Making all the same mistakes...

Nicole Hallister is starting at a new school in england and she meets a blonde haired blue eyed irish boy who loves her more than anything.But finds out a cheshire boy loves her too.Who will she choose?


2. Blue eyed Angel

When i finally came to a beautiful blue eyed angel was carrying me somewhere. "Hello!" i said "Hello.." "Where are we going?" i asked "Dont worry your safe with me.." after that i drifted off to sleep again when i awoke again i saw five boys crowding Around me.

Nialls P.O.V:
When i found her she was unconcious.So i picked her up and carried her home.When she woke up we were all crowded around her. "SHES AWAKE!!!" Yelled louis "Louis calm down!!" Said liam "Where am i?" "Right now it doesntreally matter.Are you alright?" i asked her.She was so gorgeous! "My ankle hurts! i think its broken!!" "I think we should get you to a doctor love!" said liam. " N-No really im alright." she insited "Really!We need to.Your ankel looks really bad!" Said liam.We took her to the hospital.She had a broken ankled and she had major bruises all over her body.When they put her on sleep medication she looked so beautiful when she was sleeping.I wish i knew her name.I want to make her mine!!
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