Making all the same mistakes...

Nicole Hallister is starting at a new school in england and she meets a blonde haired blue eyed irish boy who loves her more than anything.But finds out a cheshire boy loves her too.Who will she choose?


3. Awake!

Nicoles P.O.V:
I woke up in a hospital with the boy who carried me home."Your awake!"he said "Hello!".He is so cute!!I wish he knew how i felt about him. "I never really got to introduce myself.My name is niall!" Man!!How cute is that name? "My Name is nicole." Just then the doctor came in. "Okay Nicole!Looks like you can go!".On the ride home i asked him some questions.I absolutely love his accent.We got home and the boys came to greet us.Niall Decided to introduce me to the boy "Nicole This is Louis,Harry,Liam,And Zayn." "Hello!"
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