Making all the same mistakes...

Nicole Hallister is starting at a new school in england and she meets a blonde haired blue eyed irish boy who loves her more than anything.But finds out a cheshire boy loves her too.Who will she choose?


1. Run away and never look back!!

"Nicole!"Called my stepfather."Yes?" i asked."Were where you last night?" "up in my room studying.why?" "Because i went up there and you werent there!" "YES I WAS!!" i argued with him.He slapped me and said "Dont you evet talk to me like that!!" "I can if i want to!!" i argued. He punched me and then when i was on the floor he kicked me so hard that it left bad bruises all over my body.I packed a couple of clothes then ran away.I was suck and tired of this house hold.I had frogot it was snowing so i didnt bring a jacket.I saw a Man in the ally way.He tried to mollest me but he didnt he puched my unconcious.
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