said,
"let's watch toy story, let's be younger again!" we all agreed and Harry put the disk in.
Zayn's P.O.V
Half way through the movie Jessie fell asleep on me so I decided to fall asleep too, anyway I was tired.
Louis' P.O.V
I looked over at Zayn and Jessie, they both were sound asleep so I whispered to the boys,
"shhh guys shall we draw on their faces?" I smiled
"hahaha yeah but we'll do it in lip stick so they can at least rub it off." whispered Liam
Harry whent to go get his lip stick and I laughed inside at Harry owning his own personal lip stick! He came back and gave me one, I made Zayn's lips red and his cheeks AND his eyes red, being very careful not to wake him then I move on to Jessie, I make her nose and ear red and her lips, I stand back and hear the boys giggling,
"there, a beautiful masterpiece!" I whisper and turn around, I looks the tv and find that toy story was on so I turn it off and tell the boys to come with me.
Jessie's P.O.V
I wake up to find all the boys gone and the tv off, I lift my head to look at Zayn, I go up in histerics lookIng at Zayn, his lips, cheeks and his eyelids red with what I think was lip stick, my laughing wakes him and the expression of laughter on his face confusing me,
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