Stronger Than Before

Emma was 8 years old when she met her best friend, Niall Horan. They were inseparable, until Emma had to move away from Ireland, and Niall. Five years later, they find each other again. But when Emma grows feelings for Niall, she builds up a wall to hide her emotions. Little does she know, Niall likes her too. Can her friends, more importantly Niall bring her back?


1. Prologue

I walked up to Niall's house. I had to tell him that I had to move to America today. He was sitting outside in our tree, and he jumped down when he saw me.

"Hey Emma! Want to go down to the pond later?" He asked me with a smile. I looked down sadly.

"Niall... I-i'm moving." I whispered to him as some tears fell down my face. I saw his smile turn into a frown and we stood like this for a while.

"When are you leaving?" He asked quietly, breaking the silence.

"T-tomorrow..." I stuttered as I started to sob. He pulled me in for a hug and we both  silently started to cry.

"I'm going to miss you so much." He said. It made me feel even  worse. We sat in the tree all day, talking about the stupidest things.

The next day was the worst. My stuff was packed and ready to go, all I had to do was say my goodbyes. All of my friends were there, and the tears were streaming down my face. I walked up to Niall as he pulled me into a hug.

"Don't forget me, Princess?" He asked sadly.

"Never ever Nialler." I mumbled into his chest. He let go of me and I walked to the car.

I waved halfheartedly, and hopped into the car. As we drove away, Niall's heartbroken face was sketched into my mind.

Little did I know, that wouldn't be the last time I would see him.



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